Logitech Harmony 550 Remote - Why You Might Want One

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					Right here we are going to have a look at simply why I feel so highly of my Logitech
Harmony 550 and the way it has changed the way in which I interact with the various
digital devices I have in my home.
  To start with, let us have a look at how simple this Logitech Harmony remote is to
use. It has one touch activity buttons with Smart State Technology for straightforward
control. You can change the video aspect ratios and the audio modes by way of the
four media buttons, which are highly customizable.
  The above talked about one-touch activity control must be the most effective
features of the Harmony remote. Whenever you would like to watch a DVD you
merely select watch a DVD and the remote control will do the rest. It powers on your
TV, DVD, stereo receiver and sets all of the inputs required, it even presses play for
you. What could be simpler than that (not to mention cool).
  It has got a fully backlit keypad and an LCD display which makes it an absolute
breeze to navigate, convenient when the lights are on low or even when the lights are
turned off.
  There's also an extremely convenient help button that guides you through what you
want to do, which makes it simpler to use for the children or the babysitter.
  This Logitech remote is programmed through your computer, which gives you
access to the online device database of literally thousands upon thousands of
electronic units for simple programming. You additionally use your pc to keep the
Logitech Harmony 550 up to date.
  This Harmony universal remote may be setup to control up to 15 units at any one
time. So you can kiss goodbye to the multitude of remote controls that you use for
your TV, DVD, cable box, ipod dock, home theatre, Xbox 360 and air conditioning.
This one remote will replace all of your present remote controls.
  In a nutshell, the Logitech Harmony 550 is simple to setup and very easy to use.
Now I'm sure you can see why I like it so much.
  The Logitech Harmony 550 is a very useful bit of kit. Go to
http://logitechharmony550.com for more information and reviews.