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					Millions of people have asked the question: LV is so expensive, but why women from
all over the world love it and buy it? Maybe there is no answer, because nobody can
guess what a woman think in her mind. There is no doubt that LV has become a
symbol of honor and elegance. Louis Vuitton is the most outstanding designer of
leather goods in French history. He opened the first luggage store in his own name in
Paris in 1854. A century later, Louis Vuitton (LV) became one of the best brands in
the field of luggage and leather goods and become a simbol of high society. Today, the
brand Louis Vuitton (LV) has not just designed and sold leather goods and luggage,
but become a fashion trend indicators involving accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry,
watches, wines and so on. Louis Vuitton (LV) has become the name of the finest
travel products throughout Europe. Up until today, regardless of later extending such
as leather, silk, watches, pens and even clothes are all in the basis of "travel
philosophy" stated by Louis Vuitton which advocate fine quality and comfort. That's
why all the stars and celebrities in the world treat LV as a sign of dignity. Apart from
these factors which LV itself is so wonderful that it attracts people buy it, there are
also other reasons why women love LV. Among them, the most obvious one is the
peacockery of women. It seems that only you owns a bag of LV, can you be called a
elegant person. If you travel without LV, people will look down upon you. Of course,
this only happens in high society. The nomal people cannot afford the way high price
of LV. In China, almost all the big cities have a store selling LV products. No matter
how high the price is, there is always some rich to buy it. At the same time, almost all
the cities in China have stores sell fake LV products. Maybe that's the problem LV
should solve to maintain their refined taste. The author honestly propose you to check
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