Limeware Alternatives by hkksew3563rd


									The battle is done and LimeWire will be forced to cease all its operation. I guess that
is how things are going to be now. The music industry are scared to lose all its money
from "digital distribution" and decided to tackle the problem by attacking the
developers and us.

LimeWire is just a sharing application and it is viewed and portrayed as poison. Many
of us would mourn at the loss of a good sharing application. But as one would fall, it
will make way for others.

There are many LimeWire alternatives you can find online, if you know where to look.
But which LimeWire alternative should you choose?

The first alternative is FrostWire. It is made by a few LimeWire users who want the
whole application to be open source. You can easily get used to Frostwire because its
interface is similar to LimeWire. It can access the Gnutella and Bittorent network and
now is compatible with iTunes.

The next alternative is though website streaming. Websites like GrooveShark lets you
stream thousands of music for free. The quality of the music is most of the time better
than videos uploaded on YouTube and you never have to worry about copyright

Another alternative is Google itself. That is one of the biggest "legal" distributing
service you can use. You can easily do a search and come up with places to download
the songs you want. Most of the time you will come across sites that requires you to
pay but at least you're giving something back to the artist.

The final alternative is the Bittorent network. Bittorent have been a growing trend and
it will be further strengthen after LimeWire is closed. There are a lot of clients that
can access the Bittorent network and music labels cannot shut all of them down. It is
also easy to find the files you need as there is a lot of index website that keeps a
database of torrent files.

Do you think it was fair for LimeWire to be shut down the way it did? Join our
LimeWire poll here and see what others have to say about it.

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