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					       2011 Legal Aid to the Disabled Proposed Budget Forms
                      (February 1, 2011 - January 31, 2012)
                                Part II:Financial

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Person Who Prepared:

                      Contents (Tabs in Workbook):
                 A.   Budget Form
                 B.   Budget Narrative
                 C.   Explanation Budget Categories
                 D.   Explanation of Expenditures

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              A. 2011 Cy Pres for the Disabled Legal Aid Budget Form

Organization:                                                   Date:
Project:                                                        Grant ID #:
Prepared by:                                                    e-mail:
Phone:                                      ext.:

                                                    Cy Pres Legal Aid for Disabled Budget
                                               Proposed           Proposed            Other      Total
                                               Progam           Administrative       Funding   Proposed
Cost Category*                                  Budget*            Budget*           Support    Budget
Personnel:insert number for 1,2,3
  1. FTE Lawyers        (# = ______)                        +                    =
  2. FTE Paralegals (# = ______)                            +                    =                           0
  3. FTE Others        (# = ______)                         +                    =                           0
Salary Subtotal                                           0 +                 0 =                            0
  4. Employee Benefits                                      +                    =                           0
Total Personnel                                           0 +                 0 =                            0

  5. Space                                                  +                    =                           0
  6. Equipment Rental                                       +                    =                           0
  7. Supplies                                               +                    =                           0
  8. Telephone                                              +                    =                           0
  9. Travel                                                 +                    =                           0
  10. Training                                              +                    =                           0
  11. Library                                               +                    =                           0
  12. Insurance                                             +                    =                           0
  13. Audit                                                 +                    =                           0
  14. Litigation                                            +                    =                           0
  15. Capital Additions (Specify)                           +                    =                           0
  16. Contractual Services (Specify)                        +                    =                           0
  17. Other (Specify)                                       +                    =                           0
Total Non-Personnel                                       0 +                 0 =                            0
                   GRAND TOTAL                            0 +                 0 =                            0
  (Total Personnel + Total Non-personnel)

* please refer to the Explanation of Categories on the third worksheet in this document when completing
this Revised Budget Form. Line items may not be changed.

NOTE: A Budget Narrative MUST be submitted along with this form. A Budget Narrative is a brief, but
specific, explanation or description of intended expenditures for each line item for which funds have been
granted. Failure to provide this information will make the proposed budget incomplete.

                                              TAJF IOLTA/BCLS Grant Application 2009-10
                                A. Cy Pres Disabled budget 09c019e0-f2c5-4c04-9f24-0412353ed122.xls
B. Budget Narrative

Please use this space provided to provide your Cy Pres Legal Aid for Disabled budget narrative: a brief, but
specific , explanation or description of intended expenditures for each line item for which funds have been
granted. For the salary line items, an explanantion of how many FTE's
The column in which you will type the text is column "C", for example to enter text for line item 1. Lawyers, select cell
C5, for 2. Paralegals, cell C7 and begin typing. You may adjust the size of the individual lines (rows) if you need more

1. Lawyers:

2. Paralegals:

3. Other Staff:

4. Employee

5. Space:

6. Equipment
7. Supplies:

8. Telephone:

9. Travel:

10. Training:

11. Library:

12. Insurance:

13. Audit:

14. Litigation:

15. Capital additions:

16. Contract

17. Other:

C. Explanation of Categories
1. Definition of Line Item Expenditure Categories
  Lawyers:             This category should include all salaries and wages paid to program attorneys, whether employed
                       directly or supervised by the program, and whether full-time, part-time, or temporary.
  Paralegals:          This category should include salaries and wages paid to program paralegals (non-attorney case
                       handlers), whether employed directly or supervised by the program, and whether full-time, part-
                       time, or temporary. Paralegals are persons whose duties consist pr

  Other Staff:         This category should include salaries and wages paid to all other program staff, whether employed
                       directly or supervised by the program, whether administrative/clerical staff, students, or others, and
                       whether full-time, part-time or temporary.
  Employee             This category should include the typical fringe benefits paid on behalf of employees, such as
  Benefits:            retirement, FICA, health and life insurance, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, and
                       other payroll-related costs.
  Space:               This category includes rent, debt service, utility payments, maintenance and janitorial expenses.
  Equipment            This category includes lease or rental expenses for office furniture, fixtures, and equipment (except
  Rental:              telephone). It also includes maintenance costs for that equipment whether pursuant to a service
                       contract or individual repair bills.
  Supplies:            This category includes all basic office accessories and supplies, including material used in copiers.
                       Printing and postage are included in this category. All equipment purchases under $100 may be
                       placed under this line item.
  Telephone:           This category includes rental of telephone equipment and local and long distance calls and service.
                       Similar and related expenses such as fax or other telecommunications should be included as well.

  Travel:              This category includes travel expenses directly related to specific client matters, circuit riding,
                       administration of the program, etc. While most travel expenses will be local or intra-state, interstate
                       travel may also be included here.
  Training:            All non-personnel costs, to be paid for with regular program funds, associated with training or
                       continuing education of staff members should be included here. Examples would be: travel to/from
                       training events, per diem, conference registration fees or tui

  Library:             This category includes expenses for the maintenance of office libraries, including subscriptions to
                       periodicals, books, reference materials, and multiple volume sets of law books. Additions to the
                       library holdings over $100 should be included under "Capit
  Insurance:           This category includes professional liability insurance, bonding, property insurance (fire and theft),
                       and liability insurance for property and automobiles.
  Audit:               This category includes expenses for auditors. Outside bookkeeping and accounting services
                       should be reported in "Contract services."
  Litigation:          This category includes court costs, witness fees, expert witness expenses, sheriff fees, copying
                       fees, and other expenses incurred but not recovered in litigation on behalf of eligible clients.
  Capital additions: This category includes equipment and library purchases over $100 per item and other major
                     expenses which occur infrequently (e.g. major renovation). However, provide a separate footnote
                     for any purchase in excess of $500.
  Contract             This category includes two categories: one for payments to others who provide legal services for
  services:            clients and the other for services to the program itself, such as legal counsel for program
                       management, consultant fees exclusive of those paid for training,

  Other:               This category includes all program expenses not included above. Specify each cost included in

2. Definition of "Program" and "Administrative" costs
  Program Costs:       This category consists of expenditures that are identified specifically with the direct delivery of civil
                       legal services. Program Costs are typically direct costs. Typical Program Costs include the
                   (1) Compensation of attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, law students and direct support staff for time
                       and effort devoted specifically to the provision of basic civil legal services.
                   (2) Cost of materials acquired, consumed or expended specifically for the purposes of the grant.
                   (3) Equipment and other approved capital acquisitions necessary to accomplish the purposes of the
                   (4) All other items of expense incurred specifically to carry out the purposes of the Grant.
  Administrative       This category consists of costs incurred for a common or joint purpose benefitting more than one
  Costs:               cost objective, and not readily assignable to the cost objectives specifically benefitted without effort
                       disproportionate to the results achieved. Administra

                                                                            C. Explanation Budget Cat.
D. Explanations of Expenditures
  Provide schedules or brief explanations below if the TAJF funds requested exceed the amounts
  indicated for any of the following:
    -- Capital Additions (line 11, sheet "A. Proposed Budget")
    -- Contract Services (line 12, sheet "A. Proposed Budget")
    -- "Other" expenditures (line 13, sheet "A. Proposed Budget")
    -- Other explanations or footnotes to the Proposed Budget on sheet "A. Proposed Budget".

      a. Schedule of "Capital Additions" requests exceeding $500:

      b. Schedule of "Contract Services" requests exceeding $500:

      c. Explanation of "Other" request exceeding ten percent of the total

      d. – Indicate at right the percentage breakdown of total program budget
         by "program" versus "administrative costs."                             Program costs:                   %
         Refer "explanation of categories" for definitions                       Administrative Costs:            %
         Program and Administrative costs.)                                      Total:                      0.00 %

        If budgeting for indirect costs, indicate at right your organization's
        indirect cost rate:                                                                              %

      e. Other explanations or notes:

                                           D. Explanation of Expenditures

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