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      RedBrand Keepsafe Equestrian Fence

The classic choice for professional stud farm fencing.
   The number one choice for equestrian fencing
   Very close wire spacing
   Based on 50mm x 100mm (2” x 4”) diamond mesh construction
   Strength and protection to the horse
   Heavy twisted horizontal cables
   Smooth and springy to protect delicate coats
   Close spacing protects against hooves and legs being caught

Keepsafe® equestrian fence has a durable and protective diamond
weave featuring heavy, twisted horizontal cables, each cable consisting of
two wires on 100mm (4”) spacing from ground to top.Vertical wires,
securely wrapped around each horizontal cable, run diagonally to make
a diamond pattern, forming the strongest and safest fence construction
available today.

Keepsafe® fencing for horses gives you the best protection money can
buy; the number one choice for the professional owner.

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