TheCovernant by djsgjg0045


									A Thought. While God’s Perfect Justice Said, To Sin is Death, God’s Perfect Mercy
Said, Forgive Them. Justice And Mercy Seemed To Be Opposing Each Other. Justice
Demanded Payment. And Mercy Wanted To Forgive and Forget About Payment.
God’s Righteousness Said, There is A Way, To Meet All Demands. God’s Perfect
Love Said, I Will Do It, And Satisfy All Demands. God’s Perfect Justice Demanded
Death For Sin. God’s Perfect Mercy, Demanded Forgiveness. God’s Perfect
Righteousness, Found A Way. God’s Perfect Love, Said, I Will Do It. The New
Covenant Is Now In Force. It Is Planned By The Love Of God, For The Salvation Of
Mankind. It Is Fulfilled By Jesus Christ, The Perfect Sacrifice Of The Lamb Of God,
To Satisfy Righteousness. It Is Presented To God By His Death, To Satisfy His Perfect
Justice. It Is Accepted By The Father, Signed In The Precious Blood Of Jesus, To
Obtain Forgiveness And Mercy. It Is Sealed And Delivered By The Holy Spirit, Who
Confirms The Blood Covernant To The Saved. Warm Regards Joseph

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