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									The shift from toddler bedding to conventional bedding of children can be difficult for
parents as well as children. Most of the times in this age kids have their own mind and
they are ready to participate in decision making. Whereas when people say that
having many opinions can make the decision simple but this actually is not the case
for kids 鈥?bedding. When kids may be capable of selecting the style of bedding sets
of their preference they may not realize that their selection of style of bed might
remain with them for years and certainly with the growing of age as the choice and
priority will change, there are high chances that they will not like the same bedding
set what they use to like earlier. When your kids want to participate in making
decision devoid of any doubt, they have Dora bedding or Backyardigans bedding,
they will prone to have small input related to the bed that they will have. Being a
parent it is significant to consider not only your kid 鈥檚 present situation but for
future as well. While keeping it in mind there are three kinds of beds available that
you can get for your kid. 1- Day Bed: A day bed is the first option which consist of
a very unique design in that it might appear as if it is a couch during day however it
turn out to be a bed in night. There are various sizes that a day bed is available in from
twin to queen. Several people say that day bed is one of the most comfortable one
however it is usually a personal preference. In addition to that you should find out
whether there is enough space available in your kid 鈥檚 room to accommodate a day
bed prior to actually buying it. 2- Futon: The second option is futon. While futons
are famous outside USA they are most of the time used as a guest bed or as a couch of
playing video games and watching television. Those who actually have futon as a bed
they must use it as a couch during day and bed at night. It is a great space saver. 3-
     Bunk bed: In addition to futon and day bed, bunk bed is the third option available
for you. Bunk bed is also a space saver and at times it is the favorite of your young
kids. These beds might not be perfect option when your toddler reaches to the age to
shift from toddler stage. It is not accurately the optimal option for teenagers. Bunk
beds might be ideal for middle ground however that is about it. In case you are going
to opt for a bunk bed for your kid you should be certain to discover if it is convertible
for the most ideal situation. Apart from these three bed options there are also the
conventional twin or double bed available in market that may be ideal for you in case
you are seeking for basics.
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