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					There is no universal rule as to what makes the perfect office space. All businesses are
different, and what looks like the ideal office for one firm could be completely
impractical for another.
 Indeed, the ideal office space for your business depends entirely on the type of
operations you need to perform. Nonetheless, there are certain guidelines all firms can
follow to help choose the best and most cost-effective office solution possible.
 Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing a base for your
company is the location. For example, if you want to be based in London it makes
sense to choose office space in a thriving business location, within easy reach of
public transport links and other local services.
 A quick internet search - something along the lines of office space Mayfair - will
bring up a host of possible solutions, but before you go with the first provider that
catches your eye, there are a few more things to bear in mind.
 When choosing office space, value for money is a key consideration and you are
highly unlikely to get the best deal by going with the first provider you find. It is wise
to draw up a shortlist of service providers and contact each of them to obtain their best
 While you are on the phone obtaining a quote, take the opportunity to ask the office
provider about the other services they supply as part of the deal. Do they take
responsibility for the maintenance and general upkeep of the building? Do they
provide IT and telecommunication equipment as part of the package, and will they
offer support in the event of technical issues?
 Very few businesses stay in the same office forever, and as many small firms in
particular enjoy rapid growth and development, you need to ensure that your office
provider is as flexible as possible. Many rapidly expanding companies opt for
serviced offices, as they usually allow room for expansion and do not tie business
owners down to restrictive, long-term contracts.
 By shopping around and taking the time to compare the services of various office
providers, you have a much better chance of securing the best office space for your

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