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									                                                    GOOD NEWS
                                                     The Newsletter of the Catholic Schools Office
Number 4       l    June 2010

Catholic Schools                                                                                   CSB Special Meeting
                                                                                                   The CSB’s Special Meeting is held

Welcome the World                                                                                  annually for schools to engage
                                                                                                   with the CSB and the work of the
                                                                                                   CSO. It is hosted by Brescia House
                                                                                                   School on 5 June, 9:30-12:30. SMTs,
Catholic schools at the opening ceremony                                                           board members and teachers are
                                                                                                   encouraged to attend.
Sixty four St. Dominic’s girls from Grade 6-9 have been rehearsing for their part in South
african history and the continent’s history! the girls are part of the flag ceremony and
are being coached and choreographed by an international team, who have worked
                on, amongst other productions, the Confederation Cup and the athens
                olympics. Congratulations St Dominic’s – make us proud!
                                                                                                   Principals Working Strategy
                                                                                                   We had a record number of
                                                                                                   principals attend the recent session
                   Stefano Lollo from De La Salle Holy Cross Primary will be one of the            on 11 may. the groups worked
                   McDonald’s escorts Match 58 – good luck, we’ll be looking out for you!          in their key areas discussing new
                                                                                                   ideas and fleshing out existing
                                                                                                   strategies. the results from the
                                                                                                   group discussions were shared in
 Holy Rosary girls having fun
                                                                                                   a plenary session and there will be
                                                                                                   an update at the CSB meeting on
                                                                                                   5 June.

                                                                                                    HR Legal Services ..................................................2
                                                                                                    Johannesburg Gr 11 Masses ..................................4
                                                                                                    Integrity in Ministry Workshops ............................4
                                                                                                    Launch of Catholic Schools Bursars’ and Secretaries
                                                                                                    Forums ..................................................................4
                                                                                                    Meeting with Gauteng Education MEC ..................5
                                                                                                    Attention Music Teachers ......................................5
                                                                                                    Pretoria Inter Catholic Foundation Sports Day .......6

                                                                                                    Vacancies ..............................................................6

   ContaCt information                                                                Telephone 011 447 9219 Fax 011 447 9129
   e-mail: info@cso.za.org                                                           Telephone 012 321 2094 Fax 012 348 8280

www.cso.za.org                                                                        PLEaSE maKE tHiS nEWSLEttEr aVaiLaBLE to aLL Staff
                                                                                         St Ursula’s learners participating in a special
De La Salle Holy Cross Primary                                                           liturgy
learners in soccer hats

    Remember Catholic
    Schools Sunday in
                                                                             ’ team
    Johannesburg!                                     Holy Famil
                                                                   y teachers

    most schools in the archdiocese
    of Johannesburg will be
    participating in Catholic Schools
                                            Appreciating other religions                   Results of Maths
    Sunday on 1 august 2010. it             the rE workshop Towards appreciating
                                            religions other than one’s own: an
    will be fantastic to see Catholic
    schools being represented in            invitation to a personal pilgrimage gave
                                                                                           We had 28 schools participate in the
    parishes all over town!                 the participants time to reflect on their
                                                                                           annual benchmarking process. two
                                                    own understanding and feeling
    Please encourage your learners                     towards different worldviews.       feedback days were held in april in
    to wear their uniforms to                                 By means of enjoyable        Johannesburg and Pretoria. Schools also
    school on that Sunday and if                             activities such as a          received a detailed analysis (pie chart) of
    possible, it would be great if                           gallery walk using Lonnie     how each grade performed in both paper
    they could participate in                               Hanzon’s drawings and          1 and 2 and the combined results of both
    the liturgy.                                            reflecting on prayers          papers. these results are available on
                                                              from other religions,        request.
    School coordinators will                                  they were led to a
    be contacted shortly with                                broader perspective and
    further information, but                               commitment to a greater
    please don’t hesitate in
    speaking to parish priests to
                                                         appreciation of worldviews
                                                        other than their own.
                                                                                               HR/LEgAL SERvICES
    make them aware of the date.            The workshop was led by John McCormick             This service was launched at the begin-
                                            from CIE.                                          ning of May and quite a few schools
                                                                                               have used the service and have report-
                                                                                               ed that they received valuable input. It
Marketing Forum                                                                                is extremely helpful, when giving legal
                                                                                               advice, that the relevant legal clauses
the first meeting of the Catholic Schools marketing forum took place at St David’s on          are included together with the inter-
Wednesday 2 June. those who attended shared experiences of marketing Catholic                  pretation and application of the legal
schools and made suggestions on how to work together in future.                                principles involved.

                                                                                               >      There will be a seminar on
The teacher that we all hope to be…                                                                   conducting Disciplinary Hearings
former army paratrooper David isnardi had mercy Sister immaculata                                     on 24 July at the Johannesburg
Knox as a teacher for only a year, but he said she had “such a huge                                   Cathedral from 9:00-12:00.
impact” on his life.
>   Copy this link into your browser for the full story:
    http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1001574.htm                                                                        2

                                                                                                        2 01 0
CSO EvENTS for June – November

Events for all gauteng Schools
5 June             Catholic Schools Board Special general Meeting (Brescia House)
                                                                                                 The Catholic Institute of Education
9 June - 13 July   Schools Closed

11 June - 11 July World Cup Soccer
10 July            Bread for Life offered by the Catholic Bible Foundation (Jo’burg Cathedral)

9 - 10 August      CIE’s Building Sustainable Leadership Conference
14, 15 or 16 Sep National gr 6 RE Test

2 June
4 June
                   Inaugural meeting of the Catholic Schools Marketing Forum
                   gr 7 Mass for schools on the East Rand
21 - 25 June       Maths teacher development (McAuley House)                                      The Catholic institute of education
24 July            Workshop on disciplinary hearings (Cathedral)                                  intends bringing Catholic school
27 July            RE Coordinators workshop (Dominican Convent)                                   principals and other school leaders
                                                                                                  together for an international school
                                                                                                  leadership Conference.
11 August          RE Teachers workshop (Dominican Convent)
                                                                                                  The purpose of the conference is to:
14 August          Bursars’ and Secretaries’ Forums
                                                                                                  l   initiate a debate on the identity
18 August          Integrity in Ministry (South West Cluster)
                                                                                                      and purpose of Catholic schools
19 August          Principal’s meeting at (Shanahan Park) moved from 17 August                        in south africa
21 August          Diocesan Schools Council Meeting
                                                                                                  l   strengthen the network of
28 August          Catholic schools display at McAuley House for Catechists meeting                   Catholic schools through sharing
9 September        Integrity in Ministry                                                              of experience
15 September       Retreat for RE Teachers (repeat for those who missed Ascension Day retreat)    l   encourage Catholic schools to
16 September       Choir Festival                                                                     play a more active role in the
                                                                                                      public education system.
15 October         St Theresa’s Coronationville, St Teresa’s Mercy Schools
16 October         Leadership Day for gr 11 Learners at De La Salle Holy Cross College            Keynote address: prof patrick
                                                                                                  Duignan,     emeritus       professor,
23 October         Diocesan Schools Council Meeting
                                                                                                  australian Catholic university and
29 October         gr 7 Mass (Regina Mundi)                                                       Director leading to inspire.
16 November        Principal’s group
                                                                                                  invited speakers: Chief rabbi
                                                                                                  goldstone, prof Jonathan Jansen,
Pretoria                                                                                          prof brahm Fleisch, Dr Claudine
23 July            RE Coordinators workshop (Loreto Convent)
                                                                                                  storbeck and others.

28 July            Principals’ Forum                                                              The conference will commence on
                                                                                                  the morning of 9 august and end
4 August           RE Teachers workshop: Praying in Color (Loreto Convent)
                                                                                                  on the afternoon of 10 august 2010.
6 August           High school arts festival                                                      For more information and bookings
26 August          Foundation Phase Music Festival                                                please contact anne baker.
27 August          Intersen Phase Music Festival
                                                                                                  Telephone +27 (0)11 433 1888
15 September       Principals’ Forum
13 October         RE Teachers workshop: Planning RE Curriculum for 2011                          e-mail: anneb@cie.org.za
                   (Loreto Convent)
15 October         Mass for Year of the Priest
29 October         RE Coordinators retreat (Nazareth House)
30 October         graduation Mass for Echoing the Word
5 November         Principals’ Lunch                                                                                                     3
Echoing the Word
twenty four teachers from eight different Pretoria schools and three parish catechists are now half way
through the one-year foundational rE course for rE teachers.

St John’s Convent School
opens in Bronkhorstspruit
St John Convent School is a new
independent Catholic school just outside
Bronkhorstspruit, next to Sizanani. it was
established by the order of St John the
Baptist and presently there are sisters
from Zambia teaching in the school
and running an orphanage on the same
grounds. the school has about 80 pupils
from Gr r – Gr 9 of whom 18 are orphans.
the principal is mr rudolf mbah and he
has a staff of 10 teachers.

Launch of Catholic Schools
Bursars’ and Secretaries’
Forums – 14 August 2010
                                                                        Integrity in Ministry Workshops
                                                                        most schools over the years have arranged for this
CSo has become aware of the need for
                                                                        workshop to be conducted in their school. at the recent
bursars and secretaries to have a forum
                                                                        meeting of principals in the South West cluster of schools,
that will enable valuable contact so that
                                                                        the request was made that CSo present this seminar again
there can be a greater spirit of assisting
                                                                        due to normal turnover of staff.
one another for the common good.
                                                                        We are delighted to be able to have Br michael Burke
>   This seminar will be held on 14
                                                                        present these seminars. it will be held on two different
    August and will be structured in two
                                                                        dates to enable schools to send staff members to either of
    separate sessions.
                                                                        these presentations.

                               Johannesburg gr 11 Masses
                               in may, more than 1 600 Gr 11s made a pilgrimage to Christ the King Cathedral. fr Lewis tsuro was the
                               main celebrant on both days. as soon-to-be leaders of our schools, fr tsuro challenged the learners
                               to become the leaders that they would like to follow. there was a great spirit in the Cathedral on
                               both days. thanks to the choirs and music teachers for the music and to everyone who participated
                               in the liturgy and preparation for the two days. a sizeable collection of items was donated to the
                               projects of the mercy sisters and the Cathedral soup kitchen.
                               thanks goes to every Gr 11 learner (and their parents) for contributing to these
                               very worth causes.                                                                              4
Meeting with gauteng Education MEC                                                          RE Teachers
rosa Calaca attended a meeting on 25 may at which the following strategic documents         Ascension Day Retreat for RE Teachers
were presented:
                                                                                            there was an overwhelming response
l   School Safety and Security Strategy                                                     to the invitation to this year’s ascension
l   Primary Literacy Strategy                                                               thursday retreat. Unfortunately we had
                                                                                            to turn seven schools away as the retreat
l   maths, Science and technology Education                                                 was booked out. the good news is that
these will soon be available on our website under School management and we                  we will be offering the retreat again on 15
encourage schools to download the document on safety.                                       September for those who missed out.
                                                                                            the retreat was led by Br michael Burke.
                                                                                            teachers took the opportunity to spend a
                                                                                            morning in reflection, prayer and quiet –
Attention: Music teachers                                                                   something we don’t make enough time
                                                                                             for in the hustle and bustle of school life.
Schools wishing to participate in CiE’s recording
project need to nominate five songs from Sing for Life
that their choir could sing, of which three will be chosen.
recording will take place on a date yet to be determined
in three major centres. it is likely that Johannesburg or
Pretoria will be one of these centres if enough schools
from this area are interested in participating. Please let Paul
faller at the CiE know that you are interested in participating
in this project.
Paul’s contact details are 011 433 1888 or paulf@cie.org.za.                                 Teachers from Emaromeni Primary

grade 6 National RE Assessment
the national Grade 6 test information pack together with a letter of invitation
addressed to the Principal and rE Coordinator was posted to schools last month. We
encourage all primary schools to participate in the assessment.
Please contact the CSo if you have not received it and we will send it to you. Schools
must fax the nUmBEr of StUDEntS anD ConfiDEntiaLitY aGrEEmEnt form (Page
                                                                                             Br Michael Burke sharing with a teacher during
9) to CiE by 23 July if they want to participate.                                            the RE retreat

Lifebound in Afrikaans
CiE has provided afrikaans translations of Lifebound. this resource will be useful in
afrikaans medium or dual medium school, or for teachers whose first language is

                                                        the following materials are
                                                        available from Paul faller at CiE
                                                                                             Mary Therese Leboa (Diocesan Schools Office)
                                                        or from the CSo:
                                                                                             and Rosalia Motha (Dominican Convent School)
                                                        l      a presentation of the
                                                               Lifebound Curriculum,
                                                               and Schemes of work and
                                                               assessment instruments
                                                               for Grades 1-3
                                                        l      Schemes of work and
                                                               assessment instruments
                                                               for Grade 4-7.

                                                                                             Kerryn Prowse (De La Salle Holy
                                                                                             Cross Primary) enjoying a quiet
vACANCIES                                             Pretoria Inter-Catholic
gRADE R TEACHER                                       Foundation Phase
Grade r teacher required for the
beginning of 2011 at our Lady of
                                                      Sports Day
Lebanon maronite Catholic School.
                                                      The Pretoria Inter-Catholic schools event
Applicants may contact Debbie Auby at the             took place on Friday 22 May. It was a fun-
Church office at 011 432 5331                         filled morning of soccer, netball and hockey
Should you require any further                        for the little ones in the foundation phase
information please contact the school.                of seven Pretoria primary schools. The event
                                                      was hosted by CBC.
Part-time Qualified Primary School art &
technology teacher required at maryvale
College Primary in July, 2010.
Kindly e-mail your Cv with two references to

St Peter’s School, a Catholic independent
Primary School in nelspruit, is looking for
a school Principal.
Applications may be posted or hand delivered to:
Mr E Zwane: Chairperson HRM Committee, Box
618 Nelspruit, 1200, Tel 013 7411021, Cell 082
376 6153.
Closing date of receiving applications is
the 15 June 2010. no faxed or emailed
applications shall be considered.

l       relevant teaching degree
l       registered with SaCE
l       interest in working with deaf learners
l       Experience in deaf education and
        knowledge of South african Sign
        Language would be a bonus

        Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Orientation
l       REMEDIAL TEACHER – Grade 7-12
For the above posts, please email CV
with covering letter to: principal@
stvincentschool.co.za or fax it to: 011
788 5433


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