Look Forward to Verizon iPhone 4 by hkksew3563rd


									Since Apple launched the first iphone in 2007, Verizon users and now AT&T
customers have been wondering when will there be a CDMA version? Over the years
there have been many rumors, but over the past 7 days these rumors have intensified.
Most recently there being a fact that an iPhone 4 announcement from Big Red is
likely to fall on November 9.But more truth about it indicate that its launch is
expected in the first few months of the next year.
  Sarah Ellison, the contributor of Fortune Magazine, confirmed in its report that
Verizon iPhone do exists and is ready to ship in early 2011. There is no denying the
fact that the release of Verizon iPhone in January would change the fact of the
smartphone market once and forever and the occasion would be momentous for
Qualcomm investors as well. Qualcomm is an important player in the CDMA market
and we know that the Qualcomm's chips are going to be one of the key components in
the Verizon iPhone.
  Ellison claimed in an article published online on Oct. 29 that Verizon iPhone is a
"fait accompli," and that the device has been designed to work on Verizon’s CDMA
network. The Verizon iPhone rumor is not new in the tech world. It has persisted since
Apple launched its first iPhone with AT&T. According to a report published by Wall
Street Journal last month, "people familiar with the matter" claimed that Apple will
soon start mass-producing CDMA- iPhone that would probably run on Verizon
network which will be available from first quarter of 2011. 2010 has been the year of
the geek meltdown, and with the arrival of the Verizon iPhone 4, that trend is set to
become even more prevalent in 2011and iphone 4 users can play with it as usual as
converting dvd or video to iphone 4 by a dvd to iphone 4 converter at will or even can
get more surprises .
  The Verizon iPhone 4 will be some kind of hybrid device, the kind of product Apple
hates to make, which will more or less simply shoehorn Verizon’s current
incompatible network into the existing iPhone 4. Apple is at its best when it can
conceptualize a product from the ground up in advance, not so much when it attempts
to start stapling consumer-demanded features onto the product after the fact. The fact
that the mainstream massively outnumbers the geeks means that, at any given time,
the mainstream could have stepped up and demanded that consumer technology
products actually be designed for consumers.
  We all know that Verizon has been pushing Android-powered devices relentlessly
these days. But the arrival of iPhone on Verizon would not allow the company to stick
with Android strongly. Now the question is: Will Verizon ditch Droid to promote
Verizon iPhone 4 and allow iphone 4 users to convert dvd to iphone 4 legally and be
protected by apple? This is a tough one and it remains to be seen what will Verizon do
with Droid after releasing the iPhone.
  Let’s wait and see what will happen in the near future.

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