Movie script example

Scene 1 – Beach
Presenter walks casually along the beach towards camera Rising sea-levels increased flooding, and stronger storms: the world is heading towards an unrecognisable future and New Zealand’s clean, green image is at stake. The actions we take today have long-term consequences for our environment. Every day, we directly or indirectly produce carbon, a gas that harms the environment. This means we each have a role to play in protecting it as unlike the footprints I leave here, our carbon footprints cannot simply be washed away with the tide. Presenter walks out of shot

Scene 2 – Bus
Presenter walks alongside bus There are more than eight-hundred-and-fifty thousand cars in Auckland, producing thousands of tons of pollutants each year. Public transport is an alternative. A full bus means forty less cars on the motorway, which has got to be good for traffic!

Scene 3 – Queen Street
Establishing shot of Queen Street and its activity Wide-shot of presenter walking through busy footpath while talking to the camera This is Auckland city. Over one million people work and live in Auckland, and if you consider that the average New Zealander creates two-point-five kilos of waste every day… Presenter reaches a rubbish bin on the footpath Mid-shot of presenter …you can just imagine the sea of rubbish the city creates.

Scene 4 – Rubbish dump
Long shot of presenter half covered in a rubbish mountain Every month Aucklanders create enough waste to fill a rugby field to a height of five stories. There are three things we can do to reduce this waste: Buy items that can be reused; recycle our plastic and glass; and reduce the number of things that go into our rubbish bin.

Scene 6 – Living Room
Shot of living room with a TV. Presenter standing, facing the camera and talking The electricity we consume has a direct impact on the environment. If everyone switched off their appliances rather than leaving them on standby, we would save one-hundred-million dollars worth of electricity every year. Shot ‘switches off’ leaving the screen blank for a short moment

Scene 7 – Beach
Familiar shot from first scene We all have a role to play in protecting our environment, so what’s stopping us? By enacting a few simple ideas, we can all make a difference. Shot of presenter walking away from behind Let’s make it so that the only footprints we leave behind are those that can be washed away with the tide. Shot of tide washing away footprints.

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