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Planning Rules relating to Gates_ Fences and Walls


If construction of the gate, fence or wall would
affect a tree which is covered by a Tree
Preservation Order or which is protected because
the property is in a Conservation Area or by a
condition imposed on a grant of planning
permission, you need to ask advice from the Tree
and Landscape Section on (01543) 464343.

                                                                                                     Planning Rules relating to
                                                                                                      Gates, Fences and Walls

                                                   Repairs and Maintenance to Existing
                                                   Gates, Walls and Fences
                                                   You may repair and maintain existing fences and
                                                   walls provided that the new structure does not
                                                   exceed its former height or the maximum
                                                   appropriate height referred to above, i.e. one
                                                   metre when situated within two metres of a
                                                   highway or two metres in any other location.

                                                   If you need general advice about gates, fences
                                                   and walls, contact the Development Control
                                                   Team on (01543) 464536, or e-mail:

National regulations known as the Town and            Gates, Fences and Walls in other
Country Planning (General Permitted                   locations
Development) Order 1995 (as amended) allow you
                                                      In any other location, the height limit is a
to erect, repair and maintain gates, fences and
                                                      maximum of two metres above ground level. So
walls within specified limits without needing to
                                                      any fence, wall or gate above this height needs
obtain planning permission from the Council.
                                                      planning permission, unless it is part of an
                                                      enclosure, e.g. animal pen or tennis court, in the
Gates, Fencing and Walls Adjacent to a
                                                      garden of a dwelling and complies with the
Highway Used by Vehicular Traffic
                                                      rules set out in the separate advice note about
The maximum height that you are permitted to          garden buildings and enclosures.
have a gate, fence, wall, or other means of
enclosure, adjacent to a highway used by
vehicular traffic without having to obtain
planning permission is one metre above ground
level. A highway used by vehicular traffic includes
the footway or verge next to the carriageway. The
term "adjacent" does not mean that the fence or                                                            Gates, Fences and Walls Around
wall actually has to touch the boundary of the                                                             Listed Buildings
highway and, as a general guideline, the Council                                                           If your property is included in the List of
would require a fence, wall or gate situated                                                               Buildings of Architectural and Historic Interest,
within two metres of the highway not to exceed                                                             special rules apply and any work involved to a
the one metre height limit.                                                                                gate, fence or wall within or around its
                                                                                                           curtilage will need special permission. Please
If you wish to erect something higher than this                                                            contact the number given below for advice in
within two metres of a highway, you will need to                                                           these circumstances.
make a planning application.
                                                                                                           Walls in Conservation Areas
                                                                                                           In Conservation Areas there are sometimes
                                                                                                           restrictions on what you may do to an existing
                                                                                                           boundary wall and, again, you are advised to
                                                                                                           contact the number given below for information
                                                                                                           about this.

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