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Modern architecture sets high standards: challenging
design, functionality and cost efficiency. As an interior
design management office, we focus on the hotel and
object sector. Choosing us, your vision is in good hands:
From project development and planning up to construction
management and detailed furnishing - our team provides
high-quality interior design.

Interior design is the totality of creative ideas, detailed
design, and precise craft. The use of innovative materials
and wood poses a challenge to functionality and design
time and again. In our design nothing is left to chance!

Our design, based on your idea, ranges from the room
concept to the “flower in the vase”. Complete furnishing
from A to Z allows an over-all composition with a reliable
sense of style – trendy cubistic or traditionally elegant

Our team of experienced interior designers, technicians,
project- and site supervisors, assisted by our commercial
department well versed in dealing with construction
projects guarantees the optimal realization of our client's
wishes in each phase of the project. For us, efficient
project management means quality, cost transparency and
meeting of time schedules.


              Project Development

     Design                Planning Coordination

              Project Management

 Cost Management               Time Management

                               Organization and
Quality Management

              Project Controlling

              Supporting Project

               Site Supervision

               Wellness & Spa

                            Feasibility Study &
 Spa - Consulting
                           Concept development

Planning services are performed both in interior finishing
as well as in the development of classical Building
construction projects.

IDM - that means not only brainstorming in creating new
design, but also the optimal realization of our client's
wishes already in the first stages of their project.

Clarification of all matters concerning building regulations
and site analysis.

Providing of Conceptional designs, preparing of Master
plans and visualisations to illustrate the “idea of the

Detailed cost-estimations in an early stage of the project to
provide security for the investor’s decisions.

Preparation of complete project presentation folders
(including legal determinations and authority regulations,
Conceptional design and visualisations, evaluation of
technical characteristics, of costs, time-schedules….) for
presentations at banks, co-investors, authorities…

The services of IDM comprise all phases of a project - from
the Preliminary Design to the detailed drawings.

Preliminary design, Design development drawings,
Building permit drawings, Executive design, Detailed
drawings and As Built drawings

Preparation of cost estimations for all phases of a project.

Artistical, Technical and Commercial Management during
the whole planning process

To instigate the relevant decisions by the employer, during
the whole planning process samples for the furnishings will
be provided, partly in complete mock-up rooms.

Simultaneously with the planning, a variety of documents
clarifying project-related issues are provided for the Client
and Experts (project specifications including furnishings,
room inventories, bills of materials, documentation of
modifications in design).

Based on the project specification and the relevant
planning documents the tender documents are prepared.

The general workflow concerning all involved participants
in the project including consultants and experts is
determined in an overall time schedule.

In commercial and industrial projects IDM takes on all
matters concerning the supervision and coordination of
tenant's requests.

In case of projects planned by external designers, IDM
sees itself as a link between Client, Architect, and Investor
and basically takes on the co-ordinating of the duties and
responsibilities of all participants in the project.

The definition of the performance of consultants ensures
an optimal mixture in the collaboration of architects and
experts for the respective project.

By directing the requests of Investor / Client and Future
Operator to common objectives, it is possible to optimize
the project-related for everyone involved in the planning
             project management

Determination of the budget for investments, preparation of
cost estimations and cost calculations and analysis.

Cost monitoring

Preparation of a budgetary planning

Target / performance comparison, updating

Cost variance analysis and adjustment measures

Creation and determination of the overall time schedules

Preparation of time schedules for planning

Preparation of time schedules for tendering

Preparation of time schedules for financing

Preparation of time schedules for execution design

Monitoring of compliance to the time schedules

Target / performance comparison, updating

Time variance analysis and adjustment measures

Establishing of project-related quality standards

Continuous quality control

Target / performance comparison, updating

Quality variance analysis and adjustment measures
             project management

Establishing of a Project Management chart

Establishing the scope of requirements and specification of

Preparation of the project documentation

Collaboration in preparation of contracts and contract

                   project controlling

Definition of the objectives of the project and
preparation/coordination of the basics for the overall

Clarification of the conditions under which external
planners and experts may be assigned (project

Preparation of organization charts, time schedules and
payment plans relating to the project and the involved

Coordination and controlling of the performances of the
project participants except for executing companies.

Selection of the participants to be involved in the project
planning and assistance in planning procedures.

Monitoring of the time schedules, comparison of target /
performance and updating if necessary.

Regular information exchange on the project proceedings
and coordination with the Client and procurement of the
necessary approvals.

Coordination and controlling of the handling of financing-,
promotion-, and approval procedures
supporting project supervision

Efficient supervision and immediate re-examination of all
documents prepared by the projects participants in order to
ensure a proper execution of the works. This means
amongst other the controlling of drawings, contracts,
tender documentation and last but not least also cost
Based on the findings and experiences made during the
execution of the project, without itself being a part of the
"executing project participants" but acting as controlling
body, Supporting Project Supervision may provide the
basis for well-balanced decision-making procedures.

                          site supervision

On-Site construction supervision (quality control, control to
observe the target deadlines, cost controlling)

On-Site coordination of all supplies and performances of
project participants

Controlling to ensure that the participants perform their
contractual obligations in conformity with the design and
instructions of architect and client.

Controlling of the compliance with technical regulations,
authorities' requirements and the stipulated target

Negotiations with Sub-Contractors

Technical acceptance of execution performances

Quantity survey of the measurements necessary for the
settlement of accounts

Controlling of all invoices regarding correctness and
conformity with the contract.

Final acceptance of the building and delivery of the project
to the Client.

Keeping of the minutes

We support clients in the realization of their wellness
projects starting with expert advise up to the complete
design development including interior design, the
controlling during all phases of the project and finally
preparing a successful market entry strategy.
We offer our services in this domain as well for new
building complexes as also for the reconstruction or
extension of existent objects.

"In the beginning there is a vision! "
With a vision you are one jump ahead of the others. .
Visions bestow determination and increase authenticity
and so ensure professional success.

Based on the fact that the customer with his ideas is in the
focus of our work and allowing for the possibilities of his
company we provide for our customers comprehensive
advise and guidance and develop concepts satisfying their

The creation of a good storyboard and powerful branding
solutions help us to organize for the client a successful

Evaluation of the existing building structure taking into
account location, environment, supply and demand as well
as target groups for a successful Wellness and SPA
concept as basic elements to be considered in the
preparation of a Feasibility study

Development of a Wellness and SPA concept
Includes the evaluation of local market conditions,
competitors and trends

Positioning of a harmonious Wellness and SPA concept
based on the findings of the market analysis and taking
into account the needs and targets of the client.

On these findings we offer options for your scale of
performance in Wellness & Spa, e.g.

Relaxation, Beauty & Body Treatments, Fitness In- &
Outdoor, Water Therapies, LifeBalance, Advances
Training, Balanced Nutrition etc.

We attach great importance to the reflection of the client's
visions not only in the architectural concept but assist him
also to the best of our knowledge in the development of a
service concept for the future Management with its staff,
just as we make contact to experienced consultants for
therapy training.

A successful market entry includes an appropriate
branding solution. In co-operation with competent partners
IDM supports the costumer in the development of
Corporate Identity & Corporate Design

     "Live your vision and love it and you will get a
    powerful brand - with a unique message and an
                    authentic story"
                        Hotel Resort Koralpe

           Project Visualization:

Koralpen Errichtungs- und Verpachtungs- GmbH
        9431 St. Stefan, Hartelsberg 70

         Architect DI Lutter ZT GmbH
    1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 23/DG

           Project Management:
       PD Projektdevelopment GmbH
      1030 Vienna, Erdbergstrasse 200

              Hotel Operator:
       Koralpen Hotel Betriebs- GmbH
      represented by Herbert Pliessnig
    9020 Klagenfurt, Mantschehofgasse 2

              General Planning:
   IDM Interior Design Management GmbH
      1030 Vienna, Erdbergstrasse 200
                                                     Hotel Resort Koralpe

"A new mountain experience"
At a sea level of approx. 1.600 m a new Hotel project will be realized in the center of the skiing
region "Koralpe" and will be the most important step in infrastructure for the overall development of
this region.

Based on the idea to change the character of the region from a simple "day trip skiing station" to a
high level all-year vacation destination, the conception for the "HOTEL RESORT KORALPE" took
into consideration not only allowances for the requirements of winter sports but made also strong
efforts to guaranty a year-round-operation.

As USP of the project the combination of an exceptional architecture with the benefits of a real high
quality in the finishing of every detail may be mentioned.

To ensure these ambitious targets, Herbert Pliessnig, a hotel manager and gastronome with
international reputation and Carinthian roots could be won as hotel operator. His longstanding
international experience in hotel management, gastronomy, wellness and SPA-resorts guaranties
that with the HOTEL RESORT KORALPE the focus will be set on quality and efficiency.

Project description:

approx. 230 beds in different room types

Public areas

Restaurant: 190 seats
À la Carte-Restaurant: 84 seats
Bar: 39 seats

Wellness area:
Integrated Wellness area with approx.2.000 m2

Meeting rooms:
Due to a very flexible design of the public areas, events for up to 400 guest may be arranged.

Parking facilities comprise a two-storey car park with 106 lots and an additional 6 outdoor parking
                            Hilton Vienna

Building project:
Hilton Vienna
Am Stadtpark
1030 Vienna, Austria

Hanno Soravia, Hans Dichand

IDM services:
Project Management, Design Development, Executive
Design and Detailed planning, Site Supervision

Project description:
Complete restoration of the whole interior, new ballroom,
conference rooms and Congress Center, redesign of the
façade and the external areas, Shopping mall, Sky Offices
at excellent location, Jazz club “Joe Zawinul´s Birdland”

Exterior area
In collaboration with Prof. Hans Hollein and the Atelier
Hayde, the façade was newly designed.
The “White Cube” on the rooftop of the luxury hotel should
shine over the roofs of Vienna and forms a contrast to the
“black cube” of the socket levels.
Clear plain shapes are the reason that the approx. 70m
high building fits perfectly into its surrounding.
                             Hilton Vienna

579 "High End Business Guestrooms" are the result of a
one-year modification. The rooms were completely
readapted and equipped according to all modern
standards. Warm colours create a “feel-good character”
despite the modern furnishing.


The newly adapted penthouse on top of the new Hilton
offers a breathtaking view over the city center of Vienna.
Here, twelve of the noble suites are located. The
outstanding noble and low-key style of the interior design
was selected to emphasise the exceptional view.

12 Penthouse suites
33 Lower floor suites
1 GM´s-apartment

Public areas
Bar, Lobby
Contemporary design of the interior with works form
exclusively Austrian artists. All public areas such as bar,
lobby and restaurant were newly designed in cooperation
with RCP-London.

Restaurant: 213 seats
Lobby: 60 seats
Bar: 120 seats

Meeting- and Conference rooms

Innovative Event Center for a total of 1,800 guests:
Park-Kongress-Saal: Austria’s largest and most modern
hotel-conference hall with 850 m² useable area for 900
Second Conference hall with 423 m² and
11 other meeting rooms from 60 to 180 m² (for 10 to 500
Ballroom “Klimt”: the flexible size of the hall ranges from
117 to 423 m²

Status of the project:
Completed and opened May 2004
Hotel Holiday Inn Moscow

Building project:
Holiday Inn

Sibneftegaz Development

IDM services:
Cost estimate for FF & E and finishing works for public

Construction volume:
Approx. € 3,700,000

Project description:
Modification of a 25-storied building to a 4 star hotel
550 Standard guest rooms, 20 suites
9 Conference rooms, approx. 500 m² Ballroom
Approx. 2500 m² Public areas
Approx. 3500 m² Restaurant area (with specialities’
restaurant and wine bar)
Approx. 2000 m² SPA area (with SPA club, swimming pool,
aerobic studio, hairdresser’s, beauty salon)
                           Hagan Lodge

Building project:
Village of Alpine huts at Ausseer County

KBG Consulting GmbH

IDM services:
Planning, tendering, execution

Construction volume / Project description:
Village of Alpine huts with 31 cabins. Approx. 200 beds (6-
8 guests per cabin). All cabins with sauna, fireplace, TV,
PC access, telephone, and internet access.

The village will be operated throughout the year, it's main
focus lying in family vacations offering all kind of sports
and activities. Although planned as self-supply huts, the
holiday village will offer the necessary infrastructure and
facilities (small catering-shop, breakfast and room service).
                                   Sky Offices

Building project:
Hilton Sky Offices
Am Stadtpark 1
1030 Vienna, Austria

IDM services:
Project Management, Executive Design and Detailed
drawings, Site Management, Site Supervision

Status of the project:
Completed in September 2004

Omya GmbH

Building volume:
Adaptation of an area on level 14 for office facilities for the
company “Omya” during the overall renovation of the
Vienna Hilton complex. 5 one-person offices, a reception, a
meeting room, a server room, 2 restrooms, and a
kitchenette were established on an area of approx. 185 m².

Siro GmbH

PWS – Stuart Clarkson

Building volume:
Adaptation of an area on level 14 for the office facilities of
the company “Siro” during the overall renovation of the
Vienna Hilton complex. A showroom as well as a private
living area were planned and constructed on an area of 75
         Joe Zawinul’s Birdland

Building project:
Joe Zawinul´s Birdland (at Hilton’s Vienna)
Am Stadtpark 3
1030 Vienna, Austria

Birdland Betriebs- und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

Bettina Malliga (IDM)

IDM Services:
Project Management, Design Development, Executive
Design and Detailed planning, On-Site Supervision

Useable area:
Approx. 540 m², including a restaurant with approx. 300 m²
and 140 seats for approx. 200 guests

Construction volume / Project description:
Modification (architecture) and new finishing (interior

The two-storied premises of the Birdland comprise on the
first floor in addition to the restaurant also the "Birdland-
Bar", the backstage area, the plant room and the stage, in
the gallery (with stair lift) there are the "Kristall-Bar" (with
kitchen), the functional location for sound and illumination
engineers as well as the regular’s table.
In the Foyer shops, the cloakroom, rest rooms (thereof 1
handicapped accessible) and the stair lift are located.

Construction period / Status of the project:
6 months / completed and opened 2004

Building project:
“Scaled down-town” recreational activities for children and
1220 Vienna, Austria

KidsTown Betriebs GmbH

IDM services:
Project Development, Project Management, Design
Development, Executive Design and Detailed drawings,
Site Supervision

Building volume / useable area:
Approx. € 3,900,000 / approx. 6,000 m²

Project description:
KidsTown is a small town for children, which presents “real
life” in a way which children can comprehend. It presents
just the right combination of fun and education. Kids will be
actively involved in all spheres of life and always play the
leading part.

KidsTown consists of 25 stations of 25 to 150 m² each,
with different topics, such as: hospital, fire department,
bank, supermarket, car rental, construction site, restaurant,
kids hotel, etc.
           Vienna Marriott Hotel

Building project:
Vienna Marriott Hotel – Conference Area
(Function Area, Meeting Facilities)
Parkring 12a
1010 Vienna, Austria

Immorent AG, Erste Bank
Arch. Dr. techn. DI Robert Sturmberger

IDM services:
Planning of interior design, artistic supervision

Building volume / useable area:
Approx. € 2,000,000 / approx. 1,600 m²

Project description:
Redesign and extension of the Conference area in the first
floor of the hotel
Renovation of the foyer with a gallery, meeting rooms,
ballroom, and appending rooms
In addition, three new conference rooms in the rear of the
restaurant were established.
Great importance was attached to the interaction of
daylight and artificial light to be at state-of-the-art (LED-
illumination of the glass dome). The large ballroom (430
m2) was equipped with an "Active Light Ceiling" simulating
daylight with adjustable colours.

Construction period / Status of the project:
April – September 2004 / completed
 Hotel Hilton Vienna Plaza

Building project:
Schottenring 11
1010 Vienna, Austria

Schottenring 11
1010 Vienna, Austria

IDM Services:
Interior Design, Project Management, Design
Development, Executive Design and Detailed planning,
On-Site Supervision

Project description:
Modification of the Café, Bar and Restaurant areas

Status of the project:
Completed and opened Sept./2005
 Restaurant „Weinzirl“ in the Konzerthaus

Building project:
“Wiener Tapas” Restaurant in the Konzerthaus
1010 Vienna, Austria

Mrs. and Mr. Weinzirl

Nairz Architekten

IDM services:
Planning, tendering, Site supervision

Status of the project:
Completed an opened in November 2004
                                 Dubai Pearl

Building project:
5-Star Business Hotel in Dubai

Omnix Group

IDM services:
Design studies, Cost estimates for finishing works and FF

Project description:
5-Star Business Hotel-Tower in Dubai with panoramic view
on Jumeirah Palm Island. 245 meters high, approx. 70,000
m² useable area, approx. 785 5-star rooms and suites

Building project:
B2b-apartments Gölsdorfgasse
Extension and modification of an apartment and office
building under preservation order
A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Planet Society

IDM services:
Complete project development and planning

Construction volume / useable area:
Approx. € 5,600,600 / approx. 4600 m²

Project description:
An existent apartment and office building under
preservation order shall be modified to a luxurious suite–
hotel. 5 star+ suites with a SPA area in the basement,
maisonettes in the attic floor with large terraces and
panoramic view
                 Gudrunstrasse 179

Building project:
Gudrunstrasse 179
Adaptation of entrance areas
1100 Vienna, Austria

HGA Management Investor and Anlage GmbH

Project description:
Redesign of the two accesses to an office complex with the
target to create bright entrance areas with flair that attract

The existing stairway as well as the gallery will be
demolished and replaced by a glazed staircase, the
ensemble will get it's identity also by a particularly suitable
concept for light and colour, as well as by the purposeful
use of light natural stone which provides a friendly and
inviting atmosphere.
                       KeyClub Vienna

Building project:
Keyclub Vienna
Private Business Club in the glass cube on the rooftop of
the “K47” -office building
1010 Vienna, Austria

Planet Society

IDM services:
Design- and feasibility study

Project description:
On top of "K47"        an exclusive “private membership
business club” with its own kitchen and exclusive in-house
catering is developed. The “K47 Keyclub Vienna” extends
to 350 m² on two floors and a terrace of 200 m² with a view
over the City center of Vienna.

Building project:
Fischervilla on Lake Millstatt
(Extension / apartment house with SPA area, in Seeboden
on Lake Millstatt)

Irmi and Hanno Soravia

IDM services:
Architectural planning, Site Supervision

Project description:
Extension of a villa situated directly at the shore of Lake
Millstatt, new development of the apartment house (five
apartments for guests, connection of apartment house and
existing villa with an integrated SPA area), erection of a
new boathouse.
 Falkensteiner Hotel am Schottenfeld

Building project:
Falkensteiner Hotel Am Schottenfeld
Schottenfeldgasse 74
1070 Vienna, Austria

Client / Owner:
HS Bauträger, Falkensteiner Gruppe

IDM services:
Project Management, Executive Design and Detailed
drawings, Site Supervision

Building volume:
The “Falkensteiner Hotel Am Schottenfeld” is a exclusively
furnished 4-Star Hotel with:

95 rooms,
4 suites,
190 beds,
Restaurant, Bar, snack bar,
Café / café bar,
Breakfast restaurant,
Conference rooms for 60 people

Status of the project:
Completed and opened
 Kempinski, Grand Hotel Des Bains

Building project:
Grand Hotel des Bains
St. Moritz, Switzerland

Client / Owner:
St Moritz Bäder AG

IDM services:
Interior works: Project Management, Executive Design and
Detailed drawings, Site supervision

Construction volume:
136 exclusive rooms and 48 suites, restaurant “Les
Saisons”, restaurant “Cà d´Oro”, bar and lobby (designed
in the classic ambience of the thirties), bar “Enoteca La
Vigna”, Kindergarten, 5 Conference rooms, Business
center and a Casino.

Project description:
184 elegant rooms offering every conceivable comfort and
designed in a colour scheme of buff and shades of beige
provide a classy ambience to feel good.

Status of the project:
Completed and opened in December 2002
                                                MANAGING DIRECTOR

                                                       Karl Resch

                            FINANCING &                                  SECRETARIAT &
                           CONTROLLING                                     PURCHASE

                            Dominika Ilow                                  Brigitta Stirbu

                           COMMERCIAL                                Danijela Simic
                           DEPARTMENT                                Awan Gango
                                                                     Maja Mratic
                         Josef Eduard Burger                         Andrea Dominschigg
                           Christian Thaler                          Ilic Biljana

                        LEGAL DEPARTMENT                                         IT

                         Michael Rosenberger                           Udo Schwarzenbacher

                                                                                               FREELANCING STAFF

      Gerhard Resch         Christian Lang            Michael Weil          Franz Moser

Gernot Käfer          Sabine Scsepka           Elke Resch            Judith Novotny          Ulrike Pohl
Gert Widu             Vendula Prosch           Alexander Musil       David Deutsch           Hans Seger
Robert Garscha        Inge Schiller            Peter Krch            Georg Popov             Gerhard Adamec
Bernhard Fink         Martina Zöbl                                   Werner Pellosch         Josef Hasenschwandtner
Sabine Resch          Christoph Pohn                                 Helmut Seidl
Michaela Ivanovic     Jürgen Adamec
                      Manon Gauthier
Erdbergstraße 200
A-1030 Vienna
phone: +43 1 7142194 0
fax: +43 1 7142194 9

web: www.

    in our design nothing is left to chance


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