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									1.Beach Tourism Is undoubtedly the major crowd puller for Goa with its nearly 105
Kms of golden beaches kissed by the sun for most days in the year. From the northern
n beach of Keri to Palolim in the south the entire sandy stretch boasts of the world
famous beaches of Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Vagator etc. All the beaches have their
distinct flavors and Calangute is perhaps the most crowded out of these.
  2. Adventure Tourism in Goa involves exploring the hinterlands of the region which
are accessible by both boat and by road. In the last couple of years options for
adventure tourism have grown rapidly and now offer Dolphin sighting, angling,
boating, trekking the lush green forest areas and even rock climbing
  3. Wildlife Tourism is another natural attraction for Goa. Very few may know that
nearly 60% of the state comes under the classification of a protected area. Goa offers
varied flora and fauna part from two rivers Zuari and Mondovi apart from two lakes
Mayem and Carambolim. Hence Goa offers natural habitat for all kinds of marine and
terrestrial wildlife, apart from playing host to multiple kinds of migratory birds. Goa
boasts of 4 Wild Life Parks, one National park and the famous Dr. Salim Ali Bird
  4. Pilgrimage Tourism in Goa is fueled by the existence of Hindu temples and old
churches. The Mangueshi, Mardol as well as the Saptakoteshwar temples at Narve
attract the Hindu pilgrims while the churches such as St Cajetan, Our Lady of the
Mount, St Francis of Assisi Church and Convent, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral,
Church of Our Lady of Rosary attract the followers of Christ
  5. Cultural Tourism in Goa is a rich blend of color gaiety in its dances and songs like
Mandos, Fugddies, Goff, and Godemodni. People from different religions co exist
peacefully in harmony which is evident in the participation by them in the Goa
Annual Carnival. Goans also celebrate their festivals with enthusiasm. The major
festivals of Goa are Taranga, the boat festival Sangodd and Bonderam. This provides
a rare and unique experience for the Goa bound tourist
  6. Architectural Tourism is yet another shade of excitement and discovery for the
tourist who marvels mans creations on the planet. Goan architecture has a strong
Portuguese influence as it was a Portuguese colony till 1961. Apart from forts like
Chapora, Teracol and Alorna Goa also has old churches and colonial houses dating
back to nearly hundreds of years in time gone by.
  7. Yoga Tourism at Goa rejuvenates the mind, detoxifies the body and brings peace
to the mind and soul. Amidst the setting of either a beach or a lush green landscape
virtually untouched by pollution, Goa offers a welcome break for the urban tourist
who can reconnect with Mother Nature here. Instructors are available easily across
  8. Farm and Eco Tourism is the most recent addition to the attractions Goa has to
offer for the ideal holiday at Goa for the nature enthusiast. Goa has a number of spice
farms and orchard lands. Many enterprising farm owners have now built dwellings
within the farm which provide Eco friendly accommodation to the tourist at Goa,
while they work hand in hand with the farm workers during their stay. A really novel
way to explore the life of a Goa Farmer
  Goa offers some thing for every tourist for their ideal holiday at Goa, both in terms
of variety of tour options but also for staying options. Goa has the best star rated
hotels and resorts for the luxury seeking tourist and economical and budget villa and
apartment at Goa for the budget tourist
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