Maharajas Express - An ode to the heritage of India by hkksew3563rd


									Are you looking forward to enjoying an adventurous travel alternative in India? Does
embarking on a luxury train journey excite your very senses? If your answer to the
above is yes, we suggest you opt for a Maharajas Express sojourn. There might have
cropped up a thousand questions in your mind regarding the Maharajas Express
sojourn. Do not you worry. For, we have for you all details revolving around this
enchanting tour. Just read on 鈥?/p> The Train
Maharajas Express is the brain child of Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd, a joint venture
of the Cox and Kings India Ltd and IRCTC. This is the most luxurious train in India
equipped with 23 splendidly elegant cabins comprising of restaurants, bars, passenger
carriages, boutiques, and even lounges that offer a relaxing ambience for the guests.
The train started its operations from January 2010 and has so far already managed to
cater to a wide clientele of guests from all over the world.
The best aspect of the Maharajas Express train is its d 茅 cor that seamlessly blend the
antiquity and the modern. While the interior designs speak volumes of Indian regality
and culture, the services that are set within the train reflect contemporary travel in a
big way. Direct dial phones, individual climate control, en suite designer baths and
LCD television; Maharajas Express is about these and much more. The Tour The
train invites one to indulge in comfort, elegance and luxury like never before. Not just
the amenities, even the tours of this train are amazing and plentiful. Yes, 4 royal
itineraries wait to treat you onboard the Maharajas Express. Royal India, Princely
India, Classical India and Celestial India 鈥?these are the four itineraries of the train
that promise a pan Indian trail across choicest destinations of the country. 3 out of the
4 itineraries start from Delhi, the national capital and the fourth one starts from
Mumbai. Nonetheless, all the itineraries travel across Rajasthan (Bikaner, Jodhpur,
Jaipur, Udaipur and Ranthambore etc), Uttar Pradesh (Agra and Lucknow), Gujarat
(Vadodara) and Madhya Pradesh (Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, and Gwalior). A complete
north Indian exploration is what one can expect of any of the regal tours aboard the
Maharajas Express. Other than the standard itineraries, one also has the opportunity to
charter this luxury train for a real Maharaja-like experience. Be it for your business
clients or your family and friends, Maharajas Express wait to treat you to an out of the
world experience. The Tariff
The most attractive part of this luxury train is its tariff. Every penny spent to avail of a
Maharajas Express tour is simply worth it. More information on the tariff is available
at The Experience
It would be an understatement to term a Maharajas Express tour as mind blowing! Yes,
with personal attention by the staff of the train to classic amenities on board and from
historical destinations to special guest speakers aboard, the Maharaja
Expressexperience is to be lived through to be believed. In the end of the week-long
journey aboard the tours, you indeed feel that good things surely come in small
  Author offers relevant and updated information on Maharaja Express Train tour is
just best one. Visit this enchanting luxury train and create everlasting memories in
your heart.

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