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A newsletter from the office of the Canadian Conference of the Brethren In Christ Church
A Quarterly Newsletter (formerly the Canadata)	                                                                             Summer 2008
From the Bishop        Introductions       In Prayer and Praise         News and Notes           Important Events       Bishop’s Itinerary
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      The Handbook Challenge                      tion thereof from one of the African            pacted by HIV/AIDS. The borehole
OK - Quiz time! First Question: Who               countries in the Handbook. We are               well that we visited at Bulebo BIC was
writes the project proposals for the              suggesting this kind of effort for this         wonderful to see but it was drilled too
World Missions Partnership Hand-                  year’s book (2008) so as not to burden          shallow and runs out of water early in
book? Second: What if the projects                our churches with a long-term com-              the day. The congregation had to de-
don’t get filled this year? Third: How             mitment but rather an opportunity to            cide between fixing the roof for the
many times has there been a Canadian                                                              pastor’s house or for the church where
Edition of the Partnership Handbook                                                               termites were destroying the rafters.
in the last 20 years?                                                                             And then we went to Zimbabwe and
(Answers can be found somewhere                                                                   saw the reality of their barren shelves
inside this BICLINK - can you find                                                                 and everyday challenges like getting
them?)                                                                                            mealie meal and cooking oil.
     The ten people who traveled to                                                                  We kept saying to ourselves how
Africa last November from the Cana-                                                               complex the situation is over there and
dian Conference all came home with a                                                              yet we longed to somehow come
renewed sense of interest in the Part-                                                            alongside of our friends. I think my
nership Handbook. Some of us knew                                                                 bottom line response runs like this:
very little about it and we wondered                                                              These are our brothers and sisters and
why. Our hope is that we can raise the                                                            we have much and they have little, so
profile and your appreciation for this                                                             responding with some compassion for
means of connecting with our brothers                                                             their needs seems like a very Christ-
and sisters around the world. Here                                                                like thing to do. Hence I join with all
then is the scoop...                                                                              the other team members who were a
    World Missions asks all of the                                                                part of the Learning Tour to ask you to
countries in which we are active to               show that we are responsive in light of         take some time to review the Partner-
submit proposals for assistance in                our visit in 2007. Allow me to make a           ship Handbook and commit to meeting
areas which lie outside the regular               few observations from our time in Af-           one of the needs this year in Africa - or
operational budget of World Missions,             rica as it relates to this Handbook.            for that matter any other country listed.
which focuses on reaching least                      I sat in the office of Bishop Thuma              It was a direct result of the Listening
reached people with the gospel mes-               Hamukang’andu in Choma, Zambia                  Tour times we had with our Canadian
sage. The Handbook provides the                   and heard: pastors may be behind in             pastors that the opportunity for a
North American BIC Church with an                 getting paid what little salary they            matching grant offering in collabora-
opportunity to help meet some of these            were promised; overseers taking care            tion with Truth Search 08 has come
practical needs which are beyond the              of up to 80 pastors can’t really visit          about. We have raised nearly $23,000
capacity of the national church re-               their charges due to lack of transporta-        to act as a matching grant for the offer-
questing them. So as we returned to               tion; and a lack of resources for the           ing at Truth Search on June 5. These
Canada and continued to think about               Bible Institute at Sikalongo. I con-            funds will go to help meet some of the
how we might encourage a response to              stantly wondered, how do these folks            HIV/AIDS projects in the Handbook.
the “Global Giants” which we encoun-              manage? Then we went up to Macha                I hope you and your church will take
tered while in Zambia and Zimbabwe,               Mission on a road that is unbelievably          the Handbook Challenge this year, too!
it seemed a very good option to en-               bumpy to a church with a Home Based
courage every Canadian congregation               Cared Team genuinely trying to re-
to prayerfully pick one project or por-           spond to way too many people im-                         Blessings, Brian

We want to introduce some members           her own house cleaning business and        to our compassion.” At first reading I
of our BIC family that are very active      Myron has a small contracting              must admit that I had not directly
“glocally” - in the global community        business, feeling very blessed by God      associated compassion with impacting
as well as the local church. Thank-you      in His provision for the family over the   worship but on further reflection I
for serving!                                years.                                     have come to realize that it is but one
                                                Janet is the worship leader at Oak     of the many ways that compassion
     Janet & Myron Hoover                   Ridges BIC. She is also on the church      impacts our personal faith journey, the
   Janet is the youngest child of Eldon     board, worship committee and out-          culture of our church and even those in
and Freda Fretz and was born and            reach luncheon committee. Myron            our community.
                                            serves as Chairperson for the Trustees,        The impact from our church’s
                                                     performs lay ministry on          commitment to missions has simply
                                                     Sunday evenings, and teaches      snowballed. Six years ago we had no
                                                     adult Sunday School.              participants on a mission trip. Already
                                                          Myron: “I currently sit as   this year, we have had twenty four
                                                     the Canadian Director of The      people traveling to Honduras, Haiti
                                                     Tide, formerly Gospel Tide.       and Zambia. People connecting first
                                                     This is a radio ministry that     hand with the needs, simply find God
                                                     began in Chambersburg, PA         igniting their compassion and their
                                                     by Bishop Charlie Byer. Our       passion for the gospel. They return
                                                     mission is to get the gospel to   changed, they share their passion with
                                                     areas that are not reached or     others who, in turn, are ignited as well.
raised in Stouffville, attending Oak        poorly reached. Places like Bhutan,            Last year’s desire to send construc-
Ridges BIC her whole life. Myron,           Nepal, India, Romania, and Zim-            tion materials by container to the
the youngest child of Earl and Joyce        babwe. Some of these countries perse-      Mission of Hope in time for this year’s
Hoover, was born in Newmarket hos-          cute Christians; many are illiterate so    trip even spilled over into our local
pital and grew up in Aurora. His            bibles and literature are not relevant.    building supply store. They provided
church background was originally Free       Where there are Christians but no          the materials at substantially reduced
Methodist where his grandfather             church buildings, pastors or bible         costs. Quite unexpectedly, they were
served as a bi-vocational Pastor. His       teachers, radio is the only means of       blessed in turn with repeated commen-
family left the denomination and            hearing about the salvation of Jesus       dations from their company head-
began attending Banfield Missionary          Christ, or to get teaching on bible        quarters, and substantially increased
Church. After he met Janet they both        truths to help them grow. Both Janet       business. Many people came to their
attended Oak Ridges.                        and I are also privileged to serve on      store commending them for their
    Myron writes, “Every Tuesday            the prayer team at Roxbury Holiness        contribution and stating their decision
evening there was a Christian roller        Camp in PA where we have been vaca-        to buy from them because of it. “
skating event in Aurora. All the youth      tioning as a family for over 10 years.”        We are very grateful for this group
from the area would come together                                                      who travel to Haiti each year to serve
and have a good time hanging out and
having fun. I met Janet at this weekly      BIC Workers Go To Haiti                    at the Mission of Hope.

event. It wasn’t the first time I actually       For a number of years,
had met her. I first met Janet and her       Pastor John Fraser has been
youth group at a Christian concert in       organizing a group of work-
Hamilton. Getting back to the roller        ers to serve at Mission of
skating I guess that is the first time she   Hope in Haiti. Pastor David
really caught my eye and we began           Opperthauser and a number
talking. A long story short, we dated,      of his congregation from
fell in love and a year and a half later    Sauble Beach were part of
we married.”                                this year’s group. He shared
   Janet and Myron have 3 children.         a bit of the story of the
Nathaniel is 21 and finished his             impact on his church and
schooling at George Brown. Rebekah,         community:
19, works at a Bake Shop (currently in         “In his study ‘Gripped by
Romania with International Teams).          the Greatness of God,’ James
Hannah is 10 and in grade 4. The            MacDonald says, “God
family lives in Aurora where Janet has      ignites our worship in response            The Sauble Beach participants.

Please join us in praise and prayer...      sands of prayer supporters across the       Camp Managers as they prepare to
                                            church and for those support people         transition in the fall.
Fallsview gives praise for the folks        who have stepped up to assist in his
who have been listening to the Spirit’s     ministry.                                   Sauble Beach is praising the Lord for
direction and offering to help. Pray for                                                the five people who recently decided
financial concerns and for ministry          The Meeting House gives praise for          to follow the Lord in baptism, and the
while a key leader is away for 6 mon.       an incredible cross regional Jr. and Sr.    seven who became members. Pray that
                                            High spring retreat. Pray that God          God will continue to bless them and
Houghton is praising God for the            would continue to work in the lives of      grow them in faith and ministry.
good progress of the children’s mid-        the students. Praise God for the kid-
week outreach program. Praise also          max staff team and pray for enough          Cheapside is giving praise for Mitch
for the youth mid-week study times of       volunteers for the summer season.           Slofstra, serving as Lay Minister. 
fervent prayer in response to honest        Praise for a great gathering for the        Mitch is presently enrolled in the
sharing of struggles and need.              Ottawa initiative. Pray for a Lead          Home Study Course and feeling called
                                            Pastor and for the Home Church              to pastoral ministry with the BIC. 
Birchdale gives praise for the five          started there. Pray also for the Mis-       Please pray for Mitch and his wife,
people who have given their lives to        sion Two goal to help MCC fight HIV/         Marsha (an elementary school teacher)
Christ this year. Pray for those plan-      AIDs in southern Africa.                    and their 3 teenage children.  Pray also
ning to go on a missions trip to Mex-                                                   for three "Serving Our Community..."
ico this summer and for continued im-       Living Faith praises God for an 11          events over the next couple of months.
pact on the community for Christ.           person team that went on a mission
                                            trip to Mexico. Pray for summer out-        Orchard Creek gives praise for the
Sherkston gives praise for great times                                                  recent Friend Day with many guests
of celebrating the risen Christ and for     reach efforts and preparations for the
                                            launch of a Pioneer Club Ministry in        present, as well as a new small group
new faces on Sundays. Pray for wis-                                                     for young women starting in Port Rob-
dom and direction for Phase 2 of the        Sept.
                                                                                        inson. Pray for this opportunity to dis-
building project and for the outdoor                                                    ciple these new believers. Also pray
service on July 6 for all the Fort Erie     Riverside gives praise for “Pulling
                                            Together Sunday,” honoring the farm-        for the Connexions small group, host-
BIC churches and guests, Bruce and                                                      ing a year-end coffee and dessert.
Meryl Bundy.                                ers in their area.
                                                                                        Praise for a successful year at The
                                            New Life Christian gives praise for a
Heise Hill gives praise for 3 individu-                                                 Dwelling Place Kids’ Club - pray that
                                            great Renewal Weekend and the many
als recently accepting Christ, for new      new faces. Pray for the decisions           the kids and leaders continue to be
people coming to the church and for 2                                                   blessed by this ministry. Pray for their
                                            made. Praise for the summer youth
new small groups. Pray for the new                                                      children’s ministries, youth and small
                                            worker, Jeremy Curry. Pray for his
visioning team as they seek God’s                                                       groups.
                                            ministry with church and community
direction for their next steps. Pray for    kids.
effective ways to reach out into the                                                    Pray for our BICWM missionaries
community.                                  Kirkland Lake gives praise for the          and staff, including Chris Sharp, the
                                            safe arrival of Pastor Carl and Sherri      new exec. director. Each one carries
                                            Matthews and family and for their           many responsibilities and need our
Wainfleet praises the Lord for a great
                                            partnership in ministry. Pray for the       support and prayers.
response from the community to the
Easter Musical. Pray for the Randy          outreach event on June 7 as they seek
                                            to engage the community.                    Riverside gives praise for a series on
Stonehill concert on June 7.
                                                                                        1Corinthians and presenting God's
                                            Pray for Niagara Christian                  views on extremely serious but real
Stayner gives praise for the number of      Community of Schools as they enter          issues in life; for our fun 'Men's Ap-
youth and adults who will be involved       the final portion of the school year and
in short term mission trips this year.                                                  preciation Night', and for the new
                                            all that the teachers, students and staff   families who are coming - great to see
Pray for families who have been deal-
                                            must accomplish.                            God at work in their lives.  We are
ing with crisis; for worship team vol-
unteers in new roles; for the restructur-                                               praying for the Carmona family who
                                            Camp Kahquah gives praise for the
ing proposal.                                                                           are working through Immigration/
                                            many ways God has answered prayer
                                            and provided for the needs at Camp.         Deportation issues.
Pray for Bishop Ken Letner of the           Praise for all the children that are reg-
Susquehanna Regional Conference as          istered and for those giving to the As-     Please continue to pray for our
he continues cancer treatment. Pray         sistance Fund so that even more chil-       churches currently in search for a new
for his family, for healing, strength and   dren can experience going to camp.          Senior Pastor: New Life Colling-
courage, and for wisdom for the doc-        Pray for the program directors as they      wood, Bertie, Oak Ridges.
tors. Ken gives praise for the thou-        plan; for more cabin leaders; for the

       In a few years, Camp Kahquah will be 50 years old and to honor this,                              BIC Core Courses
        Harvey Sider is compiling a book that reflects back on these years of                          Theology of Salvation
      ministry. If you have a story to share on how camp has impacted you or                      taught by Dr. Luke L. Keefer Jr.
      your family or if you have some special pictures that could be borrowed,
                                                                                                 June 24-27 at New Life Christian
         call Sarah at the camp at 705-387-3923 (
                                                                                                       Church, Scarborough
      Evangelism Grants are to encourage our Canadian BIC congregations                                Register by June 10 at
          in their evangelism efforts by providing financial assistance.                
              For further information (deadline - June 9) and for an
                   application form go to                                           IT’S WATERING TIME!
                                                                                                    Through the SEEDS OF HOPE
                                     CLERGY CARE NETWORK                                         Campaign, you have contributed over
         is a toll-free call (1-888-5-CLERGY), related to Focus on the Family Canada.           $50,000 each of the last two years to the
        Trained, confidential counsellors take your call. Services are available to any                  World Hunger Fund!
     pastor/family of any denomination; it is not required to identify one's denomination.     The Compassionate Ministries Team has
        Referrals to local counsellors are offered. Check us out at           been pleased to distribute funds in coun-
                                 A monthy e-newsletter is available.                           tries such as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India,
                                                                                                      Nicaragua and Mozambique.

                                                                                                  This year the Team hopes the seeds
                                                                                                 planted will grow. We need your help!
                                                                                                Please consider a donation to the World
                                                                                                Hunger Fund. Make cheques payable to
                                                                                                 your local church and indicate World
                                                                                                Hunger Fund on the memo line. Or you
                                                                                                 can drop cash or your cheque into the
                                                                                                      watering can at your church.

                                                                                                 The Awakening is an experience for
                                                                                                  senior-level students (15-20 years-old)
                                                                                               who are inspired to change the world with
                                                                                                      the values of peacemaking and
                                                                                                                 simple living.
                                                                                                      It is the newest initiative by the
                                                                                                 Student Ministries Team of the Canadian
                                                                                                  Conference Brethren in Christ Church.
                                                                                                    Through summer and into the fall,
                                                                                               students will get a chance to see with their
                                                                                                   own eyes the effects of violence and
                                                                                               poverty and work alongside those who are
                                                                                                      working to change their world.
                                                                                                 They will also get a chance to hear from
                                                                                                 world-shaping speakers and visionaries,
                  Each evening is hosted by The Watchmen Quartet                               live and work together over the summer in
                     who are celebrating 40 years of ministry!                                            beautiful Clarksburg, ON,
                                                                                                    and tell others their stories through
            June 5: 7:00 P   .M. Donations will be accepted to support AIDS/HIV                             interactive workshops.
           ministry in Africa with a matching grant from the Canadian Conference.                       More info at
         June 6: 7:00 P.M. Donations will be accepted to support disadvantaged               Answers: 1) Proposals are received into the
                 children in third world countries through Christian Horizons.               National offices and passed along to BICWM for
                                                                                             approval. 2) The projects don’t get filled and they
          June 7: 7:00 P.M. Please bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank.
                                                                                             await another year or pray for some other assis-
                                                                                             tance. 3) The first time ever to have a Canadian
                         For more info go to                           edition, which includes a page on Cuba.

                                          120th General Conference
                                                                                                                          We are the hosts!
                                                               June 27 - 30, 2008                                        Let’s do it well and
                                                                                                                          welcome our U.S.
                                                  Sheraton Parkway, Richmond Hill                                            neighbours.

                                         Jesus Worshipped In The Nations
                                            Evening Sessions Are Open To The Public!
                                                                                             Sunday evening: Danisa Ndlovu,
                                                                                             Bishop of Zimbabwe BIC Church and
                                                                                             president-elect of Mennonite World
                                                                                             Conference. A special offering will be
     Friday evening: Mirta Colloca,                                                          taken for the church in Zimbabwe.
      Co-Pastor of Iglesia Vida Abundante,
     Miami, Florida. A dynamic and gifted
         preacher and host of a daily radio
  program heard throughout Latin America
                                                                                                   Charles Price,
    and parts of Europe. A special offering
                                                                              senior pastor of The People’s Church,
        will be taken for the Cuban church.
                                                                     a 3500 member Toronto congregation known
                                                                       for its commitment to world missions, will
           Evening worship on Saturday                                                      deliver the final sermon.
                 will feature the
               Toronto Mass Choir,                                           Saturday Afternoon: Pursuing Peace
    a gospel choir who see themselves as                              Which book is really about peace - the Bible or the Qur’an?
  “missionaries in song” as they partner with                                                       That’s the question that BICWM’s
   mission organizations around the world.                                                               Jay Smith and Shabir Ally, a
                                                                                                    Muslim from Toronto, will discuss.
    We are also pleased to have three leaders join                                                  In light of our theme this year, this
          us from our Cuban BIC Church:                                                             will be a great opportunity to have
                                                                                                      our missionary, Jay Smith, be in
      Francisco Martinez Corcho - President                                                            formal dialogue with a Muslim
           Iris Broche Duarte - Secretary                                                           leader. We are inviting some from
         Felix Rafael Curbelo -  Treasurer                                                           the Muslim community to join us.
                                                                                                    This Conference experience will be                      a practical demonstration of what it means to share the gospel.

 Updates in our congregations:  
 All People's Assembly: Assisted for three years by the Church Development Team, this small congregation gathered in Willowdale on Sun-
 day evenings under the leadership of Pastor Asaad Wahba.  Since the conclusion of our subsidy the congregation decided they cannot sustain
 the work.  Pastor Asaad moved to a new home north of the church setting and the challenges of time and distance made it impractical to con-
 tinue.  Pastor Asaad continues his active internet debates with Muslims and asks for our prayers.  
 Colonel Belcher Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta: Pastor Phil Costain is now full time as the Chaplain for Calgary Emergency Services. He
 is no longer serving as Chaplain at the Colonel Belcher Care Center but is still Pastor of this BIC affiliate church - Sunday services are alive
 and well.  Please pray for the Costains as they give leadership. They are currently awaiting charitable status as a congregation.
 Abundant Life, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan: After months of deliberation, Pastor Shane Acorn indicated he could not complete creden-
 tialing with the BIC, mostly on the basis of our peace position and a conviction that he can't sign something unless he can do it 100 %. This
 posed a dilemma since the congregation has grown under Pastor Shane and expressed strong affirmation of him regardless of credentialing.
  As a result the Leadership Team decided it was best to release this congregation to minister under a different denominational banner.  The
 action of the Leadership Team was to close the work in Prince Albert and lease or sell our church building and property in due time. We did
 so with a sense of thankfulness to God and to so many who have served either with Timber Bay Children's Home or at Abundant Life and
 for all that has been accomplished.  Yet, with sadness, we realize this means the end of our involvement in this part of the province of Sas-
 katchewan. Details are still being worked out in this transition and we ask for your prayers during this time.  
                                                                   Canadian Coordinator
                                                                     Sheryl Roberts

                              The Meeting          Niagara
                                  House         Matt Bradbury
                             Ernie & Carolyn
            Canada                     Dyck                       Kitchener/                       Ontario Central
                                                                                   Ontario South                       Ontario North
             West                                                 Waterloo         Todd Valade        Jim Baker            Marsha Sider

            Vacant                                                  Vacant

                                                  John Sider,
                              Heath Taylor      Lois Jean Sider
          Team Member                                                              Team Member
                             Team Members       Team Members      Team Member                       Team Member        Team Member

           Clearview          Oakville          Bertie            Crossroads       Cheapside         Heise Hill        Birchdale
                              Hamilton West     Boyle
           Delisle                                                Fordwich         The Dwelling      New Hope          Covenant
                                                Crystal Ridge
           Massey Place       Brampton          Falls View        Pathway               Place        New Life          Kirkland Lake
           Colonel Belcher    Downtown TO       Orchard Creek     Rosebank         The Gathering         Christian     New Life
                              Uptown TO         Port Colborne     Westheights           Place        Oak Ridges        Sauble Chris-
                                                Riverside                                                              tian Fellowship
                              Tri-Cities                                           Houghton          Tamil Christian
                              Hamilton East                                        Living Faith          Prayer        Stayner
                              Ottawa            Welland                                                                The Retreat
                                                The Well
                                              Check it out!
     How Much Do You Know                                                                   Looking Back - Moving Forward
     About Mennonite Savings
        and Credit Union?                                             Celebrating 200 Years Together
                                                                                                 1808 - 2008
     Mission: To make a difference in people's lives
     through exemplary service that reflects the voice of the                   
            Heise Hill BIC Church
     member and the values of our faith community.
                                                                                            Sunday, October 26, 2008
     Values: Grounded in Anabaptist faith, our approach to serving members
     will reflect integrity, compassion and responsible stewardship.                         11:00 am at the church
     Vision: To serve members as an innovative, growing and healthy credit                  Lunch to follow.           

     union, an enabler of mutual aid and the primary provider of financial
     services for our faith community.                                                      Call 905-887-5489 for more info.

       Bishop’s Itinerary
    Saskatoon visit to Delisle, Massey Place           1-3
       Leadership Council Retreat
      Truth Search, Kitchener
         Sherkston/Fort Erie Area Joint Service
         Sherkston, Pastor’s mid-term review
     Leadership Team
     Ministry and Development Team
       27-30 General Conference
       Leadership Summit

                                                                     If you would like to receive
                                          this newsletter by email, rather than in your mailbox, please contact Lori Bell at

                             Bishop Brian Bell, Canadian Conference Office, Brethren In Christ Church
                                    2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6H 6E1
                     905-339-2335     FAX: 905-337-2120


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