Luxury Mauritius Holidays- Discover true Spirit Of Mauritius

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					If white sandy beaches, waterfalls, jungle-covered mountains and elegant colonial
houses tend to excite you then Luxury Mauritius Holidays are for you. Mauritius
offers a complete plethora of wonderful hideouts to all those who visit here. Some of
the things that can enchant the travelers visiting Mauritius are glamorous cafes,
cocktail bars, nightclubs and a peep of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Points Of Interest
That Bring Tourists To Mauritius Luxury holiday Mauritius has lot many things to do
and see and this is what excites the first time travelers. Mauritius is a home to an
amazing coral life and the people who are ardent dolphin fans can visit here to have
fun.      Tourists visiting Mauritius can experience deep-sea fishing and even enjoy
ecstasy of catching a blue or black marlin. Golfers visiting here should not miss the
opportunity of playing at the spectacular golf courses present here. People visiting
Mauritius admire the extraordinary fauna at Leisure Park and Casela Natura which is
a house of more than a thousand colorful birds.         Another interesting thing to do
while on a trip to Mauritius is visit the Casela Bird Sanctuary and capital city Port
Louis. These are some of the most prominent things that any traveler visiting
Mauritius need to dotch down in the travel itinerary. Events To Attend In Mauritius
One of the famous visiting Mauritius need to remember the dates when the Cavadee
festival is organized in the month of January or February as this is the most celebrated
festival. Another major festival that is organized in Mauritius is Maha Shivratree
which is celebrated to mark birthday of Lord Shiva, a Hindu Lord. Festival of lights is
also celebrated with loads of pomp and enthusiasm in Mauritius. Mauritius Hotels
Make Luxury Mauritius Holidays Complete There are only a few destinations in the
world that retain the spell of Luxury word and Mauritius is one of these. The hotels
here in Mauritius are one of the best located ones in the world. There are many ocean
facing restaurants that offer a huge collection of sporting and leisure activities. The
spa resorts of Mauritius provide travelers with an option to relax themselves after a
tiring day. It can be said that the hotels here in Mauritius clearly define what the word
luxury means as they treat every tourists special. First time visitors can go in for tailor
made vacation plans as these promise complete comfort and an affordable stay at
Mauritius. Being a prominent travel center, people visiting here are advised to make
bookings in advance if planning long luxury Mauritius holidays. So, combine
relaxation with comfort while on Luxury Mauritius holidays by making timely
bookings and planning a travel itinerary properly.
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