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Thesis Writing Help- Common Mistakes In Thesis Writing


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									When writing term paper, research paper, thesis, essay, dissertation or exegesis for
assessment there is nothing worse than having your hard work graded down because
of simple errors. While you may have completed amazing research and written an
excellent thesis you may be letting your self and your hard work down. This is a list
of Common Errors reported by examiners and assessors and some suggestions on how
to avoid them. Common General Mistakes Use of Acronyms, or Abbreviations that
are not explained in the text. For example stating 鈥楾 he SDC was remarkably
helpful in the Lit. Rev.鈥?Without explaining what the acronym 鈥楽 DC 鈥?or the
abbreviation 鈥 楲 it. Rev 鈥 ?actually means in the context of your chapter.
Generalised terms: eg Relatively 鈥?relative to what, Generally 鈥?what are the
cases that are not general, Most 鈥?how many and what about those who are not
included. Stating details are 鈥減 rovided elsewhere 鈥?and providing a reference to
an external source is not sufficient to establish you understand how it applies or its
relevance. Do not make assumptions that are not substantiated by referencing or
experimental data. E.g. 鈥楧 egas was considered a master of his time 鈥? suggests
the questions: By whom? What is the 鈥榯 ime 鈥? Compared to who or what?
Refrain from using 鈥榠 n the figure below 鈥?or 鈥榠 n the diagram on the next
page 鈥? instead refer to specific figures, diagrams etc (eg. Fig. 1.1.2, or 鈥楧 iagram
B on page 87 鈥? Missing information 鈥?sections can be typed out with your mind
adding details that you haven 鈥檛 actually stated. This will make these sections
confusing. (Re-reading at a later date can help this). See more tips on Common Errors
Grammatical and Spelling Errors Latin words should be italicised. Ensure that words
written in other languages are recorded and spelt correctly including letter specific
punctuation marks like e, o, a etc, especially when using translation programs. Try to
avoid using the same word twice in a sentence as it can sound odd or can be
unnecessary restating. Eg. It was observed that short production time led to a powdery
surface being observed. Meaning: The short production time was noted as the cause of
the observed powdery surface. See more tips on Grammatical and Spelling Errors
Structural Errors Abstract should be no more than 1 page to provide a concise 鈥榩
icture 鈥?of your thesis. No clearly defined aims/objective/questions to be answered.
This means the reader can gain no sense of whether your research achieves what it set
out to do. The originality, significance and contribution the thesis is making to the
field should be clearly stated. I.e. how the thesis will fill the 鈥榞 ap 鈥?identified in
the knowledge         of     the field.      Be     careful with      the order of
Chapters/Sections/Sub-sections to avoid referring back to something you have not yet
introduced. See more tips on Structural Errors The most important thing is to
remember to proofread your thesis or use a proofreading service. Ask for thesis
writing help or essay writing tips from your lecturer, teacher or supervisor as they
should be able to help your writing and critical thinking.
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