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									As most of us are aware, a toll-free or 800 number is a special type of phone number
in which the caller to the number is not charged and the cost is recoverable from the
called party. The called party or the one that holds the toll-free number is obliged to
pay a fixed monthly subscription plus actual usage expenses, cost of trunk lines etc.

There is no doubt that toll-free numbers have added a new dimension to business
communication and many businesses, regardless of their size and scale of operations,
have come to view toll-free numbers as powerful marketing aid. Customers and
business associates are encouraged and motivated to call more often as they are free
calls and this provides an opportunity to build an effective rapport with the customers.

It is widely acknowledged, and further proved by marketing surveys, that
advertisement and sales promotional literature that carry toll free numbers draw more
than twice the response than the ones that mention only standard phone numbers. The
increase in the number of enquiries obviously means more sales orders and increased
business turnover. Psychologically speaking, a prospective customer is more willing
to contact the business house that provides a toll-free number than the one who does

With the slowing down of the economy and competition getting stiffer by the day,
business enterprises are constantly on the lookout for more effective marketing tools
to stay and survive in business. Unlike earlier times, customers are also reluctant to
pay for phone calls when they are making some preliminary enquiries about a product
or services. This apart, with toll-free numbers being rampantly used, prospective
customers have also started expecting toll-free numbers in trade advertisements and
ignore the ones that only mention standard phone numbers.

Toll-free numbers has proved a veritable boon to small and mid-sized businesses due
its affordability. Besides providing a toll-free number generally leads a customer into
believing they are dealing with an established and reliable business house.

Another major attraction of a toll free number is it is portable. If you shift your
business for whatever reasons, you can still be reached by your customers on the same
number and therefore there is no risk of losing the clients. Besides, with a toll-free
number, you need not be tied to your office desk but can also attend to outdoor
activities, as the calls to the toll-free number can be forwarded to your mobile phone,
email address, or your residence phone.

Toll free numbers are easy to obtain and are now available with a host of advanced
features. These include the feasibility for audio conferencing, professional voice
announcement feature, call screening, call monitoring, call recording, auto-attendant,
call forwarding etc.

Toll-free numbers can work wonders to you entire business communications and help
you enlarge your customer-base, improve customer relationship management (CRM),
render prompt and more efficient customer service, boost your business image and
overall enhanced business performance.

Businesses, particularly small businesses, are constantly searching for newer and
innovative marketing tools and techniques to stay and grow in business and withstand
the ever-increasing pressures from bigger corporations. Businesses that are ambitious
and with a determination to grow can ill-afford not to provide their clients the benefit
of toll-free numbers.
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