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					Toasty Feet Non-Electric Foot Warmer Insoles Use NASA High-Tech Ultra Thin
Light-Weight Insulation: No More Cold Feet Weber introduces the world's best
non-electric Toasty Feet Foot Warmers with NASA designed ultra thin, lightweight
insulation. This insulation was used by astronauts in space and is now available as
foot warmer insoles for people on earth. These "temperature level control" ultra thin
insoles are less than 1/4 - inch thick and can be used as both shoe and boot liners. Feet
are kept at a constant 72-degrees at all times. These Toasty Feet Foot Warmers are
available in adjustable sizes for both men (M) and women (W). They are available
now and are ready for immediate shipment from Originals By Weber in Toms River,
New Jersey. * Share ThisShareThis Email Contact Email PDF Version PDF Printer
Friendly Version Print Quote startI am amazed! Fabulous item, don't hesitate to
order!Quote end Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) September 20, 2010 Originals by Weber,
Terrance L. Weber, Toms River, NJ announces the immediately available Toasty Feet
Foot Warming Insoles with "temperature level control" insulation material originally
developed by NASA for use in boots and space suits to give comfort, warmth and
protection during astronauts' walks in space. These new non-electric foot warming
insoles are designed for the general public to use and will fit inside of most shoes and
boots after being easily trimmed with scissors to the wearer's shoe size. This very thin
extremely efficient insulating material will maintain the wearer's feet at approximately
72 degrees temperature at all times of the year, indoors and outdoors. When standing
on either hot or cold surfaces the insoles do not reflect the temperature of those
surfaces, instead, this high-tech insulation material monitors and maintains the
temperature so the wearer's feet are never too cold nor too hot. This kind of constant
temperature level control results in a level of foot comfort never before attained on
earth. When Weber as asked what kind of comments (feedback) he gets from his
Toasty Feet Foot Warming Insole customers he replied with these four examples: (1) "
Thank you. I have suffered for years from cold feet in winter, but now, thanks to your
great insoles, my feet, even in tennis shoes, are always comfortably warm" (2) "Wow!
These really work!" (3) " I am amazed! Fabulous item, don't hesitate to order!" (4)
"Ah...warmth at last!" A pair of Toasty Feet Foot Warming Insoles is priced at $21.95
plus $3.60 (First Class Mail) from Toms River, NJ. For more information or to order,
write to: Originals By Weber, Attention: T.L.Weber, 338 Alabama Ave., Toms River,
NJ 08753. Phone: 877-309-8382 (toll free) or 732-864-0353 To learn more about
ways these new non-electric insole foot warmers -Toasty Feet Foot Warmers, can help
people have feet that are always maintained at a comfortable temperature level, please
visit: Website: On the above website you
can read and see all you need to know about the many benefits of this new kind of
non-electric space-age foot warming insole - no more cold feet, NASA insulation foot
warmer .

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