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					Beneath the makeup creams, concoctions, shadow and false eye lashes of the beautiful
woman lies much more important prerequisites to true beauty. Mannerism, stature,
attitude, capacity of great love and compassion all play a much more important part in
what defines true beauty.
  Expression is one of the major prerequisites to beauty; a happy face that is always
bubbling with obvious contentment is a joy to all who meet her. Happy eyes will win
over the grumpiest person. A few detrimental features can be smoothed over with a
smile. A happy nature is a great beauty enhancer. It works every time, in all
circumstances, with all people.
  And do not forget the other basic rules for beauty: diet, exercise and bathing. The
lips of a beautiful woman speak only love and kindness, her eyes see only the good in
people, never the bad, and she never speaks unkind words of anyone. In times of acute
need, food goes first to the children, then to others more in need, then herself. Her
slimness is a direct reflection of her compassion. Her poise, her caring is what gives
her that aura of contentment. As she ages, her compassion grows stronger, she is
totally selfless, and she will give her last mouthful to someone needier. Her personal
needs are always secondary.
  The true beauty of a woman is not in her figure, her clothes, her hair style, it is in her
eyes: the eyes, really are the window to the soul. That is the place where she resides.
To be truly beautiful, a woman needs to have been a mother, only then can she fully
blossom into the creature that the creator intended her to be. To fully know and
appreciate this beautiful woman, you need to have had a wonderful mother. Some of
us have had that magnificent gift. With all of the foregoing, you still must never lose
track of your desire, nay may I say your responsibility to always make the most effort
to at all times to appear at your best. The woman was, and always will be the most
important person in any home.
  There is a magnificent book, published in 1899 that explores the steps needed by a
woman to maintain beauty in all its forms. It seems that in those older times these
things were much better understood. Modern books on beauty dwell only on
appearance, there is much more to beauty than simply appearance. The book called
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