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					As we near the 2 billionth mark for internet users, social media continues to be a
formidable market channel, with an estimated 47% joining brand communities.
Among social networks, there are 1.5 billion visits made by people per day, with
Facebook overtaking Google as the most popular website in the US and accumulating
over 500 million users.
  Recognizing social media 鈥檚 potential, we thought it would be interesting to
weigh in on the different social media campaigns that has drawn our attention, and
have kept us amused this past year. By taking ten campaigns that were launched this
year, we would like everyone to decide and vote on which of these campaigns deserve
the honor of being named the Top Buzz Creator of 2010.
  Voting begins today and ends on the 2nd of December 2010. Results will be
announced on 9th of December 2010. Vote now and be counted!
  The Happiness Machine
  At the beginning of the year, Coca-Cola released the YouTube video, The Happiness
Machine. The video quickly went viral and a few months later, Coke released a UK
edition of the campaign. Together the two videos have earned more than 3 million
views, garnered numerous favorable reviews, as well as a Gold Interactive Award at
the 2010 Clio Awards. Not bad for a campaign that Coke didn 鈥檛 have to spend a
single cent on to promote.
  Refresh Project
  When Pepsi announced last year that they would not be having a Super Bowl ad in
favor of a $20 million social media campaign, people called it either a big mistake or
a brilliant plan. Either way, it was a gamble that, luckily, paid off. According to
PepsiCo, the campaign has been a huge success, accumulating more votes than the
last US presidential elections. Pepsi has received more than 12,000 ideas of how to
鈥榬 efresh the world 鈥?and so far, the company has funded 256 ideas, granting more
than $10 million for making the world a better place. Not only that, but the campaign
also helped Pepsi grow its social media influence from just over 250,000 Facebook
fans to almost 2 million to date.
  Best Bottom Contest
  If it 鈥檚 not one of the top, it would still certainly be one of the most controversial.
American Apparel, known for their risqu 茅 advertisement campaigns, set out to find
the best bottom in the world with its Best Bottom Contest. The competition garnered
1,500 entries - snapshots of men and women showing off their bottoms. Unfortunately,
it also garnered an onslaught of criticism from women 鈥檚 groups, and sparked a
2,500 strong Girlcott petition of the brand.
  Life in a Day
  One day, different perspectives 鈥 ?This is the premise for the ambitious
experimental documentary film being produced by Ridley Scott and Kevin
Macdonald, together with YouTube and in cooperation with LG. The film covers the
24th of July of the more than 80,000 people who submitted their video entries to be
included in the film which will be shown at the Sundance festival. To date, more than
100,000 people are following the progress of the film, with behind the scenes footage
views numbering at 7 million. For a film that has yet to be finished, it 鈥檚 already
generated impressive numbers months away from its release.
  The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
  He 鈥檚 the man your man could smell like, and this is the campaign your campaign
could be like. Old Spice 鈥檚 multi-award winning campaign was the talk of the
town and it earned Old Spice top honors, not just for becoming the leading men 鈥檚
bodywash, but also generating immense popularity among social networks through its
response campaign. On it 鈥檚 less than 3 days social media campaign, Old Spice
generated 20 million Youtube views, with Old Spice 鈥 檚 twitter following
increasing by 2700%, Facebook interaction increasing to 800% and Old Spice website
traffic increasing to 300%. To top it all off, it has inspired a slew of viral spoofs
including Sesame Street 鈥檚 Grover.
  Ford 鈥檚 Big Reveal
  The decision to unveil the new Ford Explorer via social media instead of an auto
show was a big one, one that was embraced by the social media community whole
heartedly. Of course the prize for the new Ford Explorer to be given away to a lucky
someone was a great incentive. The company far surpassed their intended goal of
30,000 fans on Facebook, and it had thousands of people just waiting to see the new
Ford Explorer. With a countdown as well as videos, chat, and photos of the event on
Facebook, the reveal certainly beat an old fashioned auto show.
  Amazing Roger Federer Trickshot
  Was it a clever marketing campaign? Or amazing behind the scenes footage? Is it
real or fake? Well these are just some of the discussions that this viral video has
sparked. With more than 7.4 million views to date on Gilette 鈥檚 official channel,
the video makes up 99% of Gilette 鈥檚 viewership on YouTube. IS it fake? We 鈥檒
l probably never know for sure.
  Spots versus Stripes
  Bringing the online and offline community together is the Spots V Stripes Campaign
by Cadbury for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In a burst of
creativity, the company is hosting a competition to see who can gain more points from
playing online and offline games. The campaign features constant interaction with
players on social media sites, friendly heckling included, as well as an interactive
website with a slew of online games and a spotted and striped scoreboard of the
current points earned. The winning teams will then be facing off to attain a special
prize from Cadbury. To date, more than 90,000 people have already picked a side
鈥?How about you? Are you a spot or a stripe?
  The Last Exorcism
  When Lionsgate turned to Chatroulette to scare youngsters, the movie going public
was duly intrigued by its frightful video and the hilarious reactions of the frightened
viewers. Easily earning more than 3 million views for the viral video, the movie
opened at Number 2 in the US Box Office and earning more than $20 million on its
first three days.
  Gap 鈥檚 New Logo
  Sometimes when it comes to brands we all know and sometimes love, it 鈥檚 hard
to accept any change. With Gap, their change in logo sparked an online furor that had
people clamoring for the old logo to come back. On the company 鈥檚 Facebook
page, there were more than 2,000 comments posted by people demanding that it be
changed back. It also spawned an unofficial Gap Logo twitter page with more than
4,000 people supporting the old logo, and viral Gap logo generators such as MYGL.
And while some have deemed the logo change a catastrophe, there are those who
point out that this is just an elaborate marketing ploy by the brand, especially after the
company reverted back to the old logo, just days after the new one had been unveiled.
In any case, Gap is secure in the knowledge that people love its brand too much to
have it change.
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