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					There are many different types of mortgage leads available. These include live
mortgage leads, trigger leads, non-exclusive mortgage leads, exclusive mortgage leads,
aged mortgage leads, and real time mortgage leads. After deciding upon a type of lead
that works best for you, a company must be chosen. Both of these tasks can be quite
daunting, but having knowledge of a few different things can prove helpful.
 Trigger leads are often considered controversial, but they have become one of the
highest chosen leads in recent years. Trigger leads work by targeting consumers
through their credit scores and other factors that would cause them to be desirable
clients. The only catch is that in order to be trigger leads they will have already
applied for somewhere else. This means that they could currently be going through an
application process. A telemarketing mindset proves successful with this choice.
 Another popular choice is live transfer mortgage leads. These cost thousands of
dollars down, but can offer the highest return of investment. Criteria are preset with
the company and borrowers that match up with it. Then they are connected through
the live transfer company. These clients are waiting on the phone to get the help that
they want instead of being hunted down and convinced. This choice requires a
willingness to sit around all day long and wait for the phone to ring with a client on
the other end.
 The person in need of leads must decide upon an amount of time that they are
willing to devote to leads throughout the day in order to help narrow down the
different lead options available to them. Some lead options require more time than
others, so it is important to have a pretty solid idea of what amount of time is
available. Keeping in mind how much each type of lead will cost up front, monthly,
and with each individual lead is also important.
 Most importantly each lead company should be researched. Poor quality companies
will not often offer free trial periods because they don't want customers to experience
that before they have gotten money out of them. Therefore, it is very important that
before paying anything a free trial period is experienced. There are also many reviews
online that can help a person to determine what company would be a best fit for them
and what they need as well as to let them know which companies are a complete sham
or not worth working with.
 The many different mortgage leads available all provide essentially the same thing.
The different ways in which they provide those leads are important for each person in
need of them to consider. Live mortgage leads, trigger leads, paper leads, aged leads,
etc. all accomplish the same goal in the end, but some can create a more positive
experience than others. Looking at and researching the different kinds and the
different companies will help ensure a successful business venture.

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