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					This vegan, high fiber, high protein dough is suitable for pizza, focaccia or Italian
bread. The dough has 250% the protein, four times the fiber and only 60% the net
carbs of normal pizza dough. It saves you 20% of the calories in the dough and it
tastes great- just like a conventional pizza dough.

All this is achieved by substituting Carbalose for half the flour. If you are following
Atkins or any kind of low carb diet, you can substitute Carbalose for all the flour and
end up with a pizza dough with practically no net carbs. You can buy Carbalose at You can get barley malt at whole foods or any shop that sells beer
making supplies. It helps the dough rise.

In large mixing bowl, blend together

 * 3/4 C. flour
 * 3/4 C. Carbalose
 * 1/4 t salt
 * 2 t yeast
 * 1 t Italian spices
 * 1/2 t konjac (optional)

Dissolve in

 * 5/8 C warm water (approximately 110F)

 * 1/2 t barley malt
 * 1 drop sweet-ez or one packet splenda.

With mixer running, add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients. When mixed, insert
dough hook and kneed for 3 minutes. Cover with a towel and permit to rise until
almost double (approximately 1 hour). Punch down, permit to rise until almost

Just before next punch down, preheat pizza stone to 500F; let stone heat for at least 10
additional minutes

Punch down dough, and kneed to remove air. Roll into a 12? diameter pizza crust.
Spread lots coarse corn meal evenly over entire pizza peel and place pizza crust on
peel. Spray top of crust with oil, cover with a damp towel and allow to rise
approximately 10 minutes. Before topping, check to be sure crust will slide off pizza
peel. (It's easier to fix now than after topping! If it doesn't slide, use a spatula to break
off stick bit and place on a cookie sheet or a second pizza peel. Then, later put cookie
sheet on baking stone. Continue with directions.)

Top crust with your preferred toppings: (eg. sauce, veggies, pepperoni, cheese etc.)
Slide onto pizza stone; turn oven temperature
down to 450F. Back approximately 15 minutes until top is brown or pizza cheese is
bubbling. Remove from oven. Allow to rest 5 minutes; cut into 8 slices.

Nutrition:A pizza made using this crust usually serves 2-3 people with some people
eating 2 pieces and some eating 4. Nutrition information is for the dough only, and is
per slice with pizza cut into 8 pieces.

Calories 82 , 8 from fat. Carbs 16 g 鈥?Fat 1 g 鈥?Protein 5 g 鈥?Fiber 4 g. Click
image to right for details

You may also make a conventional crust using 3/4 C. flour + 1/2 T olive oil
instead of carbalose. The nutrition information per slice becomes:

Calories 101 , 10 from fat. Carbs 20 g 鈥?Fat 1 g 鈥?Protein 2 g 鈥?Fiber 1 g.
Details are provided below:

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