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Shopping Centre Management _ Marketing _SCMM_


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									                         Professional Development

                        Shopping Centre
                        & Marketing (SCMM)

Property Council Professional Development:
A world of knowledge at your fingertips

The SCMM Diploma is for professionals looking to drive the
performance of their retail property.

Developing a centre strategic plan, tenancy mix, PR strategies and
operational issues are all covered. Attendees will learn the strategies
used to capture greater market share and to tailor strategic tools that
improve a centre’s financial performance.

Attendees are typically shopping centre managers, retail leasing
executives and retail marketing managers.

The SCMM Diploma comprises three levels: a two-day essential
skills course, three-day advanced skills course and a three-day
diploma course.

T h e Vo i c e o f L e a d e r s h i p
Practical learning that counts

The Property Council of Australia’s Professional
Development courses are designed and presented by the           Celebrating our TOP ACHIEVERS

industry’s leading practitioners. Our focus is on practical
                                                                Property Council is committed to its role as a leading
learning that counts.
                                                                professional development provider and look to
                                                                recognise the talent of our students by identifying
The professional development program offers a flexible
                                                                outstanding performers to win the National Professional
design to cater to three core learning groups:
                                                                Development Award.
Essential Skills course provides a fundamental                  To be eligible for the Award, students must attend a
knowledge of key concepts and a practical tool-kit for          Diploma course and complete the assignment within
those new to an area of the industry.                           two months of attendance. The student with the
                                                                highest mark from each course receives the Award.
Advanced Skills course is designed for those with some          See our website for more details.
industry knowledge and experience, who would like to
further develop their understanding and practical skills in a
chosen field.                                                                         WINNER 2005 Shopping Centre
                                                                                      Management & Marketing
Diploma course is designed for those who have already
completed Essential Skills and Advanced Skills. This course                           “The Property Council course has
challenges participants to extend themselves beyond their                             not only broadened my
current level through intensive, specialised learning.                                understanding of the shopping
                                                                                      centre industry, but provided me
Essential Skills and Advanced Skills are prerequisites for                            with a unique opportunity to have
the Diploma course. An application to enter the Diploma                               an insight of the entire property
directly can be successful if you show sufficient work                                industry at a strategic
experience and understanding of the areas covered in the                              management level.”
Essential and Advanced Skills courses.
                                                                                      Jaime Lualhati
Course activities include:
  formal lectures
                                                                                      Finance Manager,
  networking sessions                                                                 Macquarie Real Estate
  group discussions                                                                   Management Services
  site tours
  thought-provoking case studies
  interactive sessions on the latest industry trends

We understand the importance of building up your CPD
points throughout the year. SCMM attracts one point
per contact hour under learning category 1 in
                                                                Quality assured content
accordance with the Property Stock and Business
Agents Act 2002.
                                                                SCMM Diploma is developed by leading industry
                                                                practitioners who are able to ensure participants get
                                                                the latest industry ideas and relevant insights.

                                                                Property Council's Course Advisory Committees oversee
                                                                this process, maintaining the right mix of subjects and

                                                                SCMM Course Advisory Committee members are:

                                                                Shaun Swanger (Chair) AMP Capital Shopping Centres
                                                                Andrew Byars Stockland
                                                                Ian Ferguson QIC
                                                                Lisa Charter Centro Properties Group
                                                                Matthew Moloney Lend Lease Retail
                                                                The SCMM Course Advisory Committee reports to
                                                                Property Council's National Professional Development
                                                                Committee, to ensure our members have ultimate control
                                                                over the content and quality of our programs.
CHALLENGING programs for all levels

The following topics are covered within each course to                Advanced Skills ctd..
challenge participants at their appropriate level.                      Operations Budgets
                                                                         Branding and Positioning
Essential Skills (two days)                                             Analysing Financial Performance
   Introduction to Shopping Centre Management                           Community Relations
   Shopping Centre Marketing                                            Advanced Market Research
   Shopping Centre Operations                                           Valuation Principles
   Introduction to Leasing                                              Introduction to Property Development
   Industry Overview                                                    Managing a Refurbishment
   Corporate Social Responsibility                                      Tenancy Mix
   Accounting for Shopping Centres                                      Motivational Speaker
   Shopping Centre Site Visit

                                                                      Diploma (three days)
Advanced Skills (three days)                                             Strategic Management and Leadership
   Property as an Investment
                                                                         Project Planning
   Management Accounting
                                                                         Dealing with Youth
   Advanced Lease Fundamentals and Workshop
                                                                         The Future (2020)
   Casual Leasing - Alternative Forms of Income
                                                                         Strategic Business Planning
   Compliance and Risk Management
                                                                         Presentation Skills
   Retail Design
                                                                         Overseas Trends
   PR Strategies
                                                                         Property Performance Measurement
   Dealing with Media
                                                                         Marketing a Refurbishment
                                                                         Negotiation Skills & Dispute Resolution

Presentations from industry EXPERTS

The following individuals are directly involved with the development and presentation of SCMM courses. Students can expect
to hear from their personal experiences, have the opportunity to ask them questions, and network with them at the course.

AMP Capital Shopping Centres                                          Pitney, Bowes MapInfo Australia
Steven Thuaux, Head of Shopping Centre Management                     Gavin Duane, Associate Director
AMP Capital Investors                                                 Proclaim Management Solutions
Louise Mason, Head of Retail Development                              Marianne Lim, Manager Liability
Mark Noller, Australian Core Property Portfolio                       Reflections Group Services
Michael Word, Therese Ferry                                           Shayne Turner, Building Services Manager
Back to Basics Training                                               Shopping Centre Council of Australia
Eddie Chong, Director                                                 Milton Cockburn, Executive Director
CHD Partners                                                          Stockland
Garner Clancey, Director                                              Gavin Daly, Regional Financial Analyst
Michelle Weidenhofer                                                  Ben Dodwell, Development Manager
DB RREEF Funds Management                                             Louise Roche, Human Resources
Graham Pearson, Fund Manager                                          Siobhan Toohill, Group Manager - Corporate Responsibility
                                                                      and Sustainability
Lexia Wilson, Partner                                                 The Facilitators
Julian Olley, Partner                                                 Marilyn Stephens, Partner
Directional Insights                                                  Urbis JHD
Helen Bakewell, Managing Director                                     Peter Holland, Director
Jones Lang LaSalle
Nicole Lennox, National Retail Marketing Manager
                                                                      Margaret Miller
Peter Seeto, Leasing Director

Daryl Scott,
                   Professional Development
                   Application for Course Admission 2008

Shopping Centre Management & Marketing
Dates       (please tick)                                                                        Fees include
Essential Skills               19-20   May           Sydney                                          Morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch and
                               18-19   August        Brisbane                                        networking opportunities
                               15-16   September     Sydney                                          Student notes, ongoing support
Advanced Skills                21-23   May           Sydney                                          and assessment
                               20-22   August        Brisbane
                               17-19   September     Sydney
                                                                                                 Time & Venue
Diploma:                       20-22   October       Sydney
                                                                                                 8.00am - 5.30pm daily
                                                                                                 Sydney: Property Council of Australia House
                                                                                                 Level 1, 11 Barrack Street, Sydney
Course fees                 EARLY-BIRD RATE                STANDARD RATE
(please tick)
                                                                                                 Brisbane: Medina Executive Apartments
                 Member     Non-Member                      Member         Non-Member            15 Ivory Lane, Brisbane
Essential Skills   $1155.00  $1364.00                         $1255.00       $1464.00            Confirmation
Advanced Skills    $1925.00  $2299.00                         $2025.00       $2399.00
                                                                                                 Receipt of application will be acknowledged
Diploma            $1925.00  $2299.00                         $2025.00       $2399.00
                                                                                                 within two working days. If you do not
Course costs are GST inclusive.                                                                  receive confirmation please contact us.

To receive the early bird rate, registration must be received 30 days prior
and paid in full 14 days prior to course commencement. Registrations and
payment after this time will automatically revert to the standard rate.

Payment Policy and Disclaimer
By signing the application form a binding contract is made between the student and the Property Council of Australia.
1. If payment is not received prior to course commencement your position may be forfeited.
2. All requests for cancellation of courses, credit or refund of fees must be made in writing to the Property Council.
3. Property Council does not accept cancellations, provide refunds, or credit transfers to future courses within two weeks of course date.
4. Property Council reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if insufficient enrolments are received. If the Property Council cancels a
    course, students will be notified and refunded in full.
5. The collection of these details is primarily to register you for this event. Information will be stored in the Property Council’s database and may be
    used for future marketing of Property Council events. If you do not wish to receive marketing materials please notify us in writing.

                                                   Tax Invoice - Property Council of Australia ABN 1300 847 4422
Registration Details                               This form acts as a tax invoice on receipt of payment. Retain a copy for your records.

Mr/Mrs/Ms Name

Position                                                                             Company

Address                                                                              Suburb

State                               Postcode                    Email

Telephone                                                       Mobile

Dietary Requirements

Years in property industry                                      Date of birth   (optional)                           Gender F / M

Option one:                 Attached is my cheque/money order to Property Council of Australia for total payment $
Option two:                 Debit my credit card $                       Please circle one: Bankcard         Mastercard       Visa      Diners      AMEX

Card number         _ _ _ _                          _ _ _ _                       _ _ _ _                       _ _ _ _
Cardholder's Name                                                                             Expiry Date


I have read and understood the conditions to register for this course. Signature

Fax completed application form to +61 2 9285 0527
Alternatively, please mail to Property Council of Australia - Level 1, 11 Barrack Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

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