Tips to Speak English Fluently

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					English has become a global language. More and more people are trying to learn and
improve their English speaking skills. Speaking English fluently can bring you many
opportunities, not only through career but also a chance of interacting with other
people who speak English across the world. No one is perfect in speaking English
since even some British or American natives find themselves at times struggling to
keep a fluent conversation. However, there are ways that you can adapt and improve
your English speaking skills.
Read aloud in English
  One of the most effective ways of learning English language is reading. Reading
exposes to you many English words that are used in day to day conversations.
However, reading only is not enough. You need to practice to pronounce those words
with your voice. The best way to do this is to read English words aloud. This will
make your tongue adapt to the correct pronunciation as you hear yourself out.
Consider recording your voice as you read aloud and note words that are more
difficult. Concentrate on these words until you become fluent in them.
Build your English vocabulary
  One of the challenges posed by people learning English language is lack of sufficient
words to express themselves. That’s why some people take time trying the
correct words to use in a conversation, and that’s what undermines English
fluency. If you have enough knowledge of sufficient words to use, then you will find
yourself easily keeping an English conversation. There are various ways you can
build your English vocabulary such as reading books, magazines and online articles,
listening to music, watching TV programs and movies, among other ways.
Listen to English conversations
  It is also good to hear how others are pronouncing words in English. But make sure
you adapt to pronunciations from people who have neutral accents only. You can
listen to conversations on the internet, radios, TV, movies and from general people.
Pay attention on common intonation of various words in English and try them on your
own. Imitate celebrities or other public figures that have good English conversations.
Listen to music and audio books
  To extend your English spoken English vocabulary, listen to music and audio books
during your free time. Luckily, every one of us can get a huge collection of English
songs more readily. There are various websites on the internet where you can
download and listen to English music for free. Ask friends who have such songs in
their computers, iPods and DVDs to give you and listen to them. You can also
download audio books on English speaking or other English subjects. Most of these
materials are either free or bought at a minimal cost.
Speak English regularly
  The only way you can learn to speak English fluently is by speaking the language as
much as you can. Talk to friends in English, get involved in public or group debates in
English and join singing groups if you can. This is the best chance to put what you
have learnt in English into practice.
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