The Wonders of Aloe Vera Juice by djsgjg0045


									Aloe Vera juice has long been hailed as a remedy for many different ailments.
Extracted from the inner gel of the aloe Vera plant, it is said to have many medicinal
benefits ranging from healing digestive issues, to preventing arthritis and even aiding
in weight loss.
  The better quality aloe juice tastes just like water, with none of the bitterness that the
aloe gel has, yet all of the benefits. Drinking fresh aloe juice frequently is so
energizing, you can literally feel yourself being revitalized. Just 2 ounces, twice a day,
provides over 18 amino acids and immune-boosting nutrients. It has the added benefit
of acting as a natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial;
basically, it is a non-toxic drink that has all the benefits that drugs may have but
without the potentially negative side effects, and acts as an insurance
鈥 ?preventatively fighting against any type of disease. Many cosmetologists
recommend aloe Vera juice as a miracle for beautiful skin.
  Because it has a neutral taste it can be mixed with any vegetable juice, fruit juice or
even protein shake without altering the taste. If you find that the aloe juice has a bitter
taste, then you know you have the wrong brand. Of course, never try to make your
own aloe juice from any topical aloe products as they are not meant to be edible.
Despite the fact that raw juice is the preferred way to enjoy all the health benefits
from aloe Vera juice, it is not the best idea to try to do it yourself and use the gel
straight from your aloe plants, as it will probably taste too bitter. Rather, buy aloe
juice that comes prepared and is recommended as fresh and good tasting, so that you
can easily drink it often and enjoy it as it enhances your overall health.

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