Things To Consider When Buying A Tent

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					If you are considering purchasing a tent, it would be helpful if you considered a few
key questions first. The main question will be how you are planning to use the tent.
Do you intend to be an every month camper, therefore needing a tent that is both
strong and sturdy? Or do you just need a tent for a music festival and then plan to
never use the tent again? Also you will need to have an idea of how many people are
going to be sleeping in the tent. These two questions will help you plan your budget
which will in turn allow you to know what kind of tent you can get for your budget.
  The first main issue is what man tent you need to buy. If you're a small group, but
camp regularly, it would not be worth purchasing a cheap pop up tent. A high quality,
2-3 person tent would suit best, as a cheap pop-up would not last more than a few
trips. If you are a large group, a large dome tent would suit best, this gives you
separate bedroom areas and also a living area to provide comfort to all. Quality is a
must, as any cheap, large dome tents will disappoint.
  Once you have answered the above questions, you will be able to consider the
weight of the tent. Festival tents ideally are light weight and easy to transport, as you
cannot always park next to the place where you can pitch your tent. One of the most
important things to consider when purchasing a festival tent, is that it is brightly
coloured. This will help it stand out from the thousands of other tents at the festival. If
you are purchasing a tent for regular family camping holidays, then you may want to
consider spending a bit more money, as a high quality tent will last you for years if it's
well looked after.
  The intended purpose of the tent, and the way in which you plan to use it will have a
great bearing on the type of weather protection needed. Almost every tent is
waterproof, especially here in the UK. Look to see if the tent has a built in ground
sheet. For me, this is one of the key factors in rejecting a tent (bad memories from
Scouts as a child!) A ground sheet helps to keep water out, and also creepy crawlies.
  When purchasing your tent there are many different factors to choose from regarding
tent accessories. It may be worth checking to see whether the tent you are looking at
purchasing has optional extras as some don't sell any at all. There are many
accessories available, including tent carpets, outside ground sheets and fold-down
storage facilities.
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This article was written by Duncan Smith of uBerSEO Manchester

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