Lenovo T400 Review (DOC) by hkksew3563rd


									Sitting comfortably inside the center inside the center of Lenovo's ThinkPad family,
the T sequence provides a powerful mixture of value, performance, and portability;
the 14.1-inch T400 is much less bulky than Lenovo's small-business SL sequence or
cost-conscious R series, and much less pricey compared to ultraportable X sequence
or ultrapowerful W series. At $1,549, this celebration laptop provides this sort of
high-end attributes as switchable graphics, with one another with prolonged battery
existence and awesome ergonomics. In other words, it's every little thing you
anticipate from the ThinkPad.
  Design inside the ThinkPad T400
  While Dell and HP have spruced up their celebration laptop lines using an amazing
offer more current designs, the T400 provides no new riffs concerning the traditional
ThinkPad look. The chassis and keyboard are all black, using the touch of vivid
red-colored by method of the TrackPoint eraser and some slate blue markings on
some keys, which include the ThinkVantage button, which launches Lenovo's power
software, as well as the key in key. A row of eco-friendly location lights appears just
below the screen.
  Unlike the SL sequence as well as the X300/X301, the T400 has plain, metallic
hinges as opposed to sleek, dark ones. The lid does not possess the glossy plastic
material or even the illuminated LED logo remedy found concerning the SL series.
  Like the Samsung X460, the T400 actions only 1.3 inches at its thickest.
  The nine-cell extended battery on our evaluation system additional considerable heft
toward the back again inside the equipment and raised the complete unwanted weight
to 5.6 pounds, from the svelte 4.7 pounds using the low-capacity four-cell unit. while
the plan suit comfortably on our lap and do not idea over, the back again was
noticeably heavier compared to front.
  Adequate Ports
  The ThinkPad T400 arrives basic with each of the ports a cellular professional needs,
using just one exception. concerning the ideal facet can be the optical generate as well
as just one USB port. concerning the left can be an ExpressCard/54 slot, an Ethernet
port, a modem jack, and two an amazing offer more USB ports. The the front lip
homes a FireWire port, with one another with microphone and headphone jacks, while
the back again consists of a Kensington lock. The plan even arrives using a fingerprint
reader for additional security.
  A storage card reader, an complete necessity these days, was conspicuously absent
from our evaluation unit, but is accessible like a $10 choice when configuring the
T400 on Lenovo.com. DisplayPort or HDMI ports would are actually welcome, but
they're not vital. Lenovo T400 Review

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