Tips On Insuring A Young Driver

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					When it comes to insuring a young driver there is simply no getting away from the
fact that young drivers are always asked to pay higher premiums for their car
insurance. The reason the majority of companies do this is due to the younger driver
not having any experience on the road, while this doesn't seem to make any sense
with the young driver having only just passed their test, it is a sad but true fact.
 However while there is no getting away from the fact that younger drivers will pay a
higher premium there is much that can be done when it comes to getting a cheaper
premium and insuring a young driver.
 The first thing you should take into account is the type of car that you are thinking of
buying, while insurance premiums are generally higher for the younger driver, the
bigger the size of the engine you choose, will boost it up even more. If you are
looking to buy your first car then bear this in mind when thinking about cutting down
on the insurance premium, where possible avoid any sporty and fast models, but
instead stick to a car with a modest size engine and if possible avoid buying a new car
but an older model instead.
 No claims bonus can greatly reduce your premiums, but obviously when insuring the
younger driver this won't apply because unfortunately they don't have any. So until
you are able to get some experience stick with an older model and an engine size
below 1 litre.
 Although you have the choice of different types of insurance cover, fully
comprehensive is very expensive and this might not be in the best interests of the
younger driver, especially if the above advice has been taken and the car is an older
model. So consider an alternative such as third party, fire and theft.
 If the younger driver has only just passed their test then they can take an advanced
driving test to further reduce their premiums. A test such as this will normally consist
of 6 different modules or scenarios that will put them into various situations such as
night time driving and driving on the motorway, if this test is taken successfully and
completed then there are certain insurers that will take this into account when insuring
the young driver which can mean they save as much as 30% off their first years
 Shopping around online and getting quotes from several companies is the best way
for anyone to make savings on their car insurance. The younger driver should also
look around for those insurers that specialise in insuring the younger driver; insurance
companies such as these will sometimes offer cheaper premiums when it comes to
insuring a young driver and this should be taken advantage of rather than just going
with any insurer.
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