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									                        L I N D I S F A R N E R O W I N G C L U B I NC

December 2005                                              Newsletter
  Sensational Centenary

Lindisfarne finished the year on a top note with a         The club was very fortunate to have the events cap-
highly successful combination of events to celebrate       tured on film by a not-s o-old Lindisfarne “boy”, Kevin
the club’s Centenary.                                      Lucas, who has posted his photographic essay of the
                                                           centenary on his website, www.aussiesinaction.
After months of careful planning, our 100th birthday
went off with a big bang with hundreds of current and
former members, as well as locals, taking part.            If you have the opportunity, take a look at the photos.
                                                           Kevin is a professional photographer and the result is
We had a “full house’ at the Centenary dinner with
                                                           a superb collection of over 600 images of both the
guests coming from Queensland and Western Aus-
                                                           dinner and the on-water action at the regatta. Kevin
tralia to join in the festivities. The reunion breakfast
                                                           has kindly allowed the club to print some of the pho-
and regatta drew another large crowd and the club-
                                                           tos in the newsletter. All are available for order
house hummed all day with people dropping by to
                                                           through the website.
have a chat and share the memories sparked by the
memorabilia and photo display.                             More stories and photos inside.

                          LRC Christmas Party
                              6pm Thursday 15th December
                                       $5 (includes bbq and salad)
                                                   Cheap drinks
                           Please bring a donation for our charity hamper
Page 2                         Lindisfarne Rowing Club Newsletter                                   December 2005

                                                                                          from Cambridge
                                                                                          The Centenary did not go
                                                                                          unnoticed in the home of
                                                                                          rowing – Great Britain.
                                                                                          The club received a con-
                                                                                          gratulatory letter from the
                                                                                          Cambridge University Boat
                                                                                          Club signed by its president,
                                                                                          former Lindisfarne rower
                                                                                          Tom Edwards.
                                                                                          Tom said he was very proud
                                                                                          of the LRC where he
                                                                                          learned to scull and made
                                                                                          many of his closest friends.
Burnie’s senior crew rounds the mark at the start of the Surf Safari on Lindisfarne Bay   He said one of the fondest
                                                                                          memories he had of his time
 The Centenary festivities were interspersed with the club hosting the annual Surf        with the Tow Blues was win-
 Safari.                                                                                  ning the senior men’s eight
 All of Tasmania’s surf life saving clubs were represented at the event with a record     at the State Championships
 number of competitors in all events.                                                     in 2003. Tom hoped the
 The weather might not have resembled a summer day on a surf beach but the                Centenary would spark an-
 choppy conditions and wind on the Derwent tested the skills of the surf ski and surf     other successful season.
 boat crews. The course went from Lindisfarne Bay to the Derwent Mercantile Colle-
 giate Club, downriver to the John Garrow Light and return. The longer course for
 experienced crews went even further to Crayfish Point at Taroona, a distance of
 Craig Sly, of Surf Life Saving Tasmania, was extremely appreciative of the club’s
 help with the event. He agreed it was a great venue. It invigorated the event and we
 are likely to see the crews again next year. They particularly enjoyed being able to
 use the function room for their trophy presentation and refreshments.

 Club president Andrew Lovibond welcomes guests to the Centenary Dinner heralding the start of a great weekend.

                                 Centenary souvenirs were snapped up and only a few remain.
 Get your                        Calendars $10
                                 History books $10
 Centenary                       DVD club photographs (from 1905 to 2005) $10
                                 Beer steins engraved with Centenary logo $10
                                 Club badges $10
 souvenirs                       Caps $15
                                 Polo shirts $35
Page 3                            Lindisfarne Rowing Club Newsletter                              December 2005

 Left: Past presidents Roger Viney, Glenn Tanner, Gary Fox and Colin Allen with current president Andrew Lovibond
 Right: Host Neville Oliver keeps the memories flowing with Roger Viney and Ian Sansom

  Conversation flows as past glories relived
 We have had tremendous feedback about the cen-
 tenary events commending the club on its dinner for-
 Master of ceremonies was Neville Oliver, retired
 ABC sports broadcaster. He has had a long involve-
 ment in rowing as an oarsman and commentator and
 brought to life some of the characters of old as well
 as highlights of his career. Neville called Steve Haw-
 kins’ gold medal race at the Barcelona Olympics but
 his anecdotes went far beyond his professional
 broadcasting role.
 He knew several of the dinners guests and recalled
 numerous amusing events – one in particular about
 legendary race starter Frank Fazackerley – which
 brought the house down.                                    class from the top-line waiting staff to the absolutely
 Neville was in his element interviewing club rowers        delicious food. Thanks must go to bar manager Greg
 through the ages who joined him at the microphone:         Colbeck and his team of Robin Wilmot, Rick Bird and
 Jim Lucas, Col Pearce, Roger Viney, Ian Sansom,            Leigh Blake who made sure no one went thirsty.
 David Emmett and Scott Brennan contributed to a            From the night, the club now has a pair of Centenary
 show of great professional entertainment. Many             Oars (thanks to the restoration skills of Wally Arm-
 thanks to Roger Viney for overseeing the dinner pro-       strong) and a Centenary Plaque donated by former
 gram and arranging for Neville to join us.                 club secretary Greg Cannon who travelled south
 The meal was outstanding. Wendy Griggs from Pep-           from his new home in Queensland to make the pres-
 permint Ridge provided a sensational three course          entation. Greg was among the “stayers” after the din-
 banquet befitting the occasion. It was a real touch of     ner and one of the first to return for Sunday’s events.

                                                Left: Former
                                                Greg Cannon
                                                with the Cen-
                                                tenary plaque

                                                Above: Aaron
                                                and Mrs Midg-
                                                ley with Bob

                                                Right: The
                                                Hickson table
                                                had a great
                                                night at the
Page 4                           Lindisfarne Rowing Club Newsletter                               December 2005

Back to Bay Regatta a delight for spectators
 Sunday morning dawned early for Centenary Break-
 fast chef Tom Ellis and Back to the Bay Regatta or-
 ganiser Rick Bird and their teams.
 Seated on the club balcony, race caller Michael
 Banks had a commanding view of the 600 metre
 course specially cleared of mooring buoys and boats
 for the regatta.
 The weather was perfect and with the aroma of ba-
 con and eggs in the air, the race program got under-
 way with Lindisfarne masters, elite, senior and junior
 crews battling it out with our guests from the Bucking-
 ham club.
 Spectators lined the shore and the balcony to savour
 the spectacle. It was the first regatta on Lindisfarne
 Bay for 30 years.
 It was a great fun event with 80-year-old Jim Lucas
 back on the water. He looked every bit the champion               Former Kings Cup oarsman Col Pearce enjoys the
 he was back in the 1940s. While veteran oarsmen                           regatta events from the balcony
 Col Pearce didn’t make it into a boat, he provided en-
 tertaining footage for the television crew in an inter-       Swans, the Gibsons, the Faggs, Tony Bellis, Col
 view about the old days of rowing.                            Jones, Keith and Lorraine Spriggs and several oth-
 Breakfast turned into lunch and still the visitors came,      ers.
 some bearing memorabilia for the display. It was a            The handsome Centenary Bowl, crafted from a myrtle
 terrific day and a fitting end to the Centenary celebra-      burl by Jim Lucas, was won by Suzette Holmes. The
 tions. It was great to renew contact with old Lindis-         bowl drew many admiring comments while on display
 farne rowing families - the Hammonds, the Longs, the          over the weekend.

                                         Above left: Tony Bellis
                                         and Roger Fagg relive
                                         their time in the pair

                                         Above right: David Gib-
                                         son shows his King’s
                                         Cup blazer to Colin

                                         Left: Michael Banks was
                                         in his element calling
                                         the races

                                         Right: Jim Lucas joined
                                         the “Sunday School”
                                         oarsmen Andrew Lovi-
                                         bond, Wally Armstrong
                                         and Phil Watson

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