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					Sitting through traffic jams as a passenger or looking out the window on a really long
commute can get boring after a while. You might want to take a break from reading
and pass the time doing something a bit more stimulating. These must have Android
games will truly impress you. Best of all, you can find a majority of these games
online for free to download. Here are the top 5 must have android games for this year:
鈥?UNIWAR 鈥?Uniwar is a great strategy game which will get your mind thinking.
You can play online with as many as 8 players or head off into the gaming world in
single player mode. You must capture the opponent bases in which the player will
gain credits which can later be turned in for awesome units like helicopters and tanks.
If you enjoy games of strategy, this is a must have Android game.
  鈥?Wi-FI ARMY 鈥?This is a shoot 鈥榚 m up game where the player uses his
camera to shoot other players to earn points. For this game to run, this game needs a
camera, GPS enabled and Google Maps. You search for other real time players with
your phone. You can find players within a close radius. This is a great live action
game that you can play on your mobile phone.
  鈥?RADIANT 鈥?is a sci-fi game that will keep you entertained for hours. You
have to blast enemy invaders while dodging obstacles like comets. Throughout the
game 鈥檚 stages you can purchase different weaponry with your high point score.
  鈥?NESOID 鈥?Bring back the good old days with Nesoid. You can play your
classic Nintendo applications like the Mario Bros by downloading this Android game
  鈥?SKETCH 鈥?This is a classic game where you can draw online with your
mobile phone. Just think of it as a modern mobile Pictionary game. You must score
points by guessing what the sketch that comes on screen could possible is. You can be
the artist on your turn by choosing from an array of colours, erasers and brush sizes. If
you are looking for the best android games that you must have on your mobile phone,
now you have them. There is something here for everyone. These top 5 must have
android games will keep you entertained for hours on end.
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