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Home Happe
                                                                         Children and staff took to our
                                                                         recent ‘chicken run’ like ducks to
                                                                         water! Giving our grounds a clean-
                                                                         up turned into a fun exercise and
                                                                         great team-building opportunity.
                                                                                    So children, like
                                                                                     Sizwe (left), were
                                                                                     dwarfed by the ‘spoils’
                                                                                     in their bags.

                                                                                      A big thank you to
                                                                                       all our girls and
                                                                                      boys – and staff –
                                                                                     for their great spirit
                                                                                       and hard work!

                d write) it best!
 Kids say (an

                                         Thanks to everyone who made e
                                         our Servochem Golf Day such h
                                         a superb success. We also
                                         appreciate the involvement
                                         and efforts of Graeme Joffe
                                         of 94.7 Highveld Stereo.
                                         Thanks, golfers!
                                         Our SAVANS Golf
                                         Day is scheduled                           Graeme Joffe (left) and
                                         for 10 October.                            Angelique Ellis, Marina
                                         Please call Fiona                          A
                                                                                    Andrews and Sharon
                                         Duke for details, on                       Coetzee at the Servochem
                                         011 648 – 1120/1/2.                        g
                                                                                    golf day.

           Honesty is the best policy!

                                                                 Friends Paelsa
                                                                  and Gracia.
                                          JCH social worker,
                                           Sandra Yung Fah         The heart
                                             and Khanyesa         sees better
                                            share a cuddle.      than the eye.
                                                                   - Hebrew              Having fun at the
    Sure we all agree on this one ...                               proverb              park, on the slide.
            hat would we do –          before finally
            how could we               settling in
            provide for 64             with us.
children – if not for the way             Your
that you care? That’s why we           generosity
think of our supporters as             ensures
true winners.                          that our
    While we do receive a state        children get
subsidy for our home, it covers        the expert
only 11% of costs. As all              help they need
parents know, raising children         to cope – at
is expensive.                          school, socially
    One of the greatest demands        and emotionally.
on funds is the remedial               Thank you for making a
attention and counselling that         difference in so many ways!
many children need.                    Pictured above:
    Professional help is vital                                                 Legal changes to benefit
                                       this terrific trio couldn’t wait to
since most of our boys and girls                                                South Africa’s children
                                       try on their new jerseys, kindly
endured tremendous upheaval
– including gaps in schooling –
                                       provided to our children by
                                       St. Michael’s Church.                  C   hanges in legislation – effective
                                                                                  from June this year – will prohibit
                                                                              sex offenders from working for any
                                                                              organisation that deals with children
                                                                              or disabled people.
                                                                                   These facilities will also be legally
                                                                              obliged not to hire such people.

                    O    ur fete’s on Saturday 30 August – so join us
                         for a fun-filled family day. There will be various
                   stalls, such as white elephant and bargain books –
                                                                                   These changes to legislation
                                                                              are welcomed by the Johannesburg
                                                                              Children’s Home.
                   and loads of food.
                                                                                   We have always believed that there
                       Our SAVANS Golf Day is on 10 October at the            is no place at our home for
                   Randpark Golf Club. Players can contact Alistair           such offenders.
                    Cotton at – as he’s taking
                    C                                                              The new law will help to intensify
                    bookings for the four balls, or visit    our country’s efforts against sexual
For sponsorship and prizes, please call our PRO, Fiona Duke on                crimes and the monsters who
011 648 1120/1/2 or e-mail                                      perpetrate them.
             uriel Farren, who was
             Director of JCH for
             14 years, recently
 retired. Here, we pass on her
 own special message to you:
     ‘This journey has caused
 many emotions – heartache,
 disappointment ... but it has also
 been filled with joy, gratitude
 and pride in witnessing the
 children’s recovery, progress
 and achievements.
     ‘It is with great appreciation     Recently retired JCH Director, Muriel Farren,   ,
 and humility that I celebrate          with the children at her farewell party. Gaelle
 JCH’s contribution to the lives           (pictured right) wrote a moving speech.
 of so many children.
 Debt of gratitude                    ‘Our hearts will be untouched today’
     ‘I’ve met caring, generous,

                                              hildren often describe         because onee
 committed, loyal and dedicated
                                              their feelings in a                       hed
                                                                             of the touched
 people. Not least of these
                                              profound way – which                      ur
                                                                             pieces in our hearts
 friends is you.
                                      is what Gaelle did in her speech       will be untouched today.’
     ‘Without you, JCH could not
                                      at Muriel’s farewell, when she            We definitely have a budding
 have changed the lives of so
                                      said: ‘Today is a very sad day,        poet in our midst!
 many children, for the better. I
 owe you a debt of gratitude for
 the impact you have had on my
 life – and more importantly, on
 the lives of our children.

                                               etting a visit from an        wrote us a letter, which we
     ‘It is with the greatest                  ‘old boy’ (or ‘old girl’)     share with you here:
 confidence that I hand over the               is always a pleasure             ‘Not so long ago, I had a
 reins to Narisha Govender, who       here at JCH. So, when                  visit to the home and things s
 has been our Social Worker for       Bongani popped in to see us,           have changed! New fences
 the past eight years.                we were delighted!                     are up, and there are a lot off
     ‘I thank you from the bottom        Bongani, who was at JCH for         new faces.
 of my heart for giving our           some time, developed a great              On my side of things, I’m  m
 children hope. I trust you will      relationship with his host, Clint,     living a magnificent life herere
 continue to have an interest in      with whom he spent many                in Durban. School has been        Bon
 the children at JCH.’                happy times.                           great and I’m handling it well.
                     But then something                  Body-boarding
Visit our website at www.             unforeseen happened. Clint                My sporting is great and
                                      had to relocate to Durban. This        rugby is one of my preferred
                                      could have signalled the end of        sports. My body-boarding is also
                                      a great friendship – but it didn’t.    great. We’ve been in an inter-
                                      Foster care                            schools league and we’re top of
                                         Bongani then went into              the log with sky-scraping points!
                                      foster care, with Clint, and has          Clint said if I pass, I can go
                                      been happily settled in Durban         on a DJ course, so I’m working
                                      for the past two years.                hard. I’m going to leave you
                                         After visiting us, Bongani          with some quotes from me and
                                                                                                    Report Back

                   hen we wrote to you
                   late last year about
                   security at the home
       – particularly the need for new,
       sturdier fencing, we hoped that
       you’d understand why such
       a major – and expensive –
       exercise was necessary.
          You did understand – and
                                              The old fencing had collapsed
       you took our concerns to heart
                                             in places, was full of holes and
       by responding generously.
                                               urgently needed replacing.                Our guard, outside his hut at
       Thank you!
          We’re thrilled to report that                                                         home’s
                                                                                            the home s entrance.
       the home’s perimeter has been
       secured by pallisade fencing –
       1.2kms of it! – and we’re all
       feeling much safer.
          Other security measures
       are also in place. A trained
       guard is at our entrance, and
       we’re also linked to a private
       security company.                      Off goes the old (above)
          Thanks again for helping                                      )
                                           – and up goes the new! (right)
       to keep our children safe and
       sound at the home!

                                               A note from our Director

                                                   t’s a privilege to take over the reins from Muriel
                                                   as Director, after eight years as the home’s
           some of my friends, for the                 i       k I’ l ki f            dt
                                                   sociall worker. I’m looking forward to my new
           older guys to read:                role, as part of a committed team, in ensuring that
               Opportunity is missed          the home – and its precious children – keep growing
           by most people because             from strength to strength.
           it’s dressed in overalls and           My background in social work has given me a              Narisha Govender
           looks like work.                   unique insight into the challenges that our children face.
               Blessed is the leader          It saddens me deeply that innocent lives are damaged by the actions
           who seeks the best for             (and inaction) of the very people who are supposed to protect them.
           those he serves.                   Loyalty
ngani          You do not get paid for            Our loyalty is to the children. And our efforts are, first and foremost,
      the hour. You get paid for the          directed at helping them to overcome the traumas they’ve suffered. I’m
      value you bring to the hour.            sure that you share this philosophy and I have faith that you will continue
         The most important thing             to support our home in its endeavours to help children heal – and thrive.
      about goals is to have one.’                Working with girls and boys of all ages – each one of them unique and
         Thanks to Bongani for these          from vastly different backgrounds – certainly keeps us all on our toes! Just
      wise words.                             the day-to-day demands of school, sports, homework, extra-murals – as
              Always hold firmly to the       well as the different therapies – is a challenge of great dimensions!
               thought that each one of
                   us can do something                                                               g e o s a ead
                                                  Hopefully, I’ll meet more of our supporters during the months ahead.
                    to bring some             I look forward to this, and to hearing from you.
                       portion of misery
                       to an end.
                       - Anon

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