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The working characteristics of spring cone crusher


									The working characteristics of spring cone crusher
Hydraulic Cone Crusher Application: cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical,
construction, road building, mining, quarry and other industries, can be broken more
than middle-and medium-hardness of various minerals and rocks. Crushing ratio and
production efficiency. Reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and
technical data, reliable operation, low operating cost; have all the parts of crusher
wear protection, maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum, generally increase
the useful life of more than 30%. Laminated broken, excellent product grain shape
through the use of design principles of intergranular special laminated crushing
chamber and the speed to match, replace the traditional single particle crushing
principle, to achieve the selective crushing of materials significantly improve product
fines cubic content ratio and greatly reduced the degree of flakiness materials. 1.
dynamic cone continuous rotation, the material during the crushing process and
discharge continuously alternately along the work surface, and high productivity. 2.
the material sandwiched between two cones, by extrusion, bending and shearing,
crushing easier, power consumption low. 3. the product Liaodu more uniform, was a
cube shape, dynamic cone work surface more uniform wear. 4. structural profiles,
cone crusher main frame of its structure, the horizontal axis, moving cone, balancing
wheels, eccentric, on the broken wall (fixed cone), the next broken wall (dynamic
cone), fluid couplings, lubrication systems , hydraulic system, control system
composed of several parts. 5. moving cone crusher and fixed cone is upright, dynamic
cone swing, in the crushing chamber near the discharge port, moving cone and fixed
cone there is a gap between the same parallel with, the finished product Liaodu
uniform. Inlet size is not capable of handling the material are broken through the first.
6. cone crusher of this series with two dry oil or water seals, dust and impurities can
not enter the human body, thus ensuring a clean run edible vegetable oil, extending
the sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing life, making the machine reliable operation .
I produced a variety of equipment, crushing machine, sand equipment, processing
equipment, milling equipment, the four major types of products are widely used in
metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, coal, refractories, ceramics and
other industries. High pressure mill, Raymond mill, jaw breaker, rotary, impact
crusher and other sets of processing equipment for the election of iron, copper, gold,
silver, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese ore and non-ferrous metals fluorite,
quartz and other non-metallic minerals.
Hydraulic protection and hydraulic pressure cavity clearing, high degree of
automation to reduce downtime hydraulic adjustment and overload protection to
discharge port cone crusher operating level has been greatly improved, making
maintenance easier and more convenient operation, less downtime; SMH series cone
Crusher had two-way hydraulic cylinder enables the release of iron iron through the
crushing chamber, the cone crusher in the iron and transient nausea occurred in the
case of cars, from top to hydraulic automatic nesting, which greatly reduces the need
of the original spring cone crusher artificial nesting stop the trouble, and many other
manufacturers of crusher but it will shut down due to excessive iron death card.

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