Toshiba 26AV615DB Review- 26 Inch HD Ready LCD Television by djsgjg0045


									If you're looking for a decent size television that gives you all the necessary features
and options for the ultimate viewing or gaming experience on a budget, you might
find the Toshiba 26AV615DB to your liking. This is a very good set that comes at a
very reasonable price, considering all the other capabilities it comes with. You should
also try to read the pointers and feedbacks from previous viewers to know if it's the
right pick for you.
  On Audio and Connectivity
  The Toshiba 26AV615DB has a bass boost, stable sound, Nicam stereo and sound
output of 10 watts. The sound is good according to most viewers, which makes it very
ideal for gaming and watching movies in a medium living room. As for connections,
you get analogue audio input, component video, composite video, camera or mobile
link, computer input so you can easily connect your personal computer or laptop, a
DVB common interface, a DVD player or gaming console input, 3 HDMI inputs, a
headphone jack and multiple devices. There is 1 RGB via Scart, 2 Scart connections,
an S-video and 1 RS-232.
  About the Package
  The Toshiba 26AV615DB measures 90 x 448 mm (D x H) and weighs 9.4 kgs. Some
of the interactive features include the digital text, favourite channel memory and
8-day electronic guide so you don't miss out on your favourite shows and programs.
There's also text page memory and Now and Next information. Other features of the
TV include the integrated signal amplifier, the off timer and panel lock. The TV is
also wall mountable. There is an analogue tuner, DVB-T and auto setup. The TV is
also digital ready. The model was first released to the public on April 1, 2009.
  More to Expect
  The HD Ready feature of the TV supports 720p resolution content, which is the
standard for majority of HD broadcasts. The TV can display HD feeds coming from
various HD sources. The AD or Audio Description gives a running commentary for
watchers who might be visually impaired and can get the advantage from using the
commentary. The AD is available on a number of Freeview and Digital programmes.
The TV also boasts of the Active Vision LCD which is one of the latest technologies
offered by the company. This is a high performance picture processing system that's
created to give you high definition and excellent quality images through the
enhancement of core elements of television images like colour, movement, detail and
  More Advantages
  The dynamic contrast immediately changes the brightness as needed by the signal.
The system lets fine details to be remade, without lowering the colours and brightness.
You get dark blacks and bright whites all the time. The backlight can also be
brightened further to give off images a whole new intensity and power. There are 3
HDMI connections that makes it very convenient for gaming consoles, Blu-ray disc
players and other multimedia devices to be linked without having to switch cables.
The component video input is a connection used to give high quality video images.
This is great for DVD videos and images. 2
  Overall Assessment
 Overall, the Toshiba 26AV615DB rates fairly well among several viewers. Most
people would rate it 8 or 9 out of 10. The state-of-the-art technology offered by the
company makes it a very viable choice for most medium-sized homes. Some of the
best features include the Active Vision and being digital and HD ready.
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