Tips to Save Money on Travel

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					Nowadays fares are really high for everything as the gas prices are getting extremely
high. In this period of high inflation saving money from any possible way is the desire
of everybody. You can save a lot on travel. Just need to focus on certain things such as
try walking for small journeys, walk with your children to their schools if their school
is at the walking distance instead of taking them by bus or cab. This will not only save
you money, but also a small walk is a good physical activity and also more time to
spend with your children.
  Similarly, if you own a car and want to save money on your fuel costs, you can do
this too. Remember, the petrol sold on motorways or in-out-of-the-way places is in
many cases more expensive than the petrol sold in towns and cities. Do a little
research and try to find out a supplier that sells cheaper petrol. You can fill up your
car there whenever you can. Besides this, there are some big garages that give
incentives in the form of loyalty cards with points. These can be very useful for you.
You have to be little careful here that some garages charge you more in order to give
you these incentives. Avoid such garages.
  Another way to save money on fuel is to keep your car well maintained. A well
maintained car cost you less fuel and eventually lowers your spending on the fuel. For
those who use their car to go to office, it is better to join a car share scheme. This can
also save you a lot of money. If there is no such scheme in your area, you can start it
with your colleagues. In this way you all can take benefit from it by saving individual
  If you are the one who use buses or trains for transportation, it is better to look for
good deals. For instance, you can buy a monthly season ticket that can save you a lot.
Instead of travelling on the peak-hours, prefer travelling at off-peak hours.
  Another way to save money on travel is to invest in a bicycle. If your travelling
distance is less, buying a bicycle is really a great investment. Instead of spending on
buses or train fares, bicycle will help you to save that money.
  There is no need to spend on a new bicycle. You can search online and can purchase
from an auction instead. Purchasing online will cost you less money and also your
bicycle will save a lot for you in the long run.
  These are the few ways through which you can save a lot of money on travel.
Options are always there, the only need is to explore them. Take some time to figure
out things and plan accordingly.
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