List Building Strategy - The Core To Be a Success Online by hkksew3563rd


									Do you know why list building is the core to be success online? The reason is because
a list that is nourished and well-managed can be a greatest asset to every Internet
marketer There are two purposes of a list that you should know.
First, list allowed you to market to your prospects more than just one time.
Second, it can be your valuable asset.
Now, we will see this two purpose in details.
Non-stop Marketing
98 percent of prospect would not buy at first time. As a fact, they need to be exposed
to the product 5 to 7 times before they make decision to buy.
That is why if you haven't get your prospect information details, you simply cannot
add them as your subscribers. Means, you cannot reach them continuously, building
credibility and providing value or sell them things.
Since the fact tells that it would take 5 to 7 times before the prospect decide to buy,
the probability for you to make sales is low.
That is why you need to build, manage and nourish your list. You need to interact with
your prospect and providing value by giving them free product or information. After
you doing that, it is most likely that you will get sales. Getting sales is just a small
part of having a list. The best thing is that your list can be your automated income
generator. It is like having your own ATM continuously generating money for you.
Now we will see the next purposes in detail.
List Building Can Be Your Most Valuable Asset
Building a list is essential for them who are serious in having their own business.
You might have heard the phrase 'The Money Is In The List'. This is true to both
online and offline business. If you don't know what is a list, it is simply a collection of
prospects and customers that is interested to your offer. Finally, a business success is
depend mostly on how large you have built your customer base.
When you have a bigger and better qualified list, the probability of you to make cash
on demand is higher - with a single email broadcast. Let say, you hear about a new
product is just launch. You take time to research the product. The result is you like it
and would recommend it. After that you craft your promo email and broadcast it to
your list. Then your list will make you sales.
Keep Interacting With Your Subscribers
As your list grows, you need to communicate with them regularly. You want to give
them more free valuable information and please avoid too much sales pitch.
Maybe it seems difficult, but using an autoresponder software will make it easier for
An autoresponder is a software that allows you to upload and store a series of
communication that will be sent to your prospect email on daily or weekly basis.
By using an autoresponder, you can also set the time interval for each messages so
that it will be delivered to your prospect on certain particular days. When a prospect
sign up to your list, they will start with Day 1, even though other prospects are already
on Day 2 or 3. This makes your list building task much easier.
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