Libra Horoscope for December 2010

					The first 3 weeks of this month is a busier time mentally as you are taking in
information, exchanging ideas, explaining, observing and keeping your ear to the
ground. You'll also be intuiting more. Study or networking are well-favoured, also
media - and there'll be more demand on your ability to communicate efficiently and
creatively but also to understand and convey concepts clearly, and that could also put
the focus upon communications equipment for some of you. Or vehicles, as you could
be coming and going more. Also, networking or dealing with more paperwork and
correspondence. Also, the New Moon in this area signals fresh beginnings related to
your social life, short trips, artistic self-expression. Also media, education,
communications technology, promotions over the coming four weeks.
  As in November, Mars continues to energize communications and travel in the first
week and you could be running around more physically, maybe with a close friend or
associate. Being a bit impatient whilst driving isn't a good idea, but there is a danger
of this as the energy is impulsive at times. Your head will probably be full of plans or
schedules and you could get distracted. You may have more questions than answers
just now, but also Mars can have it's off moments and be critical and argumentative
and sometimes you can feel irritated, or be on the receiving end of another's criticism.
A brief squall may help clear the air if no one decides to bear a grudge. So good
people skills and clear speech or writing will be needed over this phase and you can
be very convincing and emphatic at this time but just remember to LISTEN and not
ride roughshod over the opinions of others.
  From the second week your attention will turn towards home and nearest and dearest
but also the past could be having more impact on the present.
  Your thinking will be more concerned with the well-being of loved ones or those in
your wider community or over the wires. Thereafter, you should be feeling more
relaxed and humorous in your approach.
  Mercury retrogrades from the 9th-31st can make you a tad emotionally reactive, but
also intuitive until the 19th when you will be more spontaneous and creative in your
thinking and more prone to playing with ideas as you socialize more.
  It's highly likely you'll do better financially or in other material, practical ways as
Venus, your ruling planet is in an area which could improve things materially until
early Jan 2011 . It's possible that you and a partner could be teaming up together to fill
the piggy-bank or maybe you are both pooling your cash, skills or talents and
enjoying the fruits of what you have already. Through collaborations with partners or
taking good advice, you more likely to hit upon a money-earner and therefore will be
more able to stabilize resources which is the tendency of Venus here. Others are more
likely to pay you for something you enjoy doing, or at least you get more space in
your life to play around with your own ideas. On the other hand you may be more
tempted than usual to spend cash, but try to control the urge to grab the credit card.
There's a New Moon in this area which means the door is open to change things for
the better, so take one positive step now to improve the comfort level, either small or
big, and work with the Law of Attraction to pull what you want financially, or
regarding property towards you.
  With Saturn in your Sun sign for more than two years, will incline you to get to grips
with taking on board more responsibility to re-structure things in a way which mirrors
more authentically where you are at your emotional roots. Over this period you should
be contouring your life in a way which marries what you know you need to do for
yourself to grow and flourish with a personal style and location on the map which
mirrors this.
  Until late January 2011, expansive Jupiter is helping you to derive more fulfilment
from your daily work, enjoy more the company of those you are working with or for,
and, if you are looking for work, you will probably be successful as potential
employers will tend to judge you on your merits and, ultimately, be pleased with your
performance. But, it's important to remember that you are re-inventing yourself in this
area, so be open to a change here. Also this Jupiter vibration could translate as a new
understanding and consequent improvements in health.
  From the 22nd there'll be more going on right in your own back yard.
  Around the 28th/29th there could be an emotional shifting of gears.
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