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Intellectual Property
    Tuesday, 19 April 2005
      9.00 am – 4.00 pm
 J. W. Marriot Kuala Lumpur

                     Organised by:

           (Persatuan Eksekutif Pelesenan Malaysia)
                   (Registration No: 1432/92)
 How to identify an intangible asset?
 How to account for internally produced intangibles?
 What are the tax implications of business transactions involving intellectual
  property (IP)?
 How to account for the conditions under which intangibles may be

   These are some of the issues that the accounting profession has to grapple
with as it recognizes that reporting systems have to be developed to reflect the
increasing importance of IP.

   Join us to find out the answers in our seminar including how the current
accounting standards approach IP, why "fair value" may not tell you everything
about IP and why acquired and internally-generated IP are treated differently.

                                            Meet the Speakers
    Willy Manfroy                               Keoy Soo Earn                              John Chong
 is the Principal of Bornival LLC, a          is an Advisory Partner with the         has been actively involved in the
global         intellectual        assets    PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore.        field of Intellectual Property for
management          consulting      firm.    He has leadership responsibility for     almost a decade. Prior to founding
Previously, he was Director of               the development and provision of         Mindvault, John was an Advocate
Corporate Development at Eastman             valuation and strategy services. Soo     &      Solicitor    specialising    in
Chemical Company where he                    Earn has been with the firm for more     Intellectual       Property       and
organised the company’s Merger,              than 13 years. He has broad-based        Technology Law. At Mindvault,
Acquisition,       Divestiture       and     professional business experience in      John’s focus is on developing
Licensing activities. Prior to joining       business and intellectual assets         solutions to strategically manage
Eastman Chemical, Willy spent 25             valuation, strategic value consulting,   Intellectual Assets and innovations,
years with the Dow Chemical                  financial due diligence, corporate       and delivering pro-active and
Company in various managerial and            governance advisory and intellectual     value-added services to his clients.
development positions in Europe and          asset management advisory. Soo           John is also a director of East &
the United States. He was responsible        Earn is a Certified Public Accountant    Urban Sdn Bhd, a brand systems
for initiating the company’s licensing       and a Certified Financial Analyst. He    company, where he takes an interest
activities in the pharmaceutical,            holds a Bachelor of Accountancy          in helping clients develop a brand
diagnostics and consumer product             from the National University of          system to properly manage their
areas. He was also involved in               Singapore. He is a member of CFA         brands. He regularly attends many
merger, acquisition and divestiture          Institute, Singapore Institute of        of the Intellectual Property events
activities. Earlier in his career, Willy     Directors (“SID”) and the Institute of   held in Malaysia and is a repeat
managed        product      development      Certified Public Accountants of          speaker for the Judicial & Legal
groups for diverse business units            Singapore (“ICPAS”). Aside from          Training Institute, Max Planck
worldwide. Willy is President of the         advising corporates on IP issues, Soo    Institute and Asia Business Forum.
Licensing        Executives       Society    Earn is a frequent speaker on topics     He believes strongly in teaching
International (LESI), Past President         related     to    valuation,    value    local companies and entrepreneurs
of LES (USA & Canada) and founder            management, IP management and            the value of Intellectual Property as
of their Professional Development            corporate governance. He advises         a strategic asset and has worked
Program. He is a frequent speaker on         companies on the pricing and             with     organizations     like    the
licensing,      strategic      alliances,    valuation of their employee stock        Federation         of      Malaysian
intellectual asset management and            options. He also led valuation           Manufacturers (FMM), Malaysia
related topics in the United States          engagements for the purposes of          Debt Ventures Bhd (MDV) and
and internationally. Willy graduated         financial      reporting,     dispute    Malaysia         Venture       Capital
from the University of Brussels with a       settlement, tax structuring and          Management Bhd (MAVCAP).
degree in chemical engineering.              merger/acquisition.
Seminar Programme                               L              LES Malaysia
Tuesday, 19 April 2005                          Licensing Executives Society Malaysia (LESM)
                                                is a local chapter of Licensing Executives
8.30 am – Registration and Breakfast            Society International. It is a non-profit
                                                professional and educational society that
9.00 am – Welcoming speech                      promotes high standards and ethics among
                                                persons engaged in domestic and international
                                                licensing and other transfer of technology and
9.15 am – Laying the Foundation : An            intellectual property rights. LESM also assists
          Introduction to Intellectual          its members in improving their skills and
          Property                              techniques in licensing through self-education
                                                and exchange of information. LESM plays the
10.00 am – Coffee Break                         role of keeping the public, business
                                                communities, governmental and international
                                                bodies informed about the latest and most
10.30 am – Valuation of Intellectual
                                                accurate information pertaining to economic
          Property Assets                       significance of technology licensing and
                                                intellectual property rights.
11.15 am – Accounting & Intellectual
          Property                              Members of LESM have the benefits of

12.15 noon – Lunch Break                           participating in the activities of market
                                                    globalisation, to be able to trade in
                                                    technology and intellectual rights at an
2.00 pm – Taxation & Intellectual                   international level,
          Property                                 establish world-wide personal contacts with
                                                    experts involved in the field of licensing and
3.00 pm – Forum                                     intellectual property
                                                   lobbying and influencing those involved in
4.00 pm – End                                       the formulation of laws and regulations,
                                                    which affect the transfer and protection of
                                                    technology and intellectual property relating
        Free Admission to our                       to relevant industries
           Evening Talk!                           creating a forum for members to keep
Upon registration of this seminar, you are          themselves updated on the changing
welcomed to join us free of charge, for an          practices and legal requirements on
evening talk, entitled “Beyond Registration:        licensing and IP rights
Commercialisation of Intellectual Property”        receiving an annual Membership Directory
which is jointly organized between LESM and         of LES International
Bar Council Malaysia. Details are as follows:      receiving an electronic update on intellectual
                                                    property in Malaysia via email
Time : 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm
                                                   receiving a quarterly publication, Les
Venue : Auditorium Bar Council (1st Floor)
                                                    Nouvelles which contains a wealth of
         No. 13, 15, 17, Leboh Pasar Besar,
                                                    information, not only concerning licensing
         50050 Kuala Lumpur.
                                                    and intellectual property but also the
Speaker: Willy Manfroy
                                                    activities of the Association.
Light refreshments will be served before the
evening talk.
Registration Form
Closing Date : 11 April 2005

Please type or print clearly                                               LES MALAYSIA
Name, Surname           :

E-mail*                 :

Organisation            :                                      Interested in becoming an LESM
Postal Address          :
                                                               Membership Registration Fee: RM250-00 p.a.
                                                               Joining Fee: RM50-00 (waived for applications received
Telephone No.           :                                      before the closing date of the seminar)
                                                               For further information, please contact Ms. Anniza at 03 –
Facsimile No.           :                                      2166 6655
* E-mail is essential for confirmation purpose

Payment Details
            RM249-00 for LESM Member                           Cancellations and Transfers:
            RM349-00 for Non-Member
                                                               1. Cancellations made before 31 March 2005 will
** A group of more than 2 persons gets a 20% discount!         be entitled to a 50% refund accompanied by a set
                                                               of seminar materials. All cancellations must be in
                                                               written form and received by us before that date.

Amount Payable                       : RM                      2. If you are unable to attend, a substitute is
                                                               welcome to attend in your place at NO additional
Cheque No.                           :                         charges.

•Please make cheque payable to Licensing Executives            3. All transfers must be in written form and
Society Malaysia                                               received by us three (3) working days before the
•Please confirm your registration by faxing this form to 03-   closing date.
2166 9655 and courier it together with your payment by 11
April 2005 to :-                                               4. Refund of fees will not be given out for
                                                               cancellations made after the closing date.
            The Seminar Secretariat
             c/o V Chong W Lam
            Suite 14-3A, Level 14, Wisma UOA II
             No. 21, Jalan Pinang
                                                               N.B. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or
             50450 Kuala Lumpur
                                                               reschedule the seminar on event there are
                                                               insufficient registrations received. Participants
                                                               shall be duly informed should there be a change in
                                                               the time, date, venue, speakers or content of the
I accept the conditions regarding seminar                      seminar.
registration and cancellations as printed on this
announcement.                                                  For further information, kindly contact:
                                                               Ms. Wendy Lam / Ms. Anniza Jamaluddin
Signature               :                                      at 03 – 2166 6655
Date                    :                                      Ms. Janet Toh / Ms. Cheah Chiew Lan
                                                               at 03 – 2070 0644

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