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					Application Due Date: October 15, 2003

         Notice of Grant Opportunity
        New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program
                        Cadre 8
                       Year 1 of 2

                 William L. Librera, Ed.D.
                Commissioner of Education

                    Richard C. Ten Eyck
                   Assistant Commissioner
      Division of Educational Programs and Assessment

                     Michael K. Klavon
         Office of Innovative Programs and Schools

                         May 2003

                    P.O. Box 500
               Trenton, NJ 08625-0500


List will be furnished by the GMC Liaison upon approval for release.
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
 When responding to this Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO), applicants must also
 access the "Discretionary Grant Application (DGA)" for additional information
 governing the grant program.
 See or call the Application Control
 Center (ACC) at 609-633-6974.

                 1.1   Description of the Grant Program .......................................................1
                 1.2   Eligibility to Apply .............................................................................1
                 1.3   Statutory/Regulatory Source and Funding ..........................................1
                 1.4   Dissemination of This Notice .............................................................2
                 1.5   Technical Assistance ...........................................................................3
                 1.6   Application Submission ......................................................................3
                 1.7   Reporting Requirements .....................................................................4
                 1.8   Assessment of Statewide Program Results .........................................5

                 2.1   Project Design .....................................................................................6
                 2.2   Project Requirements ..........................................................................7
                 2.3   Budget Design Considerations ............................................................9
                 2.4   Budget Requirements ........................................................................10

                 3.1   General Instructions for Applying ....................................................12
                 3.2   Evaluation of Applications ...............................................................12
                 3.3   Application Component Checklist ....................................................12

 Eligibility Documentation of a Charter School for the Municipal (Urban) Aid Program
 Municipal (Urban) Aid Program


The goal of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program/Cadre 8, Year 1 is to increase
student achievement through effective planning and implementation of innovative charter
schools. These charter schools will promote high student academic achievement for all children,
including those with special needs, and help them meet the New Jersey Core Curriculum
Content Standards. It is the intent of the Department of Education to assist each successful
applicant in the design and implementation of a new charter school and to evaluate its impact on
students, student achievement, staff and parents. The population to be served by the Cadre 8,
Year 1 program consists of students in kindergarten through grade 12. This grant award is a two-
year program. Year 1 of 2 will start May 15, 2004 and end March 31, 2005. Year 2 of 2
(continuation grant) will start April 1, 2005 and end March 31, 2006. The grant project design is
articulated in the form of a mandated goal and mandated objectives.


This is a multiyear limited-competitive grant that is open to new charter school applicants
submitting an application for charter approval on or before July 15, 2003. The grant awards are
contingent upon the charter applicant receiving charter approval by the Commissioner in
January 2004. Please see Section 1.3 for the conditions of funding.


In each award period, the grantee is expected to complete the goal, objectives and indicators and
implementation activities established in its grant agreement for that award period and to make
satisfactory progress toward the completion of its multiyear plan. Failure to do so may result in
the withdrawal by the Department of Education of the grantee’s eligibility for the continuation
of grant funding.

The applicant’s project must be designed and implemented in conformance with all applicable
state and federal regulations. The New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program is 100 percent
federally funded under the U.S. Department of Education Public Charter Schools Program
(P. L. 103-382, Part C—Public Charter Schools). Grant funds are Restricted Revenue, and the
awarded amount for the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program must stay with the
charter school. Control of funds must remain with the board of trustees of the charter school.

The grant agreement period for Year 1 of 2 begins May 15, 2004 and ends March 31, 2005. Up
to $150,000 per award will be granted to approximately five (5) charter schools with a total of
$750,000 to be awarded. This is a two-year grant award. Year 2 of 2 awards are subject to the
availability of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program funds. It is anticipated that

Year 2 of 2 will receive approximately $150,000 per award with a grant agreement’s possible
starting date of April 1, 2005 and ending March 31, 2006.

The applicant’s budget must be well-considered, necessary for the implementation of the
program and within the Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) funding parameters. The
Department of Education will remove ineligible, inappropriate or undocumented costs from
funding consideration.

At least 50 percent of the funds ($375,000) are set-aside to be awarded to eligible applicants
serving students from municipalities that participate in the Municipal (Urban) Aid Program.
The Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services designates
municipalities eligible for the CY2001/FY2002 Municipal (Urban) Aid Program pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 52:27D-178. (Please see Appendix B for a list of those municipalities and the required
documentation form). Unallocated set-aside funds (if any) will be used to fund, in rank order,
eligible application(s) that did not meet the set-aside requirement.

Final awards are subject to the availability of New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program
funds. Awards will be made in descending rank order until the balance of funds remaining has
been awarded. If balances are available, or if additional funds become available during the fiscal
year, the next highest scoring application(s) above 65 points may become eligible for award(s).

The award of continuation funds remains discretionary; therefore, grantees eligible for
continuation funding are obligated to meet all of the requirements of the grant. Failure to
comply with all requirements will result in an application’s elimination from consideration for
any further funding under the grant program for the duration of the multiyear grant period.

Conditions for funding: applicants must satisfy the following conditions before an award can be
made by submitting to the Charter School Unit the following:
              Bylaws of the Board of Trustees;
              Certificate of Incorporation;
              Credit Authorization Agreement and Automatic Deposits; and
              Federal Employer Identification Number.


The Charter School Unit will make this notice available to charter applicants. The Charter
School Unit will also make this notice available to the regional assistant commissioners and to
the county superintendents in which the eligible agencies are located.

Important: This NGO does not constitute the complete application package. All applicants
must use this NGO in combination with the Discretionary Grant Application (DGA), which
contains required guidance, application forms and instructions necessary to prepare a complete

The DGA is available on the NJDOE Web site at:

or by contacting:
                                Application Control Center
                            New Jersey Department of Education
                          River View Executive Plaza, Building 100
                                         Route 29
                                       P.O. Box 500
                                  Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
                        Telephone: 609.633.6974; Fax: 609.777.1051

Additional copies of the NGO are also available on the NJDOE Web site (above) or by
                        Office of Innovative Programs and Schools
                                     Charter School Unit
                            New Jersey Department of Education
                         River View Executive Plaza, Building 100
                                          Route 29
                                        P.O. Box 500
                                   Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
                       Telephone: 609.292.5850; Fax: 609.633.9825


The Technical Assistance Workshop will be held at the New Jersey Department of Education,
100 River View Plaza, 1st Floor Conference Room Side ―B‖, Trenton. Registration is required
by August 4, 2003. Please call the Charter School Unit at 609.292.5850 to register. Registrants
requiring special accommodations for the Technical Assistance Workshop should identify their
needs at the time of registration.

Date                  Time                  Location
August 7, 2003        1:00 to 4:00 p.m.     New Jersey Department of Education
                                            100 River View Plaza
                                            1st floor conference room side ―B‖
                                            Trenton, NJ

The Charter School Unit requests that the person designated as the project director must attend
the Technical Assistance Workshop. No further technical assistance will be provided.


The Department of Education operates discretionary grant programs in strict conformance with
procedures designed to ensure accountability and integrity in the use of public funds and,
therefore, will not accept late applications.

The responsibility for a timely submission resides with the applicant. The Application Control
Center (ACC) must receive an original and four copies of the complete application NO LATER

THAN 4:00 P.M. ON October 15, 2003. Without exception, the ACC will not accept, and the
Office of Grants Management cannot evaluate for funding consideration, an application received
after this deadline. An applicant agency will lose the opportunity to be considered eligible for an
award if the application is received after the due date.

The original and four (4) copies of the application must be mailed or delivered to:
                                  Application Control Center
                              New Jersey Department of Education
                            River View Executive Plaza, Building 100
                                             Route 29
                                           P.O. Box 500
                                     Trenton, NJ 08625-0500

Applicants are encouraged either to:

     hand deliver the application to the address above which is located in the same complex as the
      Mercer County Waterfront Park on Route 29 in Trenton, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and
      4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding state holidays) and obtain a dated receipt; or

     send the application by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested; or

     arrange for delivery by an overnight delivery service to ensure timely delivery and receipt of
      the application.

Postmarks are not acceptable evidence of timely submission. Receipt by the due date and time is
required. Applicants are encouraged to obtain a receipt or to sign in upon delivery to verify DOE
receipt. Complete applications are those that include all elements listed in Section 3.3 of this
notice. Applications received by the due date and time will be screened to determine whether
they are, in fact, eligible for evaluation. The Department of Education reserves the right to reject
any application not in conformance with the requirements of this NGO.

Applications submitted by fax or e-mail cannot be accepted in any circumstances.


Grant recipients are required to submit periodic project and fiscal progress reports. For
additional information about post-award requirements, see the Grant Recipient’s Manual for
Discretionary Grants at:

Project and fiscal reports will be due as follows:

 Report                         Reporting Period                Due Date
 1st Interim                    May 15, 2004 to
                                September 15, 2004              October 15, 2004
 Final                          May 15, 2004 to
                                March 31, 2005                  May 31, 2005


The Charter School Unit will use the data collected from funded charter schools to develop the
annual performance report, which will be submitted by the Charter School Unit to the U.S.
Department of Education. The department will collect agency data and determine the charter
school’s progress by assessing the information included in the Charter School Annual Report
submitted to the Charter School Unit. The department will evaluate change affected by this
multiyear grant program through the accomplishment of the mandated goal and the mandated

The design and implementation should result in the following outcomes:
 Efficiency in governance and management of the school.
 Board-adopted operating policies to include, but not limited to:
              Admissions policy for students; and
              Nondiscriminatory selection process and hiring policy for staff.
 Improved student scores based upon:
              Statewide Assessment Program;
              nonmandated standardized assessment; and
              curriculum-embedded assessments.
 Attainment of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
   ( and the delivery of an educational program leading to
   high student achievement.
 Plans to collect baseline data to include statewide assessment program results and local
   assessments of students regarding the achievement of the school’s academic and
   nonacademic goals and objectives.
 High-quality plans for the school’s programs for diverse learners and its extracurricular
 High degree of parental and community involvement in the school.
 Materials for public relations and outreach efforts.
 Professional development opportunities for staff members.


The intent of this section is to provide the applicant with the program framework within which it
will plan, design and develop its proposed project to meet the purpose of this grant program.
Before preparing applications, potential applicants are advised to review Section 1.1 of this NGO
to ensure a full understanding of the state’s vision and purpose for offering the program.
Additionally, the information contained in Section 2 will complete the applicant’s understanding
of the specific considerations and requirements that are to be considered and/or addressed in their

When developing an application, the agency must use the Discretionary Grant Application
(DGA). The DGA contains requirements, forms and instructions applicable to all grant
programs. The application selection process is based upon conformance with the application
requirements contained in the DGA and the project specific information contained in Sections 2
and 3 of this NGO.


To achieve this goal, the state has identified six (6) mandated objectives that will promote
success and increase the charter school program’s sustainability. These mandated objectives will
assist newly approved charter schools in meeting the criteria set forth in the Charter School
Program Act of 1995.

Charter school applicants must address all objectives:
      Year 1 of 2, 2004-05 must include objectives 1, 2 and 3.
      Year 2 of 2, 2004-06 must continue objectives 1, 2 and 3 from Year 1 of 2 and must
       address objectives 4, 5 and 6.

The Year 1 of 2 application must include:
     Project Abstract—provide a description of the proposed project for the full multiyear
       grant period.
     Project Description—address the comprehensive plan to cover the full multiyear grant
     Goal/Objectives/Indicators—identify the indicators to cover the mandated goal and all
       objectives for the full two-year program. Provide specific indicators identifying how
       you will reach the goal and objectives stated.
     Project Activity Plan—include for Year 1.
     Budget Detail Forms—include for Year 1.

In preparing this application, the department strongly encourages applicants to reach out to
renewed charter schools taking part in the New Jersey Charter Schools Dissemination grant

whose role it is to disseminate successful practices.     The Dissemination/Cohorts 1 and 2
recipients are as follows:
       Academy Charter High School
                Ms. Mary Jo Kapalko
       Camden’s Promise Charter School
                Mr. Joseph Conway
                856.365.1000 X101
       Elysian Charter School of Hoboken
                Ms. Lydia Becker
       LEAP Academy Charter School
                Ms. Iliana Okum
       Learning Community Charter School
                Ms. Susan Grierson
       North Star Academy Charter School of Newark
                Mr. Norman Atkins
       Princeton Charter School
                Mr. Charles Marsee
       Red Bank Charter School
                Ms. Meredith Pennotti

The applicant must establish indicators of success for the project goal and objectives. In
constructing indicators, describe the measures and instrumentation to be used, person responsible
to develop and conduct the evaluation and how the results will be used. Well-constructed
indicators of success will establish a clear understanding of responsibilities and a system of
accountability for the project and determine the overall success of the project.


The mandated goal of the New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program is to increase student
achievement through effective planning and implementation of innovative charter schools.

All objectives will be completed by the end of the multiyear grant.             The mandated
objectives are:

YEAR 1 of 2, 2004-05
Objective 1: Implementation of Planning and Design
To conduct initial planning and design for the educational program and management/governance
structure that will result in high academic student achievement and governance efficiencies. For

example, the charter school board of trustees may adopt a management plan that fosters the
     a high degree of accountability; and
     parental and community involvement.
The charter school board of trustees may also develop and implement school policies prior to the
school’s opening and initiate:
     professional development for the staff;
     educational program design;
     curriculum development;
     assessment strategies; and
     recruitment and retention strategies/plans.

Objective 2: Professional Development
To provide a comprehensive inservice and self-evaluation program for members of the board of
trustees and administrators. For example, the charter school may do the following:
     Implement training programs to build capacity in management and leadership skills for
        members of the board of trustees and administrators.
     Conduct a self-evaluation of management/governance structure and utilize results for
        school improvement.

Objective 3: Public Relations and Outreach
To develop and implement a viable marketing and outreach program that will increase public
awareness of the charter school. For example, the charter school may do the following:
    Indicate innovative marketing approaches for the public relations and outreach activities.
    Provide indicators to increase the demand for the charter school in the community.

YEAR 2 of 2, 2004-06 must continue objectives 1, 2 and 3 from Year 1 of 2 and must
address objectives 4, 5 and 6.

Objective 4: Implementation and Refinement of the Charter School’s Educational Program
To implement and refine the educational program with fully developed curricula which meet the
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. For example, the charter school may:
    Implement a range of educational approaches and innovative practices;
    Align curriculum to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards; and
    Refine curriculum based on the ongoing analysis of student evaluations.

Objective 5: Assessment Strategies
To implement the Statewide Assessment Program and determine if charter school students are
achieving at a level greater than an appropriate comparison group of students from the resident
district(s). To establish local supplementary methods for assessing student progress at non-
benchmark grade levels.

Note: It is suggested that when assessing progress and results for this objective that the applicant
consider the collection of baseline data, curriculum-embedded assessments and/or alternate
methods that could be used to determine and document student achievement. Examples include:

         Determine on an ongoing basis the assessment results to evaluate student progress over
         Meet the educational needs of all students including students with diverse learning needs,
          based on assessment results.
         Design an early intervention program based on assessment results.
         Define the student performance report system to parents.

Objective 6: Analysis of Recruitment/Retention Practices of Students and Staff
To review and assess the admissions and enrollment policies for students. To review and assess
the recruitment strategy for staff regarding nondiscriminatory hiring. The charter school should
do the following:
     Recruit a cross-section of the community’s school-age population.
     Establish a nondiscriminatory selection process for staff members.
     Assess retention rates of students and staff.
     Provide evaluation and professional development for staff members.
     Implement and refine the recruitment/retention plan based on the ongoing analysis.

The grant project design is articulated in the form of a mandated goal and mandated objectives.
Charter School applicants will address all mandated objectives in their application:
       Year 1 of 2 must address objectives 1, 2 and 3.
       Year 2 of 2 must continue objectives 1, 2 and 3 from Year 1 of 2 and must address
        objectives 4, 5 and 6.
Applicants must include the mandated goal and appropriate objectives when constructing their
Project Activity Plan (see Section 2.1). In this application, the Year 1 of 2 Project Activity Plan
and Budget Detail Forms will be required. Refer to the Application Checklist (see Section 3.3)
when submitting the required sections.

In Year 2 of 2, continuation funding for each grantee eligible for an award will be contingent
      a.    the timely and accurate submission of all reports required under this grant program
            and the Department of Education approval of the reports;
      b.    a monitoring report approval by the program office of the grantee’s progress in
            implementation of the Year 1 of 2 plan;
      c.    satisfactory progress toward the completion of any remediation identified as
            necessary by the program office as a result of a and b above; and
      d.    submission by the grantee of a complete and acceptable application for Year 2 of 2.


The applicant's budget must be well-considered, be necessary for the implementation of the
project, remain within NGO funding parameters and must demonstrate prudent use of resources.

The applicant must provide a direct link for each cost to the goal, objectives and activities in the
Project Activity Plan that provides programmatic support for the proposed cost. In addition, the
applicant must provide documentation and details sufficient to support each proposed cost.
Detailed instructions are provided on each budget detail form and in the DGA.

The Department of Education will remove from consideration all ineligible costs, as well as costs
not supported by the Project Activity Plan. The actual amount awarded will be contingent upon
the applicant's ability to provide support for its proposed budget upon application and ultimately
will be determined by the Department of Education through the preaward revision process. The
applicant’s opportunity to make preaward revisions will be limited by the Department of
Education which is not responsible either to provide repeated opportunities for revisions or to
permit reallocation of the funds previously requested for costs that have not been approved or
have been disallowed.


Budget requests should be linked to specific project activities and objectives of the New Jersey
Charter Schools Grant Program as described in this NGO. See Section 2.1 for a description of
objectives 1, 2 and 3 to be included in the Year 1 of 2 budget detail forms.

Eligible costs may include:
      purchased services of specialists/consultant fees;
      professional development activities;
      purchase of materials and other supplies specific to the proposed activities such as
       instructional and noninstructional equipment and furniture, textbooks, workbooks, library
       resource books, classroom supplies, software programs, art supplies, physical education
       equipment, GAAP system, kitchen/cafeteria equipment, computer labs, etc.;
      additional compensation for professional staff beyond their employment contract
       responsibilities with benefits for the time they are engaged in grant project activities; and
      direct costs for mailings, postage, media advertising, audio/video production, multimedia
       presentations, printing of application forms, policies booklets, lottery forms, fliers,
       security camera/equipment, publications, handbooks, brochures, school calendars,
       newsletters, awards/certificates, stationery, fact sheets, posters, etc.

Purchased services of a consultant to assist in meeting the required objectives are limited to a
maximum of $5,000 per individual consultant per grant period. Complete information must be
provided on Budget Detail Form C: Consultants.

Other eligible costs include:
     travel for in-state meetings directly related to grant-funded objectives;
     travel, hotel accommodations and registration fees for professional development
      workshops, (including substitute salaries for coverage for the teachers attending
      workshops) directly related to grant-funded objectives of this project with the following
               mileage reimbursement not to exceed $.31 per mile and a maximum of two out-
               of-state workshops per charter school per fiscal year with fully itemized
               information on all expenses provided in the budget; and
     any other initial operating cost which is not considered an ineligible cost under the NGO
      and cannot be met from other federal, state or local sources. For any such cost to be

       requested, the applicant must (1) justify the cost programmatically and (2) explain why
       the cost cannot be paid from other sources of funding.

Grant funds must be used to supplement and not supplant existing efforts of the charter
schools. For example: A charter school has set aside a certain amount for their library
collection. However, if a charter school seeks to stock a school library with computers, for
which no funding has been set aside, the charter school may request grant funds to pay for the
―additional‖ cost of the computer equipment in the library. The charter school would be required
to continue to contribute the same amount toward the cost of the other collection in the library.

Grant funds provided through this NGO may not be expended for the following:
 purchase of telephone system equipment;
 purchase of vehicles;
 facility renovation costs;
 capital construction costs;
 custodial or security services;
 administrative/operational costs;
 entertainment/food/refreshments;
 indirect costs; and
 costs that are not directly related to the educational program and that are unsupported by the



To apply for a grant under this NGO, you must prepare and submit a complete application. Your
application will be a response to the state’s vision as articulated in Section 1: Grant Program
Information of this NGO. It will be planned, designed and developed in accordance with the
project framework articulated in Section 2: Project Guidelines of this NGO. Your application
package must also be constructed in accordance with the guidance, instructions and forms found
only in the DGA. You must use the DGA in combination with this NGO to prepare a complete


Evaluators will use the Selection Criteria found in Part I: General Information and Guidance of
the DGA to review and rate your application according to how well the content addresses
Sections 1 and 2 in this NGO.

Please be advised that in accordance with the Open Public Records Act P.L. 2001, c. 404, all
applications for discretionary grant funds received September 1, 2003 or later, as well as the
evaluation results associated with these applications, and other information regarding the
competitive grants process, will become matters of public record upon the completion of the
evaluation process, and will be available to members of the public upon request.

The following point values apply to the evaluation of applications received in response to this

                          Application Component                     Point Value

                                   STATEMENT OF NEED                  N/A
                                  PROJECT DESCRIPTION                  20
                      GOAL, OBJECTIVES AND INDICATORS                  20*
                                PROJECT ACTIVITY PLAN                  40
                                               BUDGET                  20
                                                           TOTAL      100
* Please note that the goal and objectives are predetermined in this NGO. Therefore, the point
value is committed to the indicators.


The following forms are required (see Required Column) to be included as part of your
application. Failure to include a required form may result in your application being removed
from consideration for funding. Use the checklist (see Included Column) to ensure that all
required forms are included in your application.

Note: The Application Title Page and all special forms are attached to the NGO. All other
forms are part of the Discretionary Grant Application and can be downloaded from the Internet

                                   Application Checklist

Required   Location   Form                                                                Included
   ()                                                                                       ()
          NGO        Application Title Page
          DGA        Board Resolution to Apply
          DGA        Statement of Assurances
          DGA        Project Abstract   (maximum: one-page/multiyear abstract)
          DGA        Project Description   (maximum: eight pages/multiyear
          DGA        Goals, Objectives and Indicators: (multiyear goals, objectives
                      and indicators) Year 1 of 2 include objectives 1, 2 and 3; Year 2
                      of 2 must continue objectives 1, 2 and 3 and must address
                      objectives 4, 5 and 6
          DGA        Project Activity Plan: Submit only Year 1 of 2
          DGA        SUBMIT BUDGET FORMS AS NEEDED: (Year 1 of 2)
                      NOTE--Submit Budget for Year 1 of 2 only
                      Year 1 must include objectives 1, 2 and 3 for up to $150,000
                      Budget Form A: Full-Time and Part-Time Salaries
                      Budget Form B: Personnel Services – Employee Benefits
                      Budget Form C: Purchased Professional and Technical Services
                      Budget Form D: Supplies and Materials
                      Budget Form E: Equipment
                      Budget Form F: Other Costs
          DGA        Application for Funds – Budget Summary
          NGO        ADDITIONAL FORMS
           NGO        Eligibility Documentation of Charter Schools for the Municipal
                      (Urban) Aid Program—Submit only if eligible

Appendix A


Fifty percent of the grant funds available under this NGO will be set aside for charter schools
serving the eligible municipalities. To be eligible for the set-aside funds, the charter school must
be serving students from at least one of the eligible municipalities listed in Appendix B
(Municipal [Urban] Aid Program). Submit this form only if serving at least one of the eligible

Provide the following information:

Charter School:



Identify the eligible municipal urban district(s) to be served:

____________________________                          _______________               _________
          Signature                                        Title                       Date
  Lead Person or Project Director

             Municipal (Urban) Aid Program*

County               Municipality
Atlantic             Pleasantville City

Bergen               Garfield City
                     Hackensack City
                     Lodi Borough

Burlington           Mount Holly Township
                     Pemberton Township
                     Willingboro Township

Camden               Camden City
                     Gloucester City
                     Gloucester Township
                     Lindenwold Township
                     Pennsauken Township
                     Winslow Township

Cumberland           Bridgeton City
                     Millville City
                     Vineland City

Essex                Belleville Township
                     Bloomfield Township
                     East Orange City
                     Irvington Township
                     Montclair Township
                     Newark City
                     Orange City Township

Gloucester           Glassboro Borough
                     Monroe Township
                     Woodbury City

Hudson               Bayonne City
                     Hoboken City
                     Jersey City City
                     Kearny Town
                     North Bergen Township

                     Municipal (Urban) Aid Program*

County                           Municipality
Hudson (continued)               Union City
                                 Weehawken Township
                                 West New York Town

Mercer                           Trenton City

Middlesex                        Carteret Borough
                                 New Brunswick City
                                 Old Bridge Township
                                 Perth Amboy City
                                 Woodbridge Township

Monmouth                         Asbury Park City
                                 Keansburg Borough
                                 Long Branch City
                                 Neptune City
                                 Neptune Township

Ocean                            Brick Township
                                 Lakewood Township

Passaic                          Passaic City
                                 Paterson City

Salem                            Penns Grove Borough
                                 Salem City

Union                            Elizabeth City
                                 Hillside Township
                                 Plainfield City
                                 Rahway City
                                 Roselle Borough

Warren                           Phillipsburg Town

*The Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services designates
municipalities eligible for the CY2001/FY2002 Municipal (Urban) Aid Program pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 52:27D-178. To meet the requirements for the Municipal (Urban) Aid Program, a
minimum of 250 children must qualify for Transition Assistance for Needy Families.

                                       NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
                                         NOTICE OF GRANT OPPORTUNITY - TITLE PAGE
SECTION I:                                                                                                           03 CA38 G02
                                                                                                                     FY    NGO#       WKL
TITLE OF NGO: New Jersey Charter Schools Grant Program – Cadre 8 (Year 1/2)
DIVISION:     Educational Programs and Assessment
OFFICE:       Innovative Programs and Schools
SECTION II:                                                                                          COUNTY:

                                                                                           COUNTY NAME:_____________________________



CITY                                    STATE                               ZIP
PREVIOUS FUNDING: Agency received funding from the NJ Department of Education within the last two years of submission of this application.
                                                          YES          NO

PROJECT DIRECTOR: _________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER: (____)____________________ FAX#: (____)__________________ E-MAIL_______________________________

BUSINESS MANAGER: ________________________________ PHONE#: (____)___________ E-MAIL_____________________________

                    DURATION OF PROJECT: FROM:                  05/15/04          TO:   03/31/05

          TOTAL AMOUNT OF FUNDS REQUESTED: $__________________________________________

APPLICATION CERTIFICATION:              To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in the application is true and correct. The
                                                  document has been duly authorized by the governing body of this agency and we will comply with
                                                  the attached assurances if funding is awarded. I further certify the following is enclosed:
                              AGENCY TITLE PAGE
                              SIGNED STATEMENT OF ASSURANCES
                              BOARD RESOLUTION TO APPLY
                              APPLICATION NARRATIVE*
                              BUDGET SUMMARY AND BUDGET DETAIL FORMS*

___________________________________________________           _________________________________________          ________________
SIGNATURE OF CHIEF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR                        TITLE                                              DATE

                APPLICATION BEING ELIMINATED FROM CONSIDERATION (See NGO Section 3.3 for itemized list).

SEND OR DELIVER APPLICATIONS TO:                                                           APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY:
     APPLICATION CONTROL CENTER                                                            4:00 P.M., ON          10/15/03
     BLDG. 100, ROUTE 29 – PO Box 500
     TRENTON, NJ 08625-0500


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