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									What is luck??, Is it something that we look at an achiever and say ," oh it was his
luck that got him his achievement". We believe in fate, we are under an impression
that whatever our fate decides is to happen to us but have be ever given a thought as
to what is this fate that we so much believe into and who is the decider? The decider
is no one but you yourself, a lot of people think that if anything good happens it's our
good luck or if anything bad happens it is our bad luck. Fate and luck are basically
two sides of the same coin, we not only believe in it but we also pray to God to bring
us good luck in whatever we do, but we forget that God, too only help them who
actually work towards their goal. Whatever happens in our life happen due to the
circumstances we are living in, which are caused by the situations that come and go.
If the situation is good then obviously the circumstances around us will be good,
keeping you Happy and Satisfied and this too totally depends on you. As if you want
something in life you cant expect your fate to bring things to you. You need to work
towards it, you will have to put in your efforts and hard work only then you will be
able to achieve it because if you start working hard, then the things around you will
obviously change, you wont believe that just by working towards your goal
automatically the situations will become better changing the circumstances around
you and getting you what you deserve and this is not your fate neither your luck it is
you who have achieved what you deserve. And suppose if you don't get what you
deserve after working towards it, always remember that God has planned something
much better for the efforts that you have put in so don't let go any efforts to waste you
are to get what you have worked for.

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