Left-handed guitars and left handed bass guitars - what's going on with that- by hkksew3563rd


									In the last few years, or at least since the 2000 鈥檚 several well known guitar
manufacturers have stopped making left handed guitars.
  This is at a time when the number of left handed people being born is on the increase
and is now not 10, but 12 per cent of the world 鈥檚 population, so they say!
  Also in comparison to how the guitar is played today, the original, and now ancient
view of the guitar being thought of as being a 鈥渟 tringed instrument played by
strumming 鈥?(actual dictionary definition!) is over in reality. To be really logical and
sensible in assessing how best to learn to play a guitar today, it makes more sense that
right handed people should be learning to play the guitar left-handed, with their 鈥渟
trong 鈥?hand is on the fingerboard, doing the 鈥渨 ork 鈥?considering it is not all
about 鈥渟 trumming 鈥?anymore and has not been since Rock n Roll came to be.
  What meant 鈥減 laying guitar 鈥?100 years ago and what it means today are two
completely different things.
  Despite this, the truth of the matter has been suppressed and smothered by 40+ years
of MARKETING and SOCIAL CONDITIONING motivated by money making
purposes going totally against the truth, practicality, or recognition of the evolution of
guitar playing.
  Today, most people play guitar right handed. This means they use their right hand to
strum the guitar. Chords and scales are done by the left hand.
  If you were a right handed person, why would you expect to learn how to write with
a pen, or use a tool left handed? If that was being pushed on you, wouldn 鈥檛 you
question the motive behind it?
  Here we have today, a world where 89% of the world play guitar right handed, and
new kids wanting to learn to play guitar are pretty much forced into playing
right-handed even if they don 鈥檛 want to, and told downright lies like 鈥渁 guitar
is like a piano 鈥?there is only one way to play it.鈥?
  In and amongst these issues, we have several major guitar companies deciding to
pull the plug on left-handed guitar manufacturing. Although this leaves the door wide
open for the world 鈥檚 one and only solely left-handed guitar manufacturer Gaskell
Guitars (http://www.gaskellguitars.com) to dominate the market, it is something worth
looking into, considering smoke screens already exist on this subject, as described
previously herein.
  Gaskell guitars are designed BY a lefty guitarist, FOR lefty guitarists, so there is no
comparison when it comes to getting down to the nitty gritty on the subject of
left-handed guitars or left-handed bass guitars.
  Guitar manufactures who make production models do not really care about left
handed guitars and left-handed guitarists. Small, boutique builders who would build
anything for anybody, no matter what are a different story. Hooray for them. Boo to
the big corporate, money-motivated guitar manufacturers who have abandoned their
left-handed clientele.
  If you wanted to get a left handed Rickenbacker, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith, or BC
Rich guitar right now at the time of this writing you will be stiff out of luck. That is
not to say that it may change in the future, but for now this is the case.
  The common denominator? Most of these companies have ceased left handed guitar
production since 2008. What happened in 2008? The World Economic Downturn
began. So, we may even tentatively accept this as an 鈥渆 xcuse 鈥?but in reality it is
not. When times are tough, you increase your marketing and you try and REACH
MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, not cut a percentage off from your business.
 The latter is what these companies have done. Whatever the reasons are, they have
 All you need to do, if you are a left handed guitarist or left handed bassists is to
SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU. Support Gaskell Guitars. Buy Gaskell
guitars and basses. Turn your back on those who have turned their backs on you. Do
not grovel to them as if being a left-handed guitarist is a 鈥渄 isability.鈥?
 Support those who support you, and you can 鈥檛 go wrong. Buy Gaskell, and any
other brand that looks after left handed guitarists. More information here:
http://www.gaskellguitars.com and here too: http://www.gaskellguitars.com/models

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