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									                                                                                                    The Durban
                                                                                                           ISI 2009
                                                                                                                March 2009 • Volume 1

                                                                                      ISI 2009...
                                                                                      the DRUM is
                                          When the 57th Session of the
                                          International Statistical Institute
                                          (ISI) opens in Durban in August

                                          2009, it will mark the first time in
                                          its history that such an event is
                                          held in sub-Saharan Africa.

                                          It seems like it was just yesterday
                                          that South Africa was successful in
                                          its bid to host the 57th Session of the
                                          ISI. With just 5 months to go, we are       These two innovative projects, dealing with capacity building and
Mr Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General,
Statistics South Africa                   working around the clock to ensure          social responsibility, respectively, will continue long after the ISI’s
                                          that this will be an outstanding event,     57th Session has closed. In the same way, greater involvement of
which will leave one and all from around the world, in great awe of                   young African statisticians in the ISI Session will have an enduring
what South Africans are capable of.                                                   effect on the development of official statistics on the continent.

Come August 2009, the brightest of minds from across the globe                        In traditional South African style, we do not believe in doing things
will be congregating in Durban to ponder upon, debate, discuss,                       in half measures, and ISI 2009 will not be any different! We look
share knowledge, and critique issues relevant to the world-wide                       forward to welcoming you to ISI 2009 so that we can dazzle you
development of statistical practice. We share the privilege of                        with our warm hospitality, memorable social events, and a
hosting this event with the entire African continent and the African                  thought-provoking scientific programme.
statistics community, as a historic milestone in our journey of

statistical development.

The significance of the 57th Session being held in Africa goes
beyond geography: it is the first time that the statistical agenda of
the continent has been able to influence the orientation and                               In line with the legacy objectives of
approach of an ISI session. This has been made possible by the                             ISI 2009, we would like to ensure the
re-generation and revival of statistical infrastructure and practice in                    broadest possible participation from
Africa over the past decade, which has firmly imprinted itself on                          African delegates, students and
national, regional and international developments and institutions.                        women from developed and
                                                                                           developing countries.
                                         All of these initiatives and institutional
                                         developments have enabled Africa to
                                                                                           We are therefore investigating possible
                                         imprint its ‘legacy requirements’ on the
                                                                                           funding opportunities to enable the
                                         ISI agenda. Two programmes being
                                         developed under the auspices of the
                                                                                           participation of these selected groups.
                                         ISI’s scientific section are ISIbalo,             More information on these funding
                                         (Zulu for a mathematical sum), and                opportunities will be available on the
                                         ISIbane (Zulu for ‘light’) - The vision of        ISI 2009 website in due course.
                                         statistical development in Africa.

State of Readiness
Dr Jairo Arrow, ISI 2009 Executive             boasts state-of-the art facilities to ensure a      Africa as a whole;
Secretary and Deputy Director-General          world-class conference in every respect.          • Plant the seeds needed to strengthen
of Methodology & Standards at                  High quality accommodation has been                 statistical capacity, thereby re-creating
Statistics South Africa, assures us that       secured for ISI 2009 delegates in a range of        numerate societies in the African region;
whilst the challenges of hosting this          establishments catering for the diverging           and
prestigious event have been daunting -         needs of all participants.                        • Raise awareness of the importance of
everything is being done to set the stage                                                          quality statistics for better development
for a successful, knowledge-sharing and        The ISI Organising Committee is mindful of          outcomes.
an enjoyable session where new                 the fact that there may be concerns around
networks will be forged.                       the issue of security amongst prospective         ISI 2009 promises to offer you the best of
                                               delegates. Every effort is being made to          both worlds - a thought and dialogue
Having recently taken over the reins as        ensure that strategies are implemented to         provoking scientific programme, as well as
Executive Secretary of the local organising    take care of your safety the moment you set       an exciting social programme during which
committee, I am pleased to report that         foot on South African soil. These strategies      you will experience South African hospitality
planning for the conference is well underway   are developed in partnership with a number        at its finest. Special emphasis is placed on
with a number of key milestones having been    of safety and security structures in order to     the meaningful participation of women and
achieved.                                      ensure that delegates are free to enjoy an        young statisticians to use the opportunity to
                                               incident-free visit during ISI 2009.              interact with the more experienced minds in
The conference will take place in Durban,                                                        the field at ISI 2009.
South Africa, from August 16 to 22. Over the   Delegates can be assured of the organising
past number of years, Durban – our ISI 2009    committee’s full commitment towards               We look forward to hosting you
host city, situated in the KwaZulu-Natal       delivering on the strategic goals of ISI 2009,
                                                                                                 in August and we are pulling
province – has hosted many international       which are to:
and national conferences, from as few as       • Deliver a world-class ISI session that will
                                                                                                 out all the stops to make the ISI
175 to as many as 5 000 delegates. The           leave participants with an enduring and         2009 a long lasting, memorable
Durban International Convention Centre           positive impression of South Africa and         event! Emukela! Welcome!

  ISI President gives SA the thumbs up
                           The clock is        close to my heart. My two year term as           advances they have made in their areas
                           indeed ticking      the first female President in the history of     of expertise. A number of short courses
                           for the ISI 2009    the organisation’s existence, will come to       will also be conducted a week prior to the
                           S e s s i o n       an end in Durban.                                conference in order to facilitate continued
                           scheduled to                                                         learning.
                           take place in       As President, one of my key focus areas
                           Durban         in   is to enhance the composition of the ISI         The theme for this year’s conference is,
                           August       this   membership, to include more women and            Statistics: Our Past, Present & Future.
                           year. I recently    young statisticians from developing and          This theme is particularly apt as it is time
                           visited       the   developed countries. I would therefore           for us as a global statistical community to
  Prof Denise Lievesley    organising          like to extend an invitation to                  assess the advances we have made in
  ISI President.
                           team           at   organisations to nominate young aspiring         redefining our profession, a time to
  Statistics South Africa during February      statisticians to participate in the Durban       celebrate      our      successes        and
  and I am pleased to announce that            meeting through a number of funding              achievements, and a time to map out a
  significant progress is being made           opportunities which are available.               real path towards influencing the
  towards delivering a world class event                                                        statistical agenda for better development
  in all aspects of the arrangements.          ISI 2009 offers a very interesting and           outcomes.
                                               diverse scientific programme which
  This 57th Session of the ISI is a very       provides an opportunity for individuals          I look forward to seeing you in Durban
  special one, and indeed one that is very     and organisations to showcase the                later this year.

                       Register today! South Africa needs you! Your statistical
                       knowledge is required, as we discuss and share our views
                       in statistical development through scientific papers.                                                                     2
Preliminary Conference                                                                                                  Scientific Programme
Programme                                                                                                               Great strides have been made towards compiling a scientific
                                                                                                                        programme of note, with just under one hundred Invited Papers
ISI Sessions include both scientific and administrative                                                                 Meetings (IPMs) having been approved for delivery at ISI 2009.
meetings. Provision will be made for meetings of the ISI
Executive, Executives of the ISI Sections and Committees, as                                                            Organisers of the IPMs have made considerable progress in
well as the General Assembly of the ISI. Apart from the                                                                 developing the programme for each meeting. A large number of
opening and closing ceremonies, the President’s Invited                                                                 speakers and discussants have already been identified and
Paper Meeting is the only plenary session. Up to 23 parallel                                                            confirmed and a current list of the proposed meetings with their titles
sessions for each Scientific Paper slot are anticipated.                                                                (and proposed time slots), sponsors, and organisers can be found on
                                                                                                                        the ISI 2009 website.

                                                                                                                        In addition to the IPMs, the scientific programme will also include
Time      Sunday            Monday       Tuesday Wednesday          Thursday     Friday       Saturday
          16 Aug            17 Aug       18 Aug  19 Aug             20 Aug       21 Aug       22 Aug

                                                                                                                        Contributed Paper Meetings (CPMs); Special Topic Contributed
                                                                                                                        Paper Meetings (STCPMs); and Poster Meetings.
07h30-                      Admin    Admin            (08h30-       Admin        Admin        Admin
09h00                       meetings meetings         10h45)        meetings     meetings     meetings

                                                                                                                        Submission of abstracts for the CPMs, STCPMs

                                                                                                                        and Posters are welcomed before the closing date
09h00-    Registration      Scientific   Scientific                 Scientific   Scientific   Scientific

                                                                                                                        of 30 April 2009.
11h15                       papers       papers                     papers       papers       papers

                                                                                                                        Short Courses
11h15-                      Admin    Admin            Scientific    Admin        Admin        Admin
13h00                       meetings meetings         papers        meetings     meetings     meetings

13h00-                      Scientific   Scientific   Free time for Scientific   Scientific   Scientific
15h15                       papers       papers       excursions    papers       papers       papers

15h15                       Scientific   Scientific                 General      Scientific   Closing                   27 short courses on interesting topics ranging from Small Area
                                                                                                                        Estimation Methods, Applications & Practical Demonstration to CPI
17h30-                      papers       papers                     Assembly     papers       ceremony

Evening   (16h30) Opening                Beach                      Women in     Statistician- Gala                     Compilation are being presented in the week preceding the ISI
                                                                                                                        Session. These courses, organised and presented by the IASS, ISI,
          Ceremony                       Party                      Statistics   General’s     dinner

                                                                                                                        ONS, ILO, OECD, and InWEnt, promise to provide an ideal platform
          followed by                                               Dinner (by   VIP Dinner
          cocktail                                                  invitation   (by

                                                                                                                        for continued learning.
                                                                    only)        invitation

There are also a number of planned social events which will                                                             Information on these courses as well as the registration process is
provide a healthy balance between work and play and afford an                                                           available on our website.
opportunity to delegates to engage in some serious networking.
The opening ceremony scheduled for 16 August and the closing                                                            For more information on the scientific programme, particularly the
ceremony and gala dinner on 22 August promise to be spectacular                                                         list of IPMs, process for submission of abstracts, conference
events not to be missed!                                                                                                registration and programme, please visit the ISI 2009 website.

Registration                                                                                               Registration fee                Before 15 May         After 15 May,
                                                                                                                                                                 before 1 August
                                                                                                                                                                                      After 1 August
                                                                                                                                                                                      on site @ ICC
for ISI 2009 is now open                         Entitlements: Delegates
via the Session website                          Conference bag, session material,
                                                                                                           ISI or ISI section member       R 2 500 (€250)        R 2 750 (€275)       R 3 500 (€350)
that can be accessed at                          full access to the ICC conference
                                                                                                           IPM organiser, Authors
                                                 venue, (including sessions and                                                                                 and discussants of IPMs,
                                                 exhibition area), access to

Register before
                                                                                                           regional participants
                                                 transport to and from
                                                 the designated hotels and the

15 May 2009                                      airport, lunch vouchers for                               Student *                       R 1 000 (€100)        R 1 500 (€150)       R 2 500 (€250)

to qualify for
                                                 17-18, 20-22 August 2009,
                                                 evening functions on 16, 18                               Delegates                       R 2 750 (€275)        R 3 000 (€300)       R 3 750 (€375)

our early bird
                                                 and 22 August 2009.
                                                                                                           Accompanying person

discounted                                       Accompanying persons                                      • Lunches included              R 1 750 (€175)        R 2 000 (€200)       R 2 750 (€275)

                                                 As above, but person may not                              • Lunches excluded              R 1 500 (€150)        R 1750 (€175)        R 2000 (€200)
                                                 present papers or posters and

                                                 do not receive session material.
                                                                                                           * Please note: Proof from the registered institution must be provided upon registration.
                                                 Lunch vouchers are optional.

                                   Place your goals in the net of statistics - Submit your                                                               ISI 2009
                                   abstract by 30 April and score value at the 57th Session
                                   of the ISI. Register today!                                                                                                                                         3
                         A frank interview with Young Statisticians
                                        on the 57th Session of the ISI
As we draw nearer to the date of the 57th Session of the International Statistical Institute, excitement is mounting
amongst the organisers as well as the Young Statisticians who will be participating in the session. ISI’s Zanele
Nondzimba spoke to Young Statisticians, Azam Khan and Koleka Rangaza, both from Statistics South Africa about
their expectations of the Session and to get their opinion on how ISI 2009 will re-shape statistical capacity building.
                        K o l e k a     Koleka: The session will provide                                A z a m          such as prestigious event for the
                        completed       me with a platform to learn from                                obtained a       first time in sub-Saharan Africa.
                        her    first    other young and experienced                                     BSc degree       This will give Africa an opportunity
                        degree in       statisticians. There will be an                                 in 2003 at the   to showcase itself in the field of
                        Economics       exchange of ideas and knowledge                                 University of    statistics and will also provide an
                        a    n     d    amongst all statisticians.                                      Cape Town,       opportunity to promote statistical
                        Statistics                                                                      majoring in      awareness in our country.
                        in 2003 and     ISI: How, in your opinion, will                                 Statistics
Koleka Rangaza          graduated       the ISI re-shape statistical            Azam Khan               and Actuarial    ISI: How, in your opinion, will
Statistics South Africa                                                         Statistics South Africa
                        with       a    capacity building?                                              Science. He      the ISI re-shape statistical
Masters in Development Studies          Koleka: The 57th Session will not       has always been passionate               capacity building?
in 2007.           She majored in       only focus on experienced               about statistics and is currently        Azam:          Through the ISI
education         and   economics       statisticians - young professionals     employed in the Population               experience, young statisticians will
during her post-graduate years          and learners will be given an           Census division of Statistics            get to interact with statisticians from
which further led to her passion        opportunity to attend and in this       South Africa as a Professional           other parts of the world which will
for working with children and           manner, the session will highlight      Census Researcher.                 His   enable us to develop our skills in
statistical development.                the importance of statistical           professional area of interest is         terms of analysing data, writing
                                        education and literacy. In my           survey sampling methodology.             research papers and so on...
She joined Statistics South             opinion, its inclusive – this Session
Africa in 2007 as an intern and         is not only targeted at one specific    Azam sees himself making a               ISI: Will you be attending ISI
is currently an economist in the        audience but it extends to the          positive contribution to the             2009 and what are your
National Accounts division. Her         learners and teachers, and in this      organisation in the survey               expectations for the Session?
professional areas of interest          manner highlights the importance        sampling area, five years from           Azam: I will definitely be attending.
include Economics, Education            of statistics from school level. I      now. “I have been assisting              Having been to the ISI that took
and Career development.                 think this Session will make            Professor Graham Kalton with             place in Portugal; I look forward to
                                        people realise that statistics are      the training of our staff in survey      seeing what South Africa will
When asked where she sees               fun and are a part of our daily         sampling, at the SADC Survey             present as the hosting country. I
herself in five years from now,         activities.                             Methodology Programme. I                 am sure it will be really good.
she replied, “I see myself                                                      enjoy this area of statistics and
playing a major role in the             ISI: Will you be attending ISI          due to the shortage of sampling          ISI: All young statisticians will
activities that take place              2009 and what are your                  specialists       within        the      have an opportunity to present
regarding the development of            expectations for the Session?           organisation, I am keen to               posters during the session. Will
education, economics and                Koleka: Yes, I will be attending. I     continue developing my skills in         you be presenting a poster and
statistics in South Africa.”            expect that the session will be a       survey sampling,” he said.               what message will you be trying
                                        spectacular event. It will not focus                                             to put across with your poster?
ISI: What are your opinions on          on hardcore statistics but will make    ISI: What are your opinions on           Azam: The topic I currently have
the ISI being held in South             statistics a science that any           the ISI being held in South Africa       is ‘Enumerating Hard to Count
Africa this year?                       individual can understand.              this year?                               Communities in South Africa’
Koleka: It’s about time! It’s a great                                           Azam: I think it is great that the       which looks at the unique
thing that we have been afforded        ISI: Young statisticians will           session will be held in South Africa.    characteristics of hard to count
the opportunity to host such a          have an opportunity to present           Young statisticians will learn from     communities in our country. The
conference.      This means that        posters during the session. Will        experienced statisticians who            topic will help us to identify
Africa is being recognised and that     you be presenting a poster and          come from different parts of the         strategies that will counteract the
we have something to offer to the       what message will you be trying         world.                                   problem of non-response in these
world and that the world has            to put across with your poster?                                                  areas when we conduct a Census
something to learn from Africans.       Koleka: Yes, I will be presenting a     ISI: How will the ISI session            or a survey.
                                        poster but I am still thinking about    impact on your life as an
ISI: How will the ISI session           what I would like to present.           individual and as a young
impact on your life as an                                                       statistician?
individual and as a young                                                       Azam: I am proud to be a part of
statistician?                                                                   an organisation that will be hosting

                          Legacies are born through collaboration of knowledge                                     ISI 2009
                          sharing and faith in ones ability to achieve. Leave your
                          mark on this historic occasions by registering today!
Professional Conference Organiser
Global Conferences Africa (GCA) (Pty) Ltd, a                              Sustainable Development for 26 000 delegates, XXIInd PIARC
Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) has been                          World Roads Congress for 3 500 delegates, and the
                                                                          International Diabetes Congress for 12 700 delegates, to name
contracted to organise ISI 2009. GCA specialises in
                                                                          but a few.
organising large international and local conferences
as well as other meeting-related events throughout                        GCA is owned by Tourvest, South Africa's leading travel and
sub-Saharan Africa.                                                       touring company which is owned by Guma Holdings, Old
                                                                          Mutual and the Industrial Development Corporation. Their head
GCA has been in operation since 1992 and has established                  office is located in Cape Town with offices in Johannesburg
itself as one of the premier PCOs in Africa, managing some of             and Durban, and representation in Namibia and Kenya.

the largest events hosted in South Africa. Some of the major
events organised by GCA include the World Summit on

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