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									The current weddingmarket boom, as business and part-time opportunity to earn extra
money, however, the wedding couple on the increasingly high demand, each have
different priorities and the wedding theme can be solemn or easily; also be romantic
or funny, so a bit good wedding planning is very important and the role of master of
ceremonies, master of the whole wedding atmosphere. They must follow to meet the
different needs of guests. Practice-based course content, teaching speed just a few
church wedding market knowledge you have mastered the secret of making money.
The course covers: how to siblings and other celebrants of smooth cooperation.
Instrument Division, "Executive Health" approach introduced. Different forms of
marriage / wedding design, coordination and details of the arrangement. Analysis of
the guests needs, pricing, quality customer service. Marriage market Venture Way and
tips. Simulation, role playing and homework assessment and so on.

If a couple is inevitable lack of experience, planning a wedding is often less effective.
As a buffer between the new Wedding Planner couples can reduce unnecessary
friction. And sufficient experience and experienced the Wedding Planner can save
money and time for the wedding, and we know and identify the most consistent with
your service, and to provide the most professional etiquette advice.

In recent years, continued to rise marriage in Hong Kong in 2006, about 60,000 cases
were recorded. Each year is estimated to be 5 - 10% growth. According to the survey
report shows that the average married couple each expenditure of 30 million. Wedding
Planner want to join? More from the previous Wedding Planner ?? form of
apprenticeship training into line, and the new entrants to the wedding
planningdivision, can be "pending order" form, that is, from the venue, bridal
make-up artist, etc., or referral work. The family can have courses can be read.
Marriage is a life event, wedding planning industry came into being. Careers Expo
yesterday's wedding, which Wedding Planner, although only a minority of vacancies,
and many young women looking for the opportunity to become Wedding Planner and
related programs information. Government to implement the system of marriage
celebrants, wedding time and location to relax, make wedding patterns become more
diverse; with delayed age of marriage of Hong Kong people, have some new business
foundation, "natural to ask for more, the wedding to be pretty grand (deluxe )
"Therefore, the rise of creating wedding planning industry. More and more new
people willing to spend money, the average cost of marriage to 20 million by the 2006
increase to 25 million this year. Promising that the wedding planning. Hong Kong
Professional Wedding Association has only one vacant full-time Wedding Planner, a
monthly salary of ten thousand yuan.

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