Tips in Getting Low Premium with Full Coverage for Luxury Car Insurance by djsgjg0045


									Buying a luxury car is a desire for everyone in this world and buying cars like Audi
R8 or Porsche 911 Carrera. Latest survey says that buying luxury car has been
increased about 10.3% compared to the previous year 2009. Your dream car must be
insured to protect against the theft, accident, vandalism and natural calamities.
Average cost of the luxury
car is $50,000 and if you like to insure your car with basic coverage then yearly
premium rate goes around 5% of your total price of the car. Insurance agents mostly
offer all unnecessary coverage just to increase our premium rates before going to
insure your dream luxury car you have to know the mandatory car insurance quotes
and other coverage. Here are some useful tricks to be followed to reduce your yearly
premium amount.
How to reduce your premium amount for car insurance without losing the coverage?
There are several tricks in getting the premium amount reduction,
1. Gain the No claim Bonus (NCB) which many insurance companies offer the
discounts with higher N.C.B. N.C.B is if you not made any claim during 12 months or
greater you are eligible to NCB.
2. Most of the Car insurance companies offer the less car usage discount, so if you
travel less distance with your luxury car then you can get the less usage car discount.
3. Insurance companies like alliance, New York and GEICO offers the discount of
about 5% in yearly premium for the drivers who are taking a monthly driving course
in recognized driving authority institution.
4. If you enabled the security devices like GPS, security alarms insurance companies
offer the 5% discount for yearly premium.
5. Increasing your deductible amount makes you to claim for big amount, for example:
Your car met with an accident and need $2000 dollars to repair and your deductible
amount is $1000, then you have to pay $1000 and company only pays $1000, so
increasing your deductible amount gives you relief from paying our own money.
6. Include additional drivers like your son or daughter as a second driver if they
studying college or school as young drivers with good grade in school and college get
discount of 5% in yearly premium.
  Things to be remember Before Signing the Offer Document:
1. Check whether the insurance coverage quoted is needed and their terms and
conditions and it covers all mandatory coverage like accident and damage protection,
theft coverage.
2. Make sure that the electronic equipments in the car also included in the coverage.
3. Include the second drivers and add the details like their date of birth and license
4. Ask for the above discounts to reduce the yearly premium amount.
5. Read the Terms and conditions offered by the car insurance company carefully and
if you have any doubts and questions regarding the financial terms raise the question
to your insurance adviser.

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