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									Using up all you personalized baby gifts how important keeping your baby healthy
and safe is just one of your prime goals as a parent. So here are some tips that will
help you keep your precious baby healthy and happy.
  Slides can be the among the scariest pieces of equipment on the playground.
Nevertheless it seems to be the first place that children desire to go. Often parents
think that if they go down the slide with their children that it's going to be more secure.
This in reality may cause more harm. A report in New York City found that children
are more likely to break their leg by catching the surface or the inner edge of the slide.
It appears that it truly is safer to allow them to go down the slide on their own, you
need to decide just when that's the perfect time for your child.
  Car seats are the law for babies riding in a vehicle. It keeps them secure, therefore
you would think the car seat would be safe indoors at the same time, that is far from
the truth. Research at Cincinnati Children 鈥檚 Hospital found that 8,000 babies are
hurt in falls in infant car seats that are used outside of the car. These aren 鈥檛 fatal,
but do involve hear trauma or broken bones. So don 鈥檛 place baby on the counter
or bed in the car seat.
  There's been some confusion on when babies should begin eating solid foods. It
seems like at four months he's reaching for the food that you're eating. Yet you might
have read and many doctors say babies aren't ready for solids until they are 6 months
old. You need to check with your physician if your baby is under 6 months old before
you decide to feed him solids. But more likely what you are seeing is not your baby
wanting food, but reaching another milestone. Around four months babies begin
showing interest in things. So baby is going to be interested in the things you do. And
of course eating is one of those things. So there is a good possibility that he doesn't
want to eat the food, just interested in it because you are.
  There are several simple ways for you to keep your baby's heart healthy. First keep
your food servings reasonable and that is about 25% of an adult portion. So they only
need 陆 slice of bread or 陆 an egg and only 1 ounce of meat. They also should
only have 4 ounces of 100% juice a day. It may be tempting to place your toddler in
front of the Television, but make sure they are getting enough physical exercise each
day. They need 20 - 60 minutes every day. One of the best things you can do to keep
your babies heart healthy is for you not to smoke. Even if you don 鈥檛 smoke
around baby, toxins stay on your skin and on your clothing and these can be unhealthy
for your baby. Additionally let your pediatrician be aware of heart background for
both mother and daddies families. If a heart problem exists on either side of the family
the doctor needs to know for preventative care.
  It is never too soon to keep your baby 鈥檚 heart healthy, and there are lots of little
things you can do just that. One of the most critical things you should do is fill your
pediatrician in on any heart problem history your family may have. You know that
smoking can be bad for you lungs and heart, so naturally you don 鈥檛 smoke around
your baby. But the toxins from smoking can get on your skin and clothing and be
harmful to baby. So though it is quite hard you need to stop smoking. It also essential
as your baby grow into a toddler that they get adequate exercise. Toddlers need 20
鈥?60 minutes of exercise every single day. You need the exercise too, so block some
time aside for both you and your little one to run and play. And the last thing you can
do to keep your baby's heart healthy is to feed him the proper proportions. A toddler
only needs 25% of an adult portion. So they would just need to half of an egg and
slice of bread and only 1 ounce of meat. This will help to your baby stay fit for life.

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