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					Thesis writing involves trying to prove an idea or theory in the written work context.
Most thesis writing is done in an academic environment. Therefore, most topics for
this kind of writing depend on the course work or area of study being undertaken.
Students pursuing their master?s degree programs are required to do thesis writing by
the end of their course period.
  In a thesis, the writer states a theory or an idea at the beginning then goes ahead to
outline and explain several facts that support it. Just like any other essay, the basic
outline of writing essays and other academic papers is involved.
  A thesis will have the basic format of introduction, body and a conclusion. The thesis
will be written on the part below the heading before the introduction. The first
paragraph should not only include a thesis statement but also have a brief overview of
what the thesis is all about. This way, it will be fulfilling the requirements of a good
  In the thesis statement, the reader is able to know what stand the writer is taking in
the subject matter. Incase you are given the topic to your thesis paper, then, the thesis
statement will be your answer to the question. For example, if the question is,?what is
the major cause of global warming?? then your thesis statement will be, ?there are
many major causes of global warming.?
  In actual sense, a thesis is an argument. So, the writer is trying to argue out their
point by presenting and developing several facts. The writer will be trying to make the
reader see the whole picture in their own point of view.
  At the introduction, the writer has to present all the facts. However, at this point, the
writer is only required to list them without necessarily having to explain them at
length. Since these are argumentative essays, the writer will have to argue the points
later on in the essay so as to justify the statements he would have made earlier. At the
introduction, the writer is actually drawing for the reader the map they plan to take in
building up their paper. The list of the things you will be discussing in the paper
should be linked to your thesis statement. It is good to put the list right below the
thesis statement.
  At the beginning of each paragraph, the writer has to start with topic sentences.
These are sentences that introduce another idea and at the same time connect the idea
to the topic. For example, when talking about Global warming, the writer can
say, ?one other cause of global warming is 鈥? at the beginning of the paragraph.
This way, the paper will have a good flow and bring out a sense of organization on the
writer?s part.
  A good thesis paper will also have concluding sentences. At the end of the paragraph,
the writer will have to sum up the particular point discussed in the paragraph and link
it up to the topic.
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