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Tips for Taking Care of Wool Scarves


									To keep warm or as a winter fashion item, woof scarf is a popular item in cold season.
Woof scarves are soft, comfortable and warm, but without appropriate maintenance it
will lose its softness and even shorten its using life. You can get suggestions from the
store guys on how to maintain and wash the wool scarf, after all they are professional.
And there are some tips would be helpful for you to know how to take care of your
wool scarf, storage, washing and daily attentions.
Places for woof scarves storage are better to be dry and ventilated. Wash it before
storage and remember to open closet or chest of drawers to keep ventilation and avoid
damage of moth during long free time in summer and autumn.
For washing of wool scarf, dry cleaning is most recommended. Also if there is juice,
coffee, blood and such kind of dirt, professional cleaning store would be better. But
you should measure the length of wool scarf to check and make sure it keeps fine after
If you are not planned to do dry cleaning, keep in mind one very important thing is to
wash your scarves in cold water. Many scarves may listed themselves as 鈥渟 hrink
resistant 鈥? but you should be wise enough to remember always wash it in cold water.
You are optional to do hand washing or use washing machines on function setting of
鈥淲 ool 鈥? or 鈥淕 entle 鈥?setting if there is no exact setting for woof. In order to
protect your woof scarf out from metal surface of washing machine, be sure to
enclose it in something else, such as a lingerie bag made especially for washing small
items, or a pillowcase or anything can zip it inside.
Hand washing would be preferable for scarves than machine. Leave your scarf in cold
water for 5 to 10 minutes and press it tenderly or swish it to let dust go out of the yarn.
And then use neutral detergent to wash; shampoo would be a proper tender neutral
detergent for woof scarves. One more tip is to dip the scarf with glacial acetic acid or
you can use white vinegar thinned with water and then wash with water after it which
can protect wool fibers.
Dry your scarf laying it flat till it is dry, using sweater drying net or lays it on a towel.
But remember not to wring out your scarf since wring it or twisting it will destroy its
In daily use, just to pay attention on sharp edge things as they would cause yarn
broken, even destroy the shape.

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