Learning the basics in ballroom dancing by hkksew3563rd


									It can be impossible to pin ballroom dancing down to one specific style, with much of
its appeal lying in the fluid and ever-changing motions that two skilled dancers can
move through across the dance floor. That doesn't mean you should be deterred from
learning ballroom dancing though, as although you may feel intimidated by the
marvellous performances of dancers on TV, it doesn't take too long to get to grips with
the basics.
  From the classic waltz to 20th century inventions like the fox trot, tango and
two-step, ballroom dancing has always kept up with the times, and has found a new
audience over the past decade thanks to the popularity of dance shows. But what lends
ballroom dancing such timeless appeal? Many believe that the social aspect of the
dance has played a large part in its evolution above a mere art form, and the romantic
associations have also kept ballroom dancing a top choice for couples.
  Whether you're hoping to impress Mr or Mrs Right, or just looking for a new hobby,
ballroom dancing is a great choice, and you should be able to find local classes and
groups of like-minded people to brush up your dance skills with. However, it's a good
idea to at least have some knowledge of dance steps and technique before
participating in such a public environment.
  The first thing you should understand about ballroom dancing is that it follows the
tempo of music very strictly. While this means the dance style can be easily translated
across many types of music, it also makes it imperative to get a good grasp of rhythm
to avoid stepping over your dancing partner or missing important changes. This may
not be as challenging as it sounds though, as many songs follow very similar time
signatures - with 3/4 and 4/4 being the most common - so you should soon get into the
swing of things.
  While you won't be expected to be an expert in the dance, learning some of the
terminology involved in the ballroom field could make learning much easier, while
buying the correct dancing shoes is imperative for looking after your feet. Like any
skill, ballroom dancing expertise comes with commitment and effort, but can be
extremely rewarding. If you keep up with lessons and learn to improvise effectively,
maybe one day soon you'll even feature on Strictly Come Dancing and other ballroom
shows yourself.

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