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                                             The Breed
                                         MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre, Suite 276, Private Bag X16, Constantia, 7848

 Issue 2007/6                                                                                                         JUNE 2007 a
             Club Officials 2006/2007
                                                             FROM THE CHAIR
                     Frank Peché
       Ph: 021 789-2840; Email: fankp@mweb.co.za
                                                             This past weekend found many of our            First of all I have to say
                   Vice-Presidents                           members sharing the hospitality of the MG      a big THANK YOU to
                       Susan Tuck                            community in Napier, thanks again goes to
             Charles Batham & Ralph Clarke                                                                  Joan Parker for taking
                                                             Frank and Moira for putting the weekend
                       Trustees                              together, even with the first major rains of   over as Editor for last
             Ralph Clarke and Garth Green                    the Cape winter nothing could dampen the       month. We had a fantas-
                                                             enjoyment we shared. For those of you          tic month in the UK with
                                                             that didn’t make it, get in early when the
                       Roger Lewis                                                                          our daughter and her new
                    Ph: 021-712-4806                         next event is advised.
                                                                                                            baby.    We left sunny
                 Honorary Secretary
                   Margaret von Zeil                         The next major event on our calendar that      skies and lovely warm
      Ph: 021-531-9370; Email:mvonzeil@pgwc.gov.za           needs to be brought to your attention, in      days to arrive back in not
                 Honorary Treasurer                          particular committee members from our          so sunny South Africa
                                                             sister clubs is the:
                  Mervyn Corbishley
   Ph: 082 824-5440; Email: mgcorbishley@iafrica.com
                                                                                                            Last weekend was spent
                                                                                                            in Napier, more about it
                   Social Secretary                           CAPE CENTRES GATHERING 2007                   in this Breed. Those of
                     Leanne Hewitt                           The “Hospitable Klein Karoo” gathering
              021685 3360/083 703 8558                                                                      you who did not attend
                leanne@worldonline.co.za                     to be held at Kleinplaas in
                                                                                                            missed out on a well or-
                                                             Oudtshoorn from Thursday 11th to
               Competition Secretary                                                                        ganized        w e e k e n d.
                                                             Sunday 14th October 2007.
                    James Reinhardt                                                                                        Rosalie
Ph: 082 821-9157; Email: james.reinhardt@worldonline.co.za    Please ensure that all your members
                 Register Secretary                          are aware of this event and ensure
                     Peter Napier
                                                             that they get their entry forms                 IN THIS ISSUE
     Ph: 021-712-1552; Email: panman@absamail.co.za          completed without further delay.
          Editor / Publications Secretary                    An entry form is included with the             Classifieds            Page11

                      Rosalie Plows                          Breed, for any further information             Club Calendar -
                Ph: 021-762-4748; Email:                                                                                           Page 2
                                                             please contact either Stewart, Gerry,
                                                             Mervyn or myself.
                 Veterans’ Secretary                                                                        Cape Centres Form      Page 1
                                                              At the next general meeting we will be
                     Jo Hitchcock
            Ph: 021-939-3803; 082-4461092                    opening up the floor for a discussion          General Meeting
                                                             on the current merits of our club              Minutes
                      Ex Officio
                                                             standing rules regarding the ratification
                         Club PRO                            of members. Some feel that the                 Letter to the Editor   Page 8
            Robin Rich - Ph/fax: 021 903-3426
                                                             current system could be turning
                 Membership Secretary
         Hildegarde Rich – Ph/fax: 021 903-3426;             potential new members away from                Notice of Extraordi-
                Email: hfrich@hotmail.com                    what they perceive as a very old                                      Page 5
                                                                                                            nary meeting
                  Clubhouse Manager                          fashioned organisation, whilst others
                     Leanne Hewitt
           Phone 021 865 3360/083 703 8558
                                                             feel that these rules were put in place        Past Events:
                                                             to safeguard the greater good of the           Veterans Run           Page 6
                          Spares                                                                            Napier Weekend         Page 6
             Mike Plows - Ph: 021 762-4748;                  Centre, examples being access to
       Email: rose@admin.sunlands.wcape.school.za            more favourable insurance and a
                       Regalia                               cheap source of spares, these may              Secretary’s Corner     Page 3
       George & June Stoddart—Ph 021 791 3343                have been relevant in the past, but are
                  Register Captains:                         they today? Please give this issue
                                                             some thought.                                  Social News            Page 3
  MMM and T -Types: Joan Parker Ph: 021 671 8379
  Email: joanr@parker@gmail.com                               See you at the next meeting
  MGA: George Davey Ph: 021 797 7954                                                             Roger.     Spridget Tour          Page 3
  MGB and Moderns: Peter James Ph: 083 448-2679
The Breed June Breed

This month – June
    13        Wednesday     20h00 - General Meeting at the Clubhouse
    17        Sunday        COMBINED MG CAR CLUB & JAGUAR DRIVERS CLUB We meet at Engen N2 False
                            Bay at 9.30 for 10h00. Start will be 1 to 2 minute intervals. The Route will follow N2 to
                            Somerset Mall, Strand Beach Front, Gordons Bay Rooiels, Bettys Bay, Kleinmond to
                            Botriver and up Houwhoek pass to Houwhoek Inn. We will have a wine tasting and
                            thereafter a sit down superb Houwhoek Inn Buffet Lunch, which will include a bottle of
                            wine per couple. ( The venue also caters for vegetarians.) Cost R115.00 per head—
                            please confirm with Leanne that you will be attending as the club will be paying for the
                            lunch in advance—closing date for lunch bookings - 12th June. Each entrant (couple) will
                            receive a Fun Run Quiz Questionaire at the starting point . Various prizes will be
                            awarded, not only for the Fun Run Quiz but also for various classes and ages of Motor
                            Cars etc etc
    24        Sunday        Go Kart Racing at Kenilworth - Practice for our race with the Triumph Club on the 29th of
Next month – May
             July—Contact James Reynardt for more details pn 082 821 9157
    28        Thursday      VETERANS VISIT TO IMHOF FARM IN KOMMETJIE Meet at Constantia Village—usual
                            spot to depart at 10h30. A group of twenty plus will secure special tariffs for lunch. En-
                            trance to the snake park for a group of ten or more is R15 p.p. They have 150 different
                            species to view . There are many curio shops to visit, a cheese delicatessen and tea-
                            garden.. Camel rides are also available. You can indicate your interest on the attendance
                            list at the June Meeting. Contact Jo Hitchcock on 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

….and the next month – July
       11       Wednesday    20h00 General Meeting

       14       Saturday    Midwinter wine tour—will be in the Constantia Area in the form of the Amazing
                            Wine Tour—more details next month.

         26     Thursday    Veterans to visit The Franschoek Motor Museum which opened its doors in May
                            at the brand new Facility situated at L’Ormarins, in the Franschoek Valley on the
                            R45. This museum is a “must visit” as it houses one of the world’s most impress
                            sive collection of veteran, vintage, classic and exotic Vehicles. Entry fee for car
                            club members and or pensioners is R50 p.p. Lunch will be in the area. Contact
                            Jo Hitchcock on 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

         29     Sunday      Go Kart Racing at Kenilworth against the Triumph Club more details from James
                            Reynardt ph 082 821 9157

….and the following month—August

  8           Wednesday     20h00 General Meeting

  12          Sunday        More details next month

  30          Thursday      Veterans - more details next month. Please bring us some ideas. Contact Jo Hitchcock
                            021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

Page 2
                                                                                              The Breed Junre Breed

Member Ratified
# 1186 Ken & Gloria Smith, Milnerton. FM. MG TF 160

 Birthdays in June & July
June:                                                           July:
1 Tinus de Jongh                                                2 George Stoddart
2 Priscilla Bromley                                             3 Mike Kahn
6 Rosalie Plows                                                 4 Duncan Robertson
7 Margee Gough                                                  5 Pam Saunders
10 Malcolm Dryden, Stewart Woodcock                             8 Joy Marais
12 Judy Cooke                                                   9 Nico Montauban
18 Tony Greenwood                                          12 Richard van Riet
22 June Whittaker                                          13 Liesel Winter
25 Les Wilson
26 Robin Rich
29 John Roux, Alister Colquhoun
30 Philip Roux, Peter Vadas

                                                News update #2/07
                                     2008 Spridget (Sprites & Midgets) Tour
                              (To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Frogeye Sprite)

Many thanks for your input since our last newsletter. We’ve had a number of suggestions and one fairly
major change. Peter Fielding made the point that we should be careful about sections that could be un-
comfortably long in a little car, particularly for the ladies. Specifically he felt the section from Aliwal North to
either Kokstad or Port St Johns at approximately 450 kms was too long.
 We are now considering starting at Garib Dam driving to Barclay East for night 2. Most people seem to
like the idea of Port St Johns rather than Kokstad and having driven this road in January this year, I must
agree the roads are excellent and the scenery is spectacular. We would then have had an easy run to Port
Shepstone via Bizana on the Sunday.
 But, now to the change referred to in paragraph 1. The Austin Healey guys have changed their starting
venue to the Salt Rock Hotel which once again means a plus or minus 450 km run from St Johns. Although
the section from Port Shepstone to Salt Rock could be run on the N2 freeway.
 And now for an appeal: If you have local knowledge of the areas that we’ll be running through or if you’d
be prepared to take a run through part of the route and give us feedback please contact anyone on the list
 We estimate the costs of Thursday at Garib, Friday in Barclay East, Saturday in Port St Johns as well as
Sunday at Salt Rock to be approximately R4,000.00 to R4,500.00 per couple. This would include dinner,
bed and breakfast – lunches, drinks and petrol would be for the participants own account. Note: The cost
of getting to the starting venue at Garib Dam and back from Salt Rock would be for your own account.
Any ideas or comments will be welcomed – please email or contact any of the following:
 Contact name                                  Email address                       Phone number
 John Reidy                                      jr@th.co.za                       (082) 789-6555
 Stewart Cuninghame                              sc@th.co.za                      (011) 803-6832 H
 Kevin Loader                           KLoader@worldonline.co.za                 (011) 678-3762 H
 Mike O’Keeffe                                 mok@asu.co.za                       (083) 449-5220

                                                                                                               Page 3
The Breed June Breed

                                     MG Car Club Cape Town Centre
                                            Suite 276, Private Bag X16, Constantia, 7848

                                                       Incorporating the MG Sports Car Register

                                                     CAPE CENTRES GATHERING 2007

The members of the Cape Town Centre have pleasure in inviting you to experience the “Hospitable Klein
Karoo” at the gathering to be held at Kleinplaas in Oudtshoorn from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th October

Details of the planned programme will be circulated well before the event.

 Kleinplaas, situated in the heart of the hospitable Klein Karoo, offers visitors 54 fully serviced chalets, with
the option of self catering or full bed & breakfast service. In addition there is a 4-star caravan park, laundry
facility as well as a full size swimming pool.

 Apart from the famous Cango caves and Ostrich farms, there are numerous other activities and adventures
in the area.

 As accommodation is limited, the detachable form below should be submitted without delay together with
your deposit to the address given to avoid disappointment.
Please note that the deposit is refundable if you cancel up until 31 March 2007. The total cost of the gather-
ing, for accommodation and evening dinners, is anticipated to be R1000.00 per person sharing. The cost
for a single person is expected to be R1700.00.
Negotiations are in progress which, if successful, could reduce the total cost per person.

                                           Member’s first (preferred)


                                               Accompanied by

Name …………………………………………………..Surname…………………………………………………..

Postal Address…………………………………………………….Tel no (                                 )…………………………...H

(   ) ……………………………………………(w) …………………………………………………...….Cell

Email ……………………………………………………...Fax………………………………………………….

Deposit herewith @ R250.00 per registration.                 P.T.O. For Banking Details and Contact Details.

SPONSOR TITLES                                  SPONSOR TITLES                  SPONSOR TITLES

Page 4
                                                                                         The Breed Junre Breed

Crossed cheques payable to M G Car Club Cape Town Centre may be posted with your registration form
to the address below or you may deposit directly into the Bank account and attach the deposit slip.

Standard Bank of S A Ltd
Branch:          Pinelands
Branch code:     036-309
Account No.:     271157925
Account Name:    M G Car Club Cape Town Centre

It is important to enter the registering member’s name and initials on the deposit slip under reference.

Post registration form and cheque/deposit slip to:-

The Treasurer
M G Car Club Cape Town Centre
Suite 276                                             Fax 021 7943259
Private Bag X16                                       eMail mgcorbishley@iafrica.com

Types of accommodation and cost per night             Single     Double        3plus

Single room (3 only)                                  R191.00

Standard double room                                  R191.00    R327.00       R380.00

Lux double room                                       R231.00    R372.00       R425.00

2 Bedroom chalet (1 bathroom) (4-6 beds)              R570.00    R570.00       R570.00

 NB. The double rooms are classified as 4 sleepers, but they have 2 sleeper couches and only one bath-

The same applies to the 2 bedroom chalet – one bedroom with a double bed and the other with 2 singles.
Only one bathroom which will have to be shared.

All units are self catering and are complete with fridge & cooking utensils, crockery etc.

Breakfast is available at a cost of R47.00 per person.

ENQUIRIES:                Gerri Stevenson           082 4968713
                   Lucille Ten Oever          082 6952267           Fax 021 5578964
                   Stewart Woodcock           084 7027785
                   Mervyn Corbishley          082 8245440      Fax 021 7943259


Notice is hereby given of a Extra ordinary meeting to be held in the Club house in
Pinelands on Wednesday 13th June at 8.00pm. The subject to be discussed will be
the “Three Month Probationary period” of new members—whether this is still valid
at this time. Please attend so that we have a corum.

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The Breed June Breed

                           VETERANS VISIT TO RIEBEEK KASTEEL
                                                                                                          by Lionel Baird

We met at the Engen –one stop garage on a miserable wet and rainy Thursday. It seemed as if all the taps
above had been turned fully open. Despite the miserable weather we had a good turn out—8 cars which
included 2 plastics. Unfortunately Athol and Pat Hurst who were to join us, lost a wiper blade on the N1
before reaching the rondevous and decided to return home when they could not locate this essential piece
of equipment.
We departed for Riebeek Kasteel at 10:12am and proceeded along the R304 towards Klipheuwel and
Malmesbury traversing through typical Swartland countryside which we couldn’t see much of due to the
continuous rain. It rained non-stop for the entire trip. For those of you who like me wandered how the area
came to be known as the Swartland (derived from the Dutch Zwartland). I have since learnt that it origi-
nated from the indigenous renoster bushes which appear black at certain times of the year.
From Malmesbury we (some of us that is) took the R146 turn off to Hermon and Ceres and then branched
off to Riebeek Kasteel over Bothmaskloof where we met up with Brian Dallimore who was to lead us to the
designated places of interest in the Riebeek Valley. When we all finally met up with Brian we were some-
what surprised to find that the intrepid Garth Green in his TD was still with us—Garth had initially decided
at the Engen Garage that the weather was a’tad’ rough and he wasn’t sure whether to continue or head for
Our first visit was to Kloovenburg vineyards where wine and olive tasting was planned. However it was de-
cided to give this a miss due to the excessive cover charge.
Olive groves thrive in the Mediteranean conditions of the Riebeeck Valley and our next visit was to Vloks
Winery where we were given a most interesting and informative talk on olives and their various by-products.
We were allowed to taste the numerous varieties of olives as well as ome of the wine produced on the es-
tate—all for free. That is if you ignore what was spent on some of the products of the Estate.
Next we proceeded to the Pleasant Pheasant Restaurant on the Allesverloren Wine Estate, where we were
given a most cordial welcome. The meal was excellent and very reasonably priced.
After a good lunch some of us went to taste the wines and especially the Port at the Allesverloren Winery.
Thereafter we made our individual Way home.
A big thank you to Brian Dallimore for his hard work in arranging the tour. Thanks must also go to Jo Hitch-
cock for co-ordinating the outing.

                          Napier weekend away—18th—20th May

FRIDAY by Maureen & Peter
So many of the Cape Town MGCC members put the weather reports impending storms and cold weather into the back
of their minds and arrived in Napier on Friday, in time to have pre-dinner drinks on the stoep at Suntouched Inn. Every-
one was pleased to see the Dallimores who arrived from Riebeeck Kasteel in time for supper. Each couple was pre-
sented with a menu featuring a colourful MG and then proceeded to enjoy the conviviality of time with MG friends.

SATURDAY - AGULAS VISIT by Licille Ten Oever
After several storm warnings —we were pleasantly surprised to have lovely blue skies. But on the horizon, the weather
looked ominous. Our guide for the morning was Roger and Nita Davis from Napier.
We met at Gunners Restaurant and departed at 9.30. There were 2 MGB roadsters, 2 MGB GTs, 2 MGTF and two
plastics. Our first stop was at Struis Baai. It was “Picture Post Card” beautiful with colourful little fishing boats bobbing
up and down in the harbour. We took a walk along the pier, but it was very windy and soon returned to our cars. We
carried on to Agulhas and had a look around the light house and discovered some interesting history regarding the
“Cape Agulhas Light House” - The treacherous cape Agulhas coastline, known as the graveyard of Ships, has caused
many a shipwreck. So I can imagine it must have been such a welcome beacon of light for the ships out at sea and the
weary sailors.
Here are a few facts regarding the lighthouse building. Operations started on 1 April 1847 and completed in December
1 March 1949 the Lighthouse started functioning initially, oil derived from sheep’s tail fat was used for the lamp, which
produced a stationery white light approx. 4500 candle power. In 1914 a rotating optical system which radiated a white
light of 470 000 candle power every 4 seconds was put into use. In 1936 an electric light generating 12 000 000 can-
dle power was installed.
In 1968 the lighthouse fell into disuse and was replaced by a warning light on an aluminium tower.

Page 6
                                                                                                   The Breed Junre Breed

In 1983-8 The Tower was restore to its original glory and permission was granted for it to be used as a museum.
The Limestone building, which was modeled on the design of the Pharos of Alexandria, a lighthouse in Egypt and one
of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, was declared a National Monument. Since 25 March 1988 the light
house has once again beamed its light over both oceans.
We all moved into the little restaurant and enjoyed light refreshments before our drive back to Napier. A big thank
you to Roger and Nita for arranging the trip.

Twice a year the Overberg Test Range hosts a tour of their facilities near Arniston , which are spread over 48,000 hec-
tares of fynbos reserve bordered by 30 km of sea frontage . By good chance our Napier weekend coincided with their
May date , so a number of members joined the tour .
 The test range is a very versatile facility specialising in the in-flight testing of sophisticated guided weapons and avia-
tion systems for the local and international aerospace industries . The base is also qualified to provide launch support
services for low-earth orbit satellites ,and their clients are typically developers and users of advanced weapons and
aviation systems . Approximately 800 test series have been conducted successfully here since its establishment in
1984 . Adjacent to the Range the Airforce has a base which boasts a runway of three km. in length which has accom-
modated some of the largest aircraft in service, such as the Boieng 747 Jumbo and the vast Russian Antonov mili-
tary/cargo carriers, which have brought out the huge consignments of equipment required for certain test purposes .The
control centre in their main operational building is lined with banks of highly sophisticated computers and monitoring
screens such as one only sees in James Bond movies . As there is a very strong emphasis on the conservation of
fauna and flora in this unspoilt area , the testing carried out focuses expressly on in-flight missile guidance systems
over land and sea , but not the explosive contingent of such weaponry .
We were transported by bus on a circular route of approximately 70 km through the reserve , accompanied by a most
informative staff member who pointed out the various technical installations as well as a number of old historical farm-
stead buildings , fishermans cottages and grave sites . The trip was interspersed with stops for tea , lunch and sight
seeing and wild life was seen in abundance such as numerous species of buck , as well as ostrich and zebra . This was
a fascinating and really worth while excursion to a part of the landscape that one would normally overlook .
Saturday Afternoon by Mike Plows
After lunch at Pascals a short break at our lodgings preceded an afternoon run (so short-couldn’t get out of third gear)
to a Micro Brewery called Napier Brewery. A brand new venture not yet licensed to produce a beer, so they had to
give it away, was the venue for our beer tasting.
 Andrew (an Irishman), Mark and Craigan allowed us to infiltrate their premises and view the various vats and brewing
equipment. Andrew then gave us an informative talk on beer brewing and the different types of beer they have al-
ready brewed and are going to brew followed by copious quantities of a dark ale (titled, in our honour as” Red Road-
ster”) and a light ale called (at the moment light ale). 21 people in 6 MGs and 3 plastics left in a happy frame of mind
a little more enlightened in the art of brewing ales.
 A Short drive home to shower, shave and dress for the evening meal at Gunners Mess rounded off a very nice after-
noon. The expected rain had just made it’s appearance in the form of spots on the concrete outside the brewery
and the real rain came down fortunately, during the night.
I was very fortunate to be invited by Ray and Lorenza Butters to stay with them for the week end in the “Barn” of their
wonderful old cottage. Looking at a book of photographs of Napier of about a hundred years ago it is easy to recog-
nize the Butters’ cottage and the barn. The barn has now been converted into a garage, workshop and a guest suite
which still incorporates the original feeding troughs for the horses. (the guests don’t have to eat from the troughs !!!).
Ray has a few of his particular favourite toy cars (the large metal ones) but is very limited in space compared with the
Toy Museum in Muizenberg or his house in Kreuplebosch but they have developed the attic into a marvelous work
room for Lorenza.
Ray and I were both hood down in our MGAs for the trip on Saturday to the Test Range and only just got back to
Napier in time before the heavens opened. The next morning Ray’s rain gauge showed 40 mm of rain.
On Sunday morning at 10.30 the MG group assembled at Vindigo which is a shop that sells “collectables’ and has a
wine tasting facility. For the tasting we were introduced to Doug Murdoch from Quoin Rock vineyard. The estate is
situated between Napier and Agulhas, near Elim, on the south facing slopes of the mountains. There is also a sister
estate at Knorhoek (near Delheim and Muratie) with which they sometimes share wines to improve the blends. Doug
explained that the word Quoin means the corner stone of a building and/or a wedge for supporting a (naval) gun bar-
The wine tasting started with a 2006 Sauvignon Blanc which had a very different flavour from the majority of the prod-
ucts of this variety but very pleasant and dry. The next presentation was a 2003 Chardonnay which again was not a
overpowering as normal Chardonnays but had a rather delicate flavour. Lastly we were treated to a 2003 Merlot
which was 40% from the Agulhas winery and 60% from Knorhoek. Doug explained that the red grapes from Agulhas
do not produce the “heavy” variety of wine hence the blending, their attempt to produce Cabernet Sauvingnon was so
unsuccessful that they pulled out all the vines. The Merlot was medium bodied with a very pleasant flavour.
Some of the group bought a few bottles to take home to remind them of the most enjoyable week end away.
I did not stay for lunch as the scheduled event at the “Fox” had been cancelled and transferred to another venue so I
headed back for Cape town but got so cold that I stopped in Caledon to put up the hood and side screens, it was just
as well as just down the road it started raining “cat & dogs” .
     Sincere thanks to the Napier contingent of he Club for an excellent event. –From us all—Editor
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The Breed June Breed

                                       LETTER TO THE EDITOR
                                           Rafi Weiner
                                           12 Lochner Road
                                           email: rafi@ashersons.co.za
The Editor
The Breed
MG Car Club
Private Bag X16
Dear Sir
 I decided to draft this letter to you following the recent MG Car Club “Breakfast Run”. Later I thought it better to hold
the letter back and to wait and see whether anybody in the Committee would bother to lift a pen (or keyboard finger) in
the May edition of the Breed. My patience was pleasantly rewarded when I read the editorial. James (the Deputy
Chair) has certainly hit the nail on the head with his comments regarding the dismal turnout at the Breakfast Run. Else-
where in the Breed a lamentation appears where the author ponders the whereabouts of T-Type MGs. If any member
reading this letter joined the Club in the last 2 or 3 years, then I suggest you log onto the Google Images website and
search “MGTC” where images will appear so that you know what these cars look like. Once upon a time members
used to actually drive these cars on Club Runs, believe it or not!
 On Sunday 15 April 2007, I met the Club at Constantia Village to join the Breakfast Run to the Westlake Arms. This
was a well organized run by the Club’s new social secretary, Leanne Hewitt, and credit must go to her – what a delight-
ful and energetic person. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly longer route but I suppose if the route was
longer it would have ended up in a Lunch Run rather than a Breakfast Run. All the ingredients were there for an excel-
lent outing - meeting place, weather, route, and venue.
There was only one problem – a dismal and pathetic turnout of cars!
I was quite shocked to discover that out of a total membership of 322 people and I don’t know how many hundreds of
cars, not even 10% of the membership rocked up. It was also a sad fact that the oldest car on the run was a lonely
MGA. Can you imagine that? An MG Car Club Breakfast Run with one MGA and not a single T-Type! What is how-
ever interesting is that there were quite a few modern MGTF’s on the Run, which was quite refreshing to see and the
extent to which the owners of these cars are welcomed into the Club.
Interestingly, I can recall when I joined the MG Car Club about 30 years ago, nobody gave me a second glance, let
alone welcomed me to the Club. There were only two reasons for the “cold shoulder”. The first being that the Club
operated in cliques (it still does) and the other could only be put down to the fact that I drove what was then a modern
MG, namely a chrome bumper MGB Roadster. What a pleasure it is to see these TF’s on the Run.
 What I really have difficulty in understanding is why the Breakfast Run was met with such a poor response. I would
have thought that one of the main objects of the Club is to get together and drive MG’s all over the place on what is
traditionally known as a Run. Sadly this does not appear to be the case at all.
 On the odd occasion I go to a monthly meeting. For some inexplicable reason the monthly meeting attract more peo-
ple than a Club outing. In fact it seems that members talk more about outings than actually going to them. I cannot
fathom this out, since I find the monthly meetings about as exciting as watching our national cricket - unless of course
things warm up when a Trustee berates Roger Lewis for failing to report and account for the Club’s ashtrays and maga-
zines etc
Every year the Club puts out a list of members together with their cars. I assume this list of owners and their cars is
produced by the Register Captains. This must be the case, because I don’t know what else a Register Captain does or
is supposed to do. It is indeed comforting to know that there are so many MG’s languishing in garages in Cape Town
(including some of my own) which haven’t been shipped out of the Country to take advantage of our poor currency.
Alternatively, the owners of these cars want us to believe that their cars are still safely tucked away in Cape Town.
Either way you look at it, these cars never seem to emerge – and if they do they certainly don’t find their way to MG Car
Club Runs. It is also unfortunate that our dedicated Committee members who thanklessly do so much for the Club, do
not join in on the Run. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly don’t blame the Committee. For the most part, they do a lot for
the Club and end up being mercilessly re-appointed (not elected) year after year, a fate which they accept like the pro-
verbial lamb to the slaughter.
I belong to quite a few Clubs some of which I am more involved in than others. It is interesting to learn from the way
other Clubs operate. For example, the Crankhandle Club not only has informal meetings in the evening and organises
a couple of Runs during the year. On the first Sunday of the month members are invited to bring their cars to Timour
Hall to have tea, listen to one or two announcements and most of all to indulge in classic cars and to soak up the at-
mosphere. It is not a formal, organised meeting but simply a get together of petrol-heads and their classic cars. I can’t
understand why the MG Car Club can’t do something like this on a monthly basis in addition to (or better still, instead
of) the dreary and formal shareholders meetings on a Wednesday evening.
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                                                                                                      The Breed Junre Breed

 Another fascinating example is the Harley Davidson Club, of which I am a member. I think the Club has about 250
members or so. They have a meeting once a month on a Wednesday evening which is totally relaxed, informal and
where a couple of announcements are made. I would say between 40 and 60 people attend the meeting. If the weather
is good most people arrive on their bikes. At least once a month there is a Run on a Sunday morning. It is completely
uncompetitive, although well organized from a safety point of view. All that happens is that anybody who wants to go
meets at a bakery in Green Point at 09h30 to leave at 10h00. The ride consists of a meandering route to a brief stop-
over at about 11h15 and then on to a lunch venue whereafter people make their own way home. Members are notified
of the arrangements at the meeting, in the monthly news magazine and by sms. There is no feedback of any kind. You
just meet and go. It is noteworthy that these impromptu Sunday Runs attract a huge turnout, weather permitting of

If you take the trouble to look at our Club calendar for the year, you will see that it is no different from the year before.
The only thing that changes are Indabas and weekend away activities. I see that the next Run is only in June followed
by the mid-winter wine tour in July. I attended the latter event a couple of years ago and I must say it was quite enjoy-
able with a good attendance including, believe it or not, T type MGs, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see the likes of this again.

 This time round members must be advised by way of a bulk sms a couple of days before the Run. Don’t worry about
people having to phone in first in order to facilitate catering arrangements. There will always be enough. Most people
don’t want to fill in forms or phone back to confirm how many people are coming. They just want to show up - even if
its at the last minute. Members should not be made to feel that they cannot attend functions unless they book well in
advance. The object of the exercise is to operate a Club with as little formality as possible. In so doing the Club will
attract a lot more people to Club activities, Runs in particular. It is my view that there are a lot of members of the Club
who actually have very little technical knowledge about cars in general and MGs in particular – and nor do they care.
They just think that MGs are great little cars with wonderful character and have no interest in the technical side at all.
Members, particularly new members, should not be intimidated by the fact that they know nothing about motor mechan-
ics and played no part whatsoever in restoring their car.

 That brings me onto another interesting topic – Show Day. Once upon a time I can recall that this event was the verita-
ble climax of the Club calendar. Show Day, until several years ago, was a dazzling event and the array of MGs pre-
sented was nothing short of spectacular, irrespective of condition. Members also entered their cars (and in some
cases themselves) in a variety of impressive and eclectic concourse events. I can remember not that long ago, Show
Days were held at public venues such as Canal Walk and Cavendish Square where Club members had the opportunity
not only to drool over each other’s cars but to show off their cars to a captivated public audience, thereby increasing the
interest in the marque. Regrettably, this is now part of Club history.
 The Show Day of today is little more than a get together of Club stalwarts who polish their cars for the occasion and
enjoy a braai at a member’s house. One or two odd cogniscenti will enter their cars in the concourse competition, not-
withstanding that the result is predictable and a foregone conclusion. Personally, I think that competitive concourse is
utterly pointless, other than to hopefully assist in increasing the market value of the car. Most of these cars comprise
brand new parts supplied by Moss Motors and made in Taiwan, anyway. Of course, there are those of us who own
“concourse condition” cars (including myself) would never dream of participating in a concourse event. Now don’t get
me wrong – although I do not see the point in participating in concourse events does not mean that I don’t enjoy being
a spectator. A classic car club must by its very nature offer competitive events including concourse. Why, one can
only marvel at the fabulous cars at international concourse events such as Pebble Beach and Louis Vuitton etc. The
fact that most entries arrive and depart on a trailer is of course another matter. On the other hand there are those who
have wonderful MGs gracefully aging and showing their patina who feel too embarrassed to turn up with their cars at
Show Day where only a “nut and bolt ground up restoration” will suffice. In my view, their cars are the true concourse
 The point of all this is that members should re-assess what they want out of the MG Car Club. For me, it’s a break-
fast/lunch/tea/wine tour run – uncompetitive and social and an informal meeting on a Sunday morning, Crankhandle
Club style. For others, it may be something else altogether.
Why on earth should our new social secretary Leanne Hewitt be prophetically warned by one of the Club elders that
she should not be disheartened if she does not get a large turn out for the breakfast run, albeit that this is true? What
this means is that we know in advance that these events will be poorly attended. Now one can understand why mem-
bers do not stand for election on the Committee but are instead “re-appointed” from one year to the next.
It is patently clear that Jo Hitchcock who is organizing the veteran runs certainly knows what she’s doing. I am not a
veteran yet, but they really have very interesting Runs.
 I seem to have lost my thread, since this letter was really all about the last Breakfast Run. At the rate we’re going, I
imagine that next years Breakfast Run will be reduced to two members in their Chinese MGs sharing a table at the
Rondebosch Wimpy.
 I would love to ramble on but I have to keep an eye on my Ebay web page as I am expecting a few offshore bids to
come in for my MGB, MGBGT and MGTC.
Well, that my five cents worth……………
Kind regards

Rafi Weiner
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The Breed June Breed


Welcome: Robin Rich
Apologies: Jo Hitchcock, Mattie & Lionel Baird, Derek & Esme Hitchcock, Ralph Clarke, Maureen & Peter James,
Bugs Crighton, Helen & Gereld Wright, James Reinhardt, David Tudsbury, Lucille Ten Oever
Minutes of the General Meeting dated April 2007
No Matters arising.
Three Month Probation Period –
This matter would be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting – Notice will be given to the Members.
Club House
Mervin & Jeff were involved with the negotiations re Tenure thereof and letter to the mayor. We have another venue in
Pinelands which will be plan B if all else fails.
Club Charity – We need a volunteer who would like to champion this cause.
Veterans: The next run would be on 31st May – visit to the The Westcoast Fossil Farm. Details in the Breed.
Plaque to Brian Dallimore.
Competitions Next Run – 17th June – British Car Club Run, includes lunch at Houwhoek – price R115.00 each -
please sign clibboard if you will be attending.
July – Practice Run to thrash the Jaguar Club at Go Cart Racing
Social – Leanne     14th July – Mid Winter Wine Tour in the form of Amazing Race – Will be great fun.
27th May – meeting at Margie Von Zeil’s house . Tune her car - 7 Dagbreek Road Pinelands.
Publication – Closing Date 21 st May
Ratified: Ken & Gloria Smith
There were a lot of cards with Ralph’s R type – which members could have for free.
 Weekend away: - Frank Peche
We have 31 attending – if you will be attending please let Frank know as you need to book for the events you intend to
take part so that you are catered for. Napier is a lovely town – 13 MGs have owners in Napier.
Cape Centres: Have you booked for this event – Full Programme 14th – 17th October.
Finance – Mervyn Corbishly        The Club is Solvent.
Port Elizabeth Indaba – Has anybody received any news on the PE Indaba.
Keys – If anybody has a set of keys for the club pub – could they please let Jeff Husk have them.
After the meeting Roger gave us a slide show of his trip to the Australian National Indaba.
Meeting ended at 10.00am

37 Members and Prospective members attended the May meeting and 5 came in MGs

Page 10
                                                                                                The Breed Junre Breed

For Sale:                                                       anted for MGA 1500 Roadster:
1959 MGA 1600MKI, white with red interior, 3                    2 Seats ( or frames)
owner car, 3,000 miles since rebuild, multiple con-             Petrol tank
cours winner & front cover pin-up for Magazine.                 Dip Switch and bracket
Asking Price R225,000.00 Contact Feliciano Mar-                 Rods to operate boot and bonnet releases
tins JATER@mweb.co.za or cell 082 443 9433                      Hood bows & header rail
                                                                Cockpit surrounds (wood and aluminium)
1968 MG Midget, red , immaculate for R62,000.00                 Clutch/brake Master cylinder
Contact Tony Rorke 021 851 7813 or 083 650                      Interior handbrack assembly
2403                                                            Steering column and mounting hangers
                                                                Windscreen wiper assembly (no motor req)
1963 MG Midget, White with black trim, new tyres, ex-           Headlamp bowls and fittings
cellent runner, ex Zimbabwe, Chassis no GAN2/17550,             Regulator/fuse box/indicator relay
engine no 10CGDA-H2921, Fully licenced with RWC.                Contact Rod Paxton email: Paxton@ropax.co.za
Asking price R47,500.00 Contact Steve Pestifield 082
8201570                                                              DO YOU THINK PETROL IS EXPENSIVE
                                                                 Diet Coke—100ml @ R2.80 = R28.00 per litre
BMC 1500 complete sub-assembly and gearbox 1800                  Lipton Ice Tea 200ml @ R3.50 = R17.50 per litre
cylinder head.                                                   Amstel 750ml @ R9.50 = R12.60 per litre
Used MGA pressure plates etc. Highest offer                      Energade 250ml @ R3.00 = R12.00 per litre
Contact Les Joubert 021 671 5625 or 082 896 804                  Brake Fluid 100ml @ R6.00 per litre
                                                                 Vicks Nasal Spray @ R9.00 = R180.00 per litre
1972 MGB Roadster, red, 137000 miles with rostyle                Hugo Boss Spray @ R225.00 = R4500.00 per litre
wheels, overdrive and spare hood. Good condition in              Evian water 500ml @ 15.00 = R30.00 FOR WATER
daily use—must sell as have bought another MG.
                                                                 So next time you fill up, be glad your car doesn’t
Price R65,000 Contact John Bulman 021 976 4438
                                                                 run on water or coke, or Vick’s Nasal Spray!!!!!!

The General Meeting of the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 20h00 at the
M.G.C.C. Clubhouse in Cedar Avenue (off Howard Drive), Pinelands - exceptions in December & January.

Club outings are usually held on the Sunday immediately after the General Meeting.

                                                         car and                     carburettor specialist

                                                                         Peter Jack
                                                           (021) 531-0719(W); (021) 531-0353(H)
                                                             083-2271005; (021) 531-0318 (Fax)

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        Cape Explorers Lodge B&B
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      halfway between the Heads and town.

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                 Phone: (044) 3841061
                  Fax: (044) 3841973
        e-mail: info@capeexplorerslodge.co.za
     website: www.capeexplorerslodge.co.za
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The Breed June Breed

                                          Classically British
                                           Car Parts and Accessories

                   Specializing in MG, MGF, Triumph and Austin Healey
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